About 1995, I started having to reboot my PC if I surfed the web due to netscape browser jamming. NEW PAGES had appeared that were too byte intensive, or which had flash or something. I thought that my Netscape Vers 4.7 was glitched or maybe the PC had a virus? Or is the CIA attacking me thru chinks? I have a firewall. SO probably NOBODY did this to me. PROBABLY as I now learn in VALLEY OF THE BOOM, entire Movie online free, BILL GATES screwed with MICROSOFT OS everyone was riding, to SCREW UP NETSCAPE which was the  BROWSER with 95% of surfers. And he was angry at rock star inventor of this fab fab BROWSER. So for me and everyone Netscape would freeze, jam up all the time! I MEAN I CANNOT DO ORDINARY THINGS like:

a.) highlight part of an email to send it on.
b.)click on and open sealed envelopes. WHY ARE THEY SEALED?I TOOK ALL VIRUS PROTECTOR softWARE OFF, when this first happened. I UNINSTALLED IT. So now I open no mail unless from a pal, and even then I reject their exe files. NEVER go near one, even if it's a famous holiday joke or game.

 I knew I wasn't infected. Something inside my machine has just grabbed my netscape by the nuts and is not letting go. I was ignorant at first, felt maybe I should take MAIL LAUNDERER.exe and totally get it off the hard drive? See if any virus protection like ML or NORTONS has some vestige on a hard drive somewhere maybe it could be locking letters. But no, finally I realized it was just a netscape jam.

Here's what I had to do to read my emails! I went offline, then used ZTREE a download on line file manager like explorer but much better. Id use it to go down into dos, I go into the PROGRAM FILES\NETSCAPE\USERNAME\ see the fat.db and try to erase the sucker.

But guess what. THE fat.db file was likewise jammed. it isn't in use but it won't go, won't let itself be erased. Like a servant staying after her 8 hrs was up! I'm offline. IT SHOULD BE ERASABLE! I TRY TO CLOSE IT OUT. ATTRIBUTES are not the factor. ITS ATTRIBUTES ARE just A no H, no R! If you want on this ZTREE you hit A for attributes then - sign, minus and then the H or R and then you should be able to erase those attributes which lock them up. That wasn't it. I certainly should be able to kick that thing out of the way or click it gone won't work. BUT IT WAS JAMMED.

Then, I found a way to unjam the machine. You boot and restart, ONLY NOW  IS netscape NOT JAMMED. i must reboot and then GO ONLINE

Web Wisdom came from my tekkie pal the poppy farmer in Idaho. Riding to the rescue like Errol Flynn.

ANSWER: When unable to DELETE for no apparent reason it is USUALLY because the file in question is CURRENTLY IN USE. Solution is to use a dos file manager to delete or restart PC in the "SAFE MODE" and then delete. Works on MOST files. If still unable to delete, then you must go into DOS, remove attributes, and delete.

BUT HOW do you get locked up in the first place? I suspect JAVA codes in sites you visited just immediately before it jammed. The rule with Netscape is that you must not ever abort loading of a page that contains Javascript code. Unfortunately, java code is found on most web pages, since the majority are unnecessarily Java-ed to death. (I feel a rant coming on. Must resist!) This is especially true if you are using the Back button. You can often get away with aborting a Java-ed page when you first go to it, but if you are coming back to it with the Back button, (a) it takes about 5 times as long to re-load the page as it took to load initially, and (b) if you abort it, Netscape will crash.

Not only will it freeze up, but closing it and restarting will not help. Rebooting usually does help. Solutions: turn off Javascript, or use another browser.

How? Well you've gotr a button in NETSCAPE. Edit / pick Preferences / then hit Advanced and then you will Uncheck "Enable Java" and "Enable Javascript"

Read up on this. Go to:

This URL Explains what its all about:

Users who prefer Netscape Navigator on Windows computers or the
Solaris[tm] operating environment or Linux operating system can download
and install Java Plug-in via the Java 2 Runtime Environment package.

Since its introduction in 1995, Java[tm] technology has grown up
side-by-side with the World Wide Web. Like the Web, the Java platform
has changed the way that individuals and businesses work, play, and
access and interact with information. With the advent of Java
technology-enabled Web pages, everything from games and other
interactive entertainment to secure communications, data visualization,
art, and financial tools now provide an enhanced online user experience.
In short, from its inception, the Java platform has made the Net work
better from the server to the desktop to the consumer. And like the Web
itself, it just keeps getting better. Mass Appeal With the advent of new
multimedia capabilities in the Java 2 platform, including enhanced sound
and graphics, user interface improvements, important accessibility
gains, and other developments, the consumer value of Java technology has
increased exponentially.

