When an online writer/ poster blogs, usually the writer will  (yawn) journal. You know. "Dear Diary. Got snookered last night." That can be pretty boring. Or one can post thoughts/ ideas / news/ concepts that one gauges have either commonality or charm or even information that will enhance the readers' lives...and post those thoughts to a WEBSITE.  That's better.

The famed DOOCE.COM gal, (who gets 40k a month for her ads as she's so popular) just writes about her mate, kids and her life. She used to be VERY funny. IF you go there, start by reading her early scribbles as she had a unique and quirky humor once. Before Money. Also she once had web design that was simple and worked. Now it's so strange I can't see large portions of the front page. SO I no longer go there. But the word is, she's doing a movie on herself.  So add moisture to manure and give it plenty of hot air, it EXPANDS! Yeasts UP! is a girl who's done this journal cum recipe blog for six years in a row, and a major book company approached her about doing it as a book. Big Money! Unlike most new authors, she has a built in audience of millions. Book companies appreciate that fact.

Depending on what the bloggers life and fascinations are about, most of them are sharing their daily 'what I did' or handing out opinions on the changing panorama, the Economy, the President, sharing irritation with the system. or painting colorful landscapes involving some kind of regional realities. I like all of those best but I used to like Dooce's personal, humorous, quirky journaling until the ads and all the web design messed it up. Now I like Carrie Fisher's blog. Simple wry, funny. Always witty. And just lately, very raunchy. And I never met a Food/ Recipe CUISINE Blogger living in Asia, Middle East France or Italy whose blog I didn't relish!

The problem with journal blogging,  after five years, writers do tend to run out of spit especially when it pays so well to have ads and you have to keep doing it each month at the same peak speed of wit to keep the moola rolling in. Money and wit don't go together very long. The artist's fuse gets burnt. (James Lee Burke's cop novels excepted.)

The average blogger, day after day, adds an inch, a foot, another piece, a new article for his audience to read. The thing gets endlessly LONG and that can get tiring if you aren't jetting around doing interesting stuff. Dooce sits with her hubby and kids. Man, the gold in that mine was bound to run out.

So go look at blogs. Google the term blog and wit and Tina Fey and Carrie Fisher and see what you get. If I were going to turn to a blog often, I'd want THEME, THEME, THEME.  Howsabout New York City seen through the eyes of a struggling actor, acting classes, rehearsals, auditions, cafe Bohemia, maybe a hoofer for a date or an off- Broadway show, everybody discussing the new hot plays hot playwrights, maybe the book industry, the whole NYC milieu. So location, location. That's what I'd like.

 I'd like to read a Student de haut cuisine in PARIS FRANCE with a lot of photos of dishes being made. I'd love to read about an organic farmer in a Vermont commune. Or the struggles of a farming family in the deep South, Places in the Heart. I'd read anything done by a  Louisiana spinster  with a kind of a Dixie drawl to her blog and an interesting profession, a social worker in the New Orleans slums post Katrina. I'd read a jet set tart blog, a babe carried off by sheiks in Araby, who survived a half dozen sugar daddies and now is touring the big offshore banking islands and blogging out the secrets of those evil refugees from Wall Street who fled with the illegal gleanings from the Fannie Mae --whilst appearing to be a tweety bird on the outside but really a spy who sees all and who tells all. In other words, I want blogs like MOVIE PLOTS!

I want my blog writer to astound, edify, peer into, show a slice of fascinating life. I want her to get up close and personal with different motley groups, feed an' seed vendors in Georgia, truffle sniffers in the Perigord in southern France. That steamy room full of screaming cooks in a 4 star restaurant in Marseilles. Docks full of criminals, The underground.

ATMOSPHERE. That's what I want in a blog. but the thing is... I don't want it in a blog form. Blogs are terrible. They are like a river without end, a 400 foot stream of toilet paper! My PC jams when it lands on a blog.  I get error messages that demand I wait for it to unspool. And I wait and I wait.

And then try to search for something on a blog! The front page has today's article, You have to have tabs with yesterday's and the day before going back l5 years? Gimme a break. I prefer the INDEX PAGE as each clicking choice is done with a sample visible. TRUFFLES IN THE PERIGORD?They see that, are intrigued and click.


That one is how rich people hide their money in offshore banks. You wrote that theme up and let's hope there's a lot of meta text so that folks googling the theme find YOUR article listed. The deal is, if you want readers, consider how folks find you. They search on phrases that are important or fascinating to them and the GOOGLE carries them to your META TEXT. That's the hidden coding. To see it, you have to either write the URL As a LIVE LINK on your HTML composer ( I love the free download of SEA MONKEY for that software ) or you open the HTML page in a GOOD FILE MANAGER that has a text editor WHICH ZTREE HAS, so all your files can be observed in CODE form... or a simple text editor like notepad --and insert this kind of wording in the head section:

  <title> Your Keyword Heavy Title Here</title>
  <meta name="description" content="your description here, this is
what comes up on the search results page so make it friendly" >
  <meta name="keywords"
content="your keywords, here, with,commas, or, spaces" >

MOST HTM composers HAVE an automatic htm and meta but I'd open it in a file manager, text editor to check and fill it in.

