ARE YOU SHOOTING JAMS or BLANKS? I mean, are you sending out superb, important information, only it's not visible to your Recipient's Browser? Or maybe it JAMS their browser so they have to close it down, go into DOS and erase your email line by line? Or say they want to cut and  paste text from your article but it’s as impenetrable as a glass window laid over The Magna Carta? That’s MIME FORMAT. See: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question334.htm  An invention of the Bill Gates People.  And I use his "NOTEPAD" a text editor. But you can google up a text editor and download one. (BEST is FOUND INSIDE ZTREE a program you want to download! A FILE MANAGER from Heaven.)


I have many activists who send me political articles, entire web pages and I cannot read them. They jam the browser, or cannot be saved as htm. (This was 1999 and it's not prevalent these days to get jammed.) It USED to be an activist poster’s nightmare. Then, there are spammers who send me two page ads SO MASSIVELY FORMATTED that They totally JAM the browser. I have to boot out of the browser, go into DOS text, go thru the TREE, find  netscape/email and erase their damn email line by line from inbox.


I wouldn’t do that to anyone, knowingly. Yet I’m never sure what the cause of ‘lack of translation’ is. Is it MIME FORMAT? Is it my BROWSER, being NETSCAPE 4.5 is from the mid 90‘s and is defunct? A ghost ship in high tech seas? Well, I prefer to call it ‘sensitive.’ Antiqueish. But the best EMAIL CLIENT in the world for lists, so I keep it.  (Until MILLENIUM. Now I use WIN 10 and a CHROME BROWSER but this article is for antiques using older machines.)


I keep on sending articles out, too. My own and others’. I pride myself that all my articles are undercoded and jam nobody’s browser. And when I see an article online and forward it to people on my list, I note that when I receive MY copy, I can read it, no jams. But then I use an old fashioned, low tech browser so I can send files and have anybody read them. Even ten page articles with colored formatting and graphics.


Ferinstance, SAVE this file as “EDIT PREFERENCES” and see if you can save it. As a researcher, you want to be able to save any article and be able to enter it later as an HTM file (for easy posting on your website,) although posting a live link or its URL also is good. But make an HTM COPY of THIS info and save as a file. Next time PALS send you big important articles only it’s illegible or has no live links in it, as they captured it and sent it thru a browser that sends HTM files as MIME format. Or they’re drawn on some remote server which won’t load.. Say: "Dear PALLIE, What you were sending me just now is not simple text with live links. It isn't the normal, plain ole text that I am usually sending you or an htm attachment file as I'm sending you this, right now so that every URL in it is ALIVE. http://www.masterjules.net/ALIVE!


You've chosen to have your browser send an html page that's blank as it's in some MIME kind of BILL GATES WORLD. For a webpage that talks about configuring email clients to use plain ascii text i.e. how to configure email clients to use ascii text and avoid MIME go to the NO-MIME AT ALL EXPERT by googling that phrase.

A MAIL CLIENT is that browser you’re using. IT has an area where you can EDIT preferences, OR TOOLS. For some of us, MSN emails are frequently blank. My point is -- know what you’re sending to the rest of world. ANY Microsoft BROWSER is frequently blank to us unless you get the MIME OUT OF IT.


If I right click on your blank letter, I will get a menu of choices, FORWARD INLINE or VIEW SOURCE then I can VIEW SOURCE CODE SO I SEE <B>font helvetica, blah blah <P> and a spattering of =20s a total illegible mess! Your MSN server or browser has been left to its own whim to perpetually shoot html EMAILS in MIME so it's getting its skirt caught in all our browsers and software which run on text.  PLAIN text is always easy to read. And all links in plain text become live links, when they arrive at your chum's browser so that’s good.

It does not bother me that you continue to send illegible or blank e-mails, one, two, or three times. It isn't a bother as I right click on it with mouse and see the coding (VIEW INLINE button). Though it's <20>FUNNY LOOKING =<P> I can sort of read it. It's just that no one else will read it. IF YOU ARE SAYING ANYTHING important, (I was never able to read it for more than two seconds without getting vexed ) people are missing it. 

LOSE the MSN BROWSER, lose the MSN SERVER. OR edit your preferences to get rid of their wacky settings. They are useless if you want to be read by everyone. Gates designed a world that was incompatible with the rest of us so that we'd all switch to him. HA! AS IF!

I know you think I SHOULD have tried harder to read your email but may I remind you, it came totally BLANK. Only cuz I know about right clicking could I see its source code. Don't think right clicking and reading code bothers me for a moment. It's just that I cannot read English when it's mixed with code and ergo don't really get the gist of the file you sent. That is what I miss. 