So Sun made the Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) -- featuring Java
Plug-in -- available for free download through the "Get Java Technology"
web site. While the site is aimed at Windows XP computer users who have
no Java platform support, the JRE with Java Plug-in is available for a
range of other Windows systems, as well as Sun's Solaris[tm] operating
environment and the Linux operating system. Get Java Technology The site
features an automatic download process that detects the operating
system, language preference (US English or international), browser type,
and current Java virtual machine installed, if any. If the machine is
not already up to date, and if it has the right combination of operating
system and browser, the download and installation process begins
immediately. Depending on network speed, the entire process, from click
to completion, can take as little as five minutes. "Smoooooth," wrote a
recent downloader, "I wish every download and install was like this
one." Automatic Download Detection Operating SystemBrowserInstallation
Windows XP, 2000, Me, NT, 98, or 95Internet ExplorerAutomatic or Manual
Netscape Navigator or MozillaManual Solaris[tm] Operating EnvironmentAll
threeManual Linux OS on IntelAll threeManual Mac OS XAll threeIncluded
Mac OS 8, 9All threeUse Apple MRJ and Mozilla MRJ Plugin

For those with a configuration that does not support automatic
installation, the process presents a page of simple instructions that
describes how to manually download the Java Plug-in and install. As it
turns out, many users prefer the manual download so they can install
Java Plug-in later, or on several different systems from a single
download. The site also features a showcase of intriguing, useful, and
fun sites using Java technology-based applets and applications:
submissions from developers and the public are reviewed and considered
for inclusion. Extensive help pages cover download, installation,
configuration, and general Java technology questions. Finally,
webmasters, system administrators, and applet developers (or would-be
developers) will find content for them in the "Tech Zone." Hundreds of
thousands of downloads later, the wisdom of the decision to bring the
Java 2 platform to consumer and business desktops is clear. Response has
been strong and positive: "Thank you for saving my computer [from] going
out of the window! I have installed XP and ... thanks to your Java
system I can once again use the Internet. A very big Thank You." What is
Java Plug-in? Java Plug-in is part of the Java 2 Runtime Environment: a
software package that provides everything a program written for the Java
platform needs to run on a particular kind of computer. The "Write Once,
Run Anywhere[tm]" capability of Java[tm] technology derives from the
availability of JREs for just about any size or kind of computer.

On a typical desktop computer, the JRE includes a launch program that
creates a "virtual machine" -- a kind of software-based "computer within
a computer" that runs Java language programs. The virtual machine uses
the desktop computer to display on the screen, access the network,
respond to the keyboard and mouse, and so on. The JRE also includes an
extensive library of functions known as the Java Core Classes: the
fundamental building blocks of Java platform programs. This "computer
within a computer" concept -- along with the standardized core classes
-- isolates the Java language program from the details of any particular
computer of operating system, making it easy to move programs written
for the Java platform from one kind of computer to another. The virtual
machine also provides a high level of security: the Java language
program cannot directly access files, memory, network, display, or any
other feature of the physical computer. The "plug-in" portion of Java
Plug-in is a small program that provides a bridge between the Web
browser running on the desktop computer and the JRE. Once installed,
Java Plug-in is triggered when a Web page containing a Java applet is
encountered: the plug-in calls the launch program, which creates the
virtual machine, which, in turn, executes the Java applet code. Get Up
to Date: Get Java Plug-in Java Plug-in brings your browser up to date
with the latest Java Runtime Environment, enabling you to enjoy the best
that creative minds and the Java platform can deliver. Why not download
today? LAST UPDATED - 20.Jul.02

Note: The terms "Java virtual machine" and "JVM" mean a virtual machine
for the Java[tm] platform. WHAT IT MEANS TO YOU Consumers & Business
End-Users Java Plug-in gives your Windows computer access to millions of
Web pages using Java applets, including applets that take advantage of
the multimedia and performance enhancements of the Java 2 platform. The Get Java Technology Web site's automatic download feature makes it easy to add the latest Java Plug-in to Windows computers with Internet
Explorer. Users who prefer Netscape Navigator on Windows computers or
the Solaris[tm] operating environment or Linux operating system can
download and install Java Plug-in via the Java 2 Runtime Environment

System Administrators

Java Plug-in is designed to be easy to deploy on corporate intranets
Java Plug-in is available in US English and International versions to
support users worldwide. Java Plug-in incorporates the Java HotSpot[tm]
client virtual machine for higher performance than earlier browser
virtual machines.

Content Providers

Java Plug-in lets your applets take advantage of current Java 2 platform
features including improved sound and graphics support, user interface
enhancements including accessibility features, and Applet deployment
enhancements. Sun's Get Java Technology Web site provides a supported,
central location for your readers and customers to get Java Plug-in and
take advantage of your Java technology-based content and services.

SECOND possibility:

Netscape was bought by AOL and they have turned it into subsequent versions, 7 and 9, none of which I recognized. Therefore, I have been using MOZILLA, which is Netscape 4.7 without the BS. and trimmed off "BLOAT". Most things are identical to Netscape 4.7, but a few things are more 'basic', like BOOKMARKS. I have learned to live with it as it is perfectly trouble free, which I like. Netscape before the Bloat.