The keywords tag isn't important these days but it doesn't do any harm to include it. You can see how thay do this in any web page by going to view> source on your browser, this brings up notepad or whatever with the html. A tekkie pal taught me about this. I USE a text editor like ZTREE --basically a file manager --to edit my meta tags. You can download text editors for free by the thousand. Google that phrase. You'll find them.

From these scent-emitting tags, readers sniff you out and swim over to you. FINDING THE RIGHT PHRASE to SUM UP what fishies are sniffing out, looking for, is something that I'm  good at. I have the sense to know that a girl who wants to read about Manhattan, Broadway searches for 'New York Show Biz" or a man who wants to read up on "how to nail a girl,' may actually phrase it that way for his google search. Or he may type in "How to meet girls. " That may be his second choice. "How to be attractive to girls or women." is dainty But "HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS" is more to the point. I try it all ways and put the sample phrases into the very long META TEXT inside the coding for the article.

Meta text right and you can EXPECT TO BE DISCOVERED! Your Theme your language style, all of it shows up in the meta text in the hidden coding. Other things that create appeal. Funny is good. Do all three and People find my articles and what surprised me is ...they reprint them. I only have 6,000 articles out there but if you google me, there seem to be 200,000. That's rabbit replication time and underground at that!

So I guess you want to appeal to article readers, be sniffable-out with meta text, i.e. be findable. You want to have a few serious sized websites or stuff the single one website you have with extra articles that may not exactly be on theme with the site itself. And avoid blogs as I don't think we want toilet paper stretches, paper highways that people have to go down line by line. But there are some nice blogs that do that. I just can't go there as the toilet paper jams my computer. I like it sliced off at about ten feet length. Like. Carrie Fisher.

Her blog is very CARRIE. Truthful sincere, intimate, useful as so many people are out on the same life lesson. I like POVERTY blogs for that reason. We're many of us out on that life lesson or karma. How to eat for a buck a day, how to clean the house without detergent.

Over time, many of your readers will become fond of the way you talk, the themes that you pursue, and may want to read YOU again and again. So, in the interests of up close and personal,  I put my name and face on every single article on my three freebie websites that my server gives me, little ten meg things. And on the two paid for sites that are several gigs wide, LUCK IN LOVE dot COM and my guru's teachings, THE MASTER JULES dot NET

Each of those two websites has between fifty and a hundred articles on it. HOWEVER, I use the websites to "BUNK" articles that I put online for the fishies to find, to sniff, to swim over to. so there maybe 3 thousand articles in that aquarium though you only see a hundred.

Soon enough, the PEOPLE who know you already, those viewers in the 'front row' of your viewing audience who got their seats early start to beat the bushes for you i.e. send out your piece. Some publish it. But you can't count on them, you have to do some publicity yourself. My pal the struggling actor was at MGM one day and saw Clark Gable resting between takes. He asked Gable, how  does a struggling actor  make it big? Clark answered "Toot your own horn, sonny".

So toot away. It really isn't enough to just send an email to your list saying "CLICK ON THIS URL, my latest article on how not to pay taxes and shoot them the URL where article on SKIRTING Taxes sits in cyberspace, or that newly researched master work piece on Buying Land as a Trust for a group of people to invest in, or that new recipe for frugal Xmas cookies, basket wrapped to look posh.

You really SHOULD SHOOT THE WHOLE FILE OUT with its URL in the email text at top and also repeated inside the HTM text article, at or near the end. You also want to include your website's URL  inside the article, so that the PIECE CAN TRAVEL the net for YEARS and attract more viewers to your site! Yes. Count on the incremental growth phenomena that the web offers. Pals share. One brings two Brings four and that means every minute incremental growth is yours. send it to Twenty equals Four hundred equals 16,000 in thirty seconds if everyone who reads it shares it with their list of chums.

These avalanches multiply in size. Things start out as a simple email to your friends, but then they go from your friends to THEIR friends. The author sends file to ten who send to l00 who send to l000 who send to l0,000... And you have ten thousand clicks end of first hour! In an ideal world.

To do that entails EMAIL LISTS. You have to ---over the years-- build your email 'lists' of friends' names is worth nothing. You have to save the email addie of every single reader who writes you out of nowhere saying 'i liked that piece on undercooking cookies' i feel you're right. Most people overcook them..." instantly write her back and say can i put you on my baking list?

So friends are interspered with strangers who wrote you and whom you wrote back. Very important is that exchange of words, RETURNING CYCLE. ! COLLECT THESE NAMES. When you fill in an email, you click on the name of one of your lists, say the BAKING list, in your EMAIL thingie, typing the words FRUGALCOOKS for the cheap ones. Instantly about 50 names automatically shoot into the top of the email. BANG! out it goes. (Note:ALWAYS BCC the list so all names are invisible to recipients.) I have frugcook1, frugcook2, frugcook3 and more and more so with a few list names, out it goes to hundreds of people. And that's at the STARTING LINE! If in an hour, each sent the thing to a pal, THAT DAY you can make 100 thousand friends. THAT's the power of the internet.