So let's have a learning opportunity for surfers teaching each other now. Lose the BILL GATES mime code software. Lose it. I don't care who your server is, get a browser like MOZILLA FIREFOX (FREE ONLINE), Opera (free,) or NETSCAPE the latest version 8 is free but I prefer version 4.7 a golden oldie, though java jams it, and I have to reboot the whole pc when that occurs or stay away from fawncy websites. Not a problem USE FIREFOX to surf to CNN (which jams older browsers,) I use 4.7 for my email as no better design exists! No better mail client! 

So are we agreed, Get the browser downloading it online in a few minutes for free. It allows you to edit your preferences so you can send simple text, no html. I write pals who send me garbled messages or who send blank screens thinking it's a huge file –I WRITE THEM A LITTLE POME!

“WHEN you find super news online
and think it's kind to share it
Do us all a favor sweetie,
At first could you PREPARE IT?

You turn it into text my dear.
by mailing it to yourself.
then do control c and capture it,
Control V drops it in blank email! Just Like a magic elf! 

You can't always send all the codes
you find online each day
but text will go most anywhere.
there, I've had my SAY! 

NOW, you can ALSO try to edit your preferences to send text, not HTML. Then test it out on me, see if I can see something. But, first, I will tell you what worked for ME. And other folks who were previously sending blanks and didn't know it.  I got tekkies online who kindly came to my house ..some came to me online but all taught me the solution so I have a glimmer here. 

A decent browser has a place where you "edit your preferences" CLICK EDIT button, then click PREFERENCES BUTTON. THEN CLICK on EMAIL and you will easily get rid of what you are doing. SENDING EMAIL IN HTML CODING. To send messages in simple text will solve your problem of sending off blanks. If your browser will not let you send in plain text, then DOWNLOAD NETSCAPE as a browser which has this feature. GOOGLE Search for the word, 'netscape' and a + plus sign, then write in 4.7 and GOOGLE will find sites where it's offered and you can 'download.' 

YOU CAN Google Search for "FREE BROWSER" or DOWNLOAD FREE BROWSER or DOWNLOAD NETSCAPE, those keywords, get yourself a neat copy of netscape vers 4.7 free online.I suggest getting old version 4.7 not a newer one. If you can't imagine yourself downloading freebie software,  ask a tekkie pal to help you. It should make for a nice dinner together. I had to make MANY a savory home cooked meal before a tekkie pal would bother to come over and show me anything, and I learned to offer a great meal in lurid descriptions, rare roast beef, homemade sour cherry pie, red Merlot wine, columbian coffee....to get them behind a steering wheel salivating their way to my house! 

THEN, when tekkies showed me stuff, I got it! I'm dumb as a ditch carp but so are these machines really. And the tekkies know how to make it look easy. WELL, it WAS easy. Just somebody has to show you. While he's there, get THE BOOKMARK thing sorted out, then this EMAIL matter so you're sending text, not html which you are sending. GET YOUR ADDRESS BOOK lesson. YOUR BOOKMARKS SORTING and EDITING that is two lessons, so you can find web research and save it in a small txt file. Then the address book editing, then how to use MICROSOFT WORD or OFFICE to create html files that you can send as an attachment. 

Then how to find research online. Then 'saving that research as txt or saving as html THEN EDITING what you save. Then sending it on so that the info gets there and isn't blank as today it was. 

You do that in microsoft WORD (usually found in OFFICE.) Do you have office l997? Much better than office 2000. Tell me what you have, browser, software, etc. Have you ever edited your preferences on the browser? We two speakin' the same language? 

If your browser doesn't let you edit preferences (so your pals can test it out with you, see if they can read a plain text....)  then, download NETSCAPE version 4.7 which is still found online for free, I just did a google search on places where it's offered. 

http://wp.netscape.com/download/archive/client_archive47x.html     read that page and download the 4.78 there. The pre NSA versions, subsequent ones are easy for the netspies to get into. This one isn't. 

This older VERSION NETSCAPE I use, 4.5 or vers 4.7, as I said has this one problem,one that rarely bothers me. You can't surf the web with it. You have to have an ALT BROWSER on hand, I have Mozilla Firefox. If you abort A JAVA screen, meaning while some website is giving you a java screen, you freeze a few minor functions in your EMAIL. No problem. Just get offline, reboot your PC. And do not go back to that website with java. Better, don't surf with NETSCAPE. It has best EMAIL client. Best HTM COMPOSER, but for surfing, Use Mozilla Firefox, or use I.E. the one that comes with all PC’s (download newest version free,) or use SLIMBROWSER to go there. One in a dozen spam emails will have a popup with java, those do the same thing freeze a function, like you can no longer OPEN an EMAIL. Just close, reboot. The freeze is gone.