Simply download MOZILLA and then you can delete Netscape. All your
Netscape stuff should be now in Mozilla. Find an old tekkie pal who can send
you a CD with everything you will ever need on it, including Netscape 4.7 and Mozilla.

Try to Also get Ad-aware to detect spyware and remove it.
 using an old web browser to access Gmail. I

My tekkie pal recommended  K-Meleon 1.54. It is one (maybe the only one) of the
modern web browsers that works with Windows 98.

Download link:

If like me, your PCs are antiques, they MAY be too slow and
lack sufficient RAM to cope with a CD Burner. I would suggest that
before you spend any amount of $$$ to refurbish the old machines that
you consider that for $250 to $350 you can get a brand NEW FAST up to
date PC from Ebay and other sources. Even XP machines
(2 GIGAHERTZ Plus) if you want to live dangerously.
These PCs are about 10 times as fast as
the PCs that were made prior to 1998. (Mine is 250 on one machine, 150 on another
if I recall right. "For $500 or so you can get brand
new PCs that are 20 times as fast, that is- 2 to 3 GIGAHERTZ speed
DEMONS. These retail for around a Grand from Downtown sellers, but on
Ebay you can find deep discounts on the same thing, speedwise.

This is just an example of Ebay bargains. Compare Downtown. I can't fix
some PCs because it is cheaper to simply REPLACE the old dinosaurs with
NewTeck machines. I can't even build one from parts as cheap as I can
buy a Brand New one! If you want to pursue this and need help, let me
know what you need, maybe we can make arrangements and get it done ASAP.

TALK to me! Another gal in Dubuque with same problem you are having got fed up last night and FORMATTED her Hard Drive, wiped it slick and reinstalled Windows with a 'recovery CD' from Compaq. She went the WRONG WAY because now she has a blank PC and is lost. Also she lost EVERYTHING in all folders because she had NO backups. There is a better way, but she was impatient and frustrated. Want to know how to do it and lose NOTHING? See attached directions...........Then do it yourself, its simpler than sending an email. Save your $$$ for buying a new PC.

DO NOT give some Joker a day's pay to do a 15 minute job that takes 2
minutes to set up and start. A 5 year old can do this. Its foolproof!

I answered him sagely. NAHHHH. I'm not ending up like the gal in Dubuqe. I'll just boot and reboot. Not a problem. I like my old dinosaur just fine! it has a warm hum coming out of the fan. (When it doesn't sound like a coffee grinder,). I also want to see how long these guys last. I back up files on floppies, have two PC's as a backup system. Keep the floppies or emails carrying files from one to the other. And I put most everything I write online at five websites, so that's backup. I'm fine. I have a wealthy client who keeps telling me, I'll buy you a new PC, whaddya want? I tell her, nah, don't worry. I'm fine. And I mean it. I used dial up for l3 years, not DSL or cable but the last two yrs, DiAL UP IS SO MUCH FASTER.. I no longer have time to think while things load but I get my work done faster. At my age, time is running out.

PAL advised me: you can certainly use Firefox to access the webmail interface of
Gmail.  Or, you could use Mozilla Thunderbird, which is like Netscape
Mail on steroids.  It can handle a BUNCH of accounts, not just one.

Get it here:

Instructions for setting it up for Gmail are here:

Alternate instructions (for IMAP instead of POP3):

FRIENDS ASK me why I use such an outdated browser? it's built in EMAIL client is why.


NETSCAPE,  impatient lady here, in love with YOU!


See, I take a lotta crap cuz the mail client is amazing. I have 5,000 emails
here in a line. Subject line brings everyone related to my ads, my clients, or
buying used books from dealers. In that case, it's "DEAR" in front.of subject line:
I only use DEAR MOJO BOOKS or DEAR USED BOOK-R-US in one kind of subject, that's

I only use TEXT for my Craigs list ads, do cut paste right out of old emails.

BY DATE I can find COURTNEY LOVE, her missives ten an hour. for 8 yrs.
First second to last. By SIZE I can eliminate cumbersome NET RESEARCHES someone sent me that are obsolete. Why clog my browser?

THIS IS SO IMPORTANT for an activist, writer, research collector.
Get something with the wrong subject line but right subject, cut paste, send it to myself
NEW CANCER CURE. Or to get it in right area, CANCER CURE NEW

TRY IT. Download your 'old brower' and it looks like 4.5 is here:

and 4.72 is here:


Easy install, takes a  minute, but remember, don't surf the web with it.
Get a new MOZILLA FIREFOX for that surfing activity.
Netscape's just intended for COMPOSING htm and a great EMAIL CLIENT. As the NET
got too byte intensive for its old bones. It's kinda like a 72 year old woman with an l8 yr old lover.

Try it you'll like it. SEE NETSCAPE HACKED OR GLITCHED in 2009 ARTICLE

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