So remember, readers/ fans/ Friends get the email. YOUR NAME on top is all they see. THE BCC covers the other recipients. You ostensibly SENT THIS piece to YOURSELF. They get used to seeing your name in the FROM AREA and no other names, it has a personal touch.

My headers in an email are always in text so that this letter, when shared, has LIVE LINKS. WHEN YOU ONLY HAVE THE BLINK OF AN EYE to attain your goal of getting readers, you have to pare down the text more than miss mouthy here usually does.

If you turn a phrase into a live link like BEST ARTICLE ON LANGUAGING FOR POWER and do it totally in HTM text, it can't always be clicked on in every email. Clickability depends on HTM staying intact. Some people ship it to a chum as TEXT. AN URL will not travel to every single browser that people out there own. So AIM for clickability to the LOWEST browser, the OLDEST, most HOARY, and you'll attain clickability by the folks with MOZILLA FIREFOX III. WRITE IT OUT THIS WAY, is a great article on how to LANGUAGE for POWER. somebody turns this article into text to save it...the URL will travel, alive! CLICKABLE!

For my old Netscape browser, no htm file at all can be saved. Also, I cannot click on HTM LIVE LINKS that are in an EMAIL. That means entire article shot me from some EZINE cannot be easily saved. I can rip the text out as text but will get no graphics, no live links. I feel there may be others who even FAMILIAR with the internet and text taking, often come up against articles that cannot be transferred or shared. You just have to SEND THE URL. Rather than the whole article shipped off in an email. Though I've learned to FORWARD AS AN ATTACHMENT a choice that most  browsers allow but not all.

So in the text part of the email, a.) make sure it's text not htm, B.) above the attachment, include the
URL written out as text i.e. want a super article on poor  people getting rich, how frugality really works, read

When your email lands as text, it WILL BE CLICKABLE. It turns BLUE! C)Then, and only then, attach the htm file. INCLUDE it as an option. EVERYONE will read that piece. Guaranteed. They respect your name, the
value of what you send all the time. They will scan the attachment. Doesn't mean they can save it to cache as an attachment. My browser won't save htm files. Netscape version. 4.7. I can highlight text, save that as text. Then format with my word processor. Save the graphics separately. And I DO It cuz I have to if I AM GOING TO POST it. If not, I just do 'forward as an attachment'.

Give them the piece, give the  website URL in the email's text at top, above attachment and say 'see the article on taxes' it could be that half don't surf there.You may lose half your viewership. That means all the hundreds of THEIR friends won't see it, people who NEED that info.

I embed some 'salivary stimulants to prompt urges to read' into the email text itself, above the attatched file. To get them 'going' i might type: "You pay too many taxes, they're too high, you need to read this article on tax relief for the average citizen." Then the url written out in the text.
OR HIDDEN under your description of the site "SECRETS OF PAYING NO TAXES" Either way, you them salivate to click! You create "CLICK CRAVINGS." Like your mouth watering, your stomach rumbling. Motivated to click. The blogger-writer's HTML COMPOSER (I use SEAMONKEY) gives you a choice to write the URL in FORMATTED HTML just as your email browser has an EDIT PREFERENCES that lets MAIL go in formatted HTML font or plain text. FOR EMAIL choose text. All your email daily should go out as text not HTML font. --otherwise many of us cannot click on your urls. and always add the http://www to the front! BUT THE FILES you make for your BLOG PAGE? Formatted.

NOW, when you have ideas, maybe they come from a conversation you're having online with a friend. SAVE the emails. BCC your answers to your friend to yourself. You get that file back, your high falooting conversation, your vision, your ideas, your words, SAVE THAT as a text file. Enter it with text editor to get the Squiggles out of it, headers etc. Next, format the words/ concepts  as a perfect htm file and give it a super alluring TITLE. "HOW TO BUY FARM LAND EVEN IF YOU'RE BROKE" Then put that article on your website. Amend the index to link to it.  I CRIB MATERIAL LIKE CRAZY. MY smart chums give me ideas galore. I save all emails with brainiac chums where we're discussing high falooting ideas. EMAILS that come to me as text. I  format them as HTM immediately, post them to my site as articles then I  amend the archive or index page, to include that NEW ARTICLE with a great header next to  it, like SECRETS TO LAND PURCHASE AS A CHUM CLUSTER. Tax laws permit this!ANY group can own a farm!" It is so aromatic and appetizing, anyone will click on it!

Then I send that FILE out as an email to lists notifying them of this new post/ article. and including article as an attachment. I always do any EMAILS of an URL so completely that it is 100% clickable in that text email itself. They need nothing more to surf there immediately. Catching people's attention in one second and GETTING THEM to read the IDEAS in a file is really the name of the game. OK? Understand it all? NOW DO IT!

*   *     *     *     *      *   *     *    *     *      *   *     *     *     *      *   *     *     *     *      *   *     *     *     *

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