REBIRTHING --- wherein you are able to stir up neo-natal memories, maybe even pre-natal!

rebirthingREMEMBER INFANCY? No. And hey, why would we want to? Because as the twig was bent, so went the tree. Those events formed you. If you want to back up, erase some 'baby fears,' here is where and how.

Rebirthing is a simple process, entailing lying down and doing a simple breathing exercise that is called circular breathing. When you inhale, you automatically pull air up high into your chest, right above your collarbone, in your throat sort of, high in your chest and immediately let go so lungs become like a bellows. It's a pull and a release. The exhale doesn't take any effort. The only thing that takes effort is the inhale. Do it now. Inhale, exhale. Inhale exhale. See, there's no pause between the inhale and the exhale. When the inhale comes in and fills out, immediately release. It's like an elevator. It goes up, it falls to the bottom again. The diaphragm is not the most important part, it's the elevator pulling air up into the chest and then letting it go. You don't have to do anything about letting the elevator go down, the only effort you need is when the elevator goes up.

 So that's the process, breathing, lying down on the floor, on your bed, just start to breathe in out, in out, pulling it up and releasing it. The only discipline you need is to remember to breathe. All the process is will be doing nothing but breathing. You can count your breaths. Count to l00. One in out. Two in out. Until you reach one hundred, then start over again. Every time you find yourself drifting, going to sleep, bring yourself back to the breath.

You remember that your only caution is to breathe. Nothing else. All thinking is like a cloud, floating by. You watch them, you observe them, but you put your attention back on the breath. Every time you stop breathing, because it's difficult, you make it easy by saying 'breathe,' to yourself.

Every time you stop and you don't want to go on, you say 'breathe,' to yourself and pull the breath in and start again. Make effort to pull the breath in and let it go, like a baby breathing, up down, like a baby sleeping. But you're consciously ding it. And you want to work up from twenty minutes to forty five. Eventually you do it for forty five minutes and then you have the experience.

In the middle of the experience, you may have tetany, a light numbness in your fingers coming from so much energy, so much electrical energy is going in from the oxygen that you get tetany. There's nothing to fear from this. Just keep breathing eventually the stiffness in your fingers and arms will release and the ecstasy will take over.

After twenty to forty-five minutes you will be in ecstasy. You will feel and know and be conscious of the power you can have to control your feelings, the way you relax, the ability to sleep, to feel good and be powerful in your awareness of now what you really want in your life. What your life is really about. And you will have released a lot of negative emotions and burdens. That is the process called rebirthing.

If you feel it every day for a month, you'll have a complete change of consciousness and a new power and ability to control your emotions and life and get rid of all the negative static and chaos.

The reason it's called REBIRTHING is as so many people go back to their birth trauma. In other words, they can relive the experience, especially if it was traumatic. If they were hurt, if they felt they were coming into a place where they had to be afraid, where they were spanked on the butt and felt total panic, or if they had to breathe and get their breath and couldn't. Whatever it was they felt at birth that was a trauma that they may still be carrying... a lot of people experience that. But a lot of people don't. There's no reason to.

The process of rebirthing is to attain the highest level of consciousness, to attain a higher level of power, to attain a level where you can actually control your thoughts, and control your ability to feel good. And, it's the release of any neurotic attachments, pain, suffering, feelings of loss. All of those things will dissipate through the process of rebirthing. If you're hung up on something that you can't get rid of like a drug addiction or an attachment to another person, a relationship, a fear of not having, whatever. This process will take you to a level of your being able to be powerful about that situation.

When you get to this state of awareness, you see, 'ahh, I have found the problem and the problem is me. You can do this on an airplane, in the car, but you have to be careful that you don't go to sleep in a car. On a plane, if you can find four seats across that are empty and just do this breathing process, you will go into a deep meditation if not a deep sleep for all the trip. That's how I travel. I read, then I lie down and do the breathing and go into a deep meditation and usually I fall asleep for hours.

Whenever there's a desperate need for sleep which you can't relax, that your nerves won't let go, that your mind is racing, that the problems you're confronting are too big, do this process, just force yourself to do this process. Don't take any sleeping pills, don't take any pain killers, don't take anything. Just go ahead and breathe. Circular breathing. No stopping between the inhale and the exhale and you will see that in twenty minutes you are totally in a different state.

Regular breathing you're not conscious of, it's haphazard. It's like you may hold your breath or you take shallow breaths but you are certainly not conscious of pulling in this life force, this energy, oxygen, the electrical force, the higher elements through a conscious effort, for a long period of time. That's the difference. It's called hyperventilation. Swimmers get it, runners get it, people who exercise. And making love. All of it is connected to a hyperventilating kind of breath process which produces a different state of consciousness. Just like a drug. There's something chemical that pot, acid, cocaine or heroin does to your bloodstream and your brain that creates an incredibly different change in your emotions, attitude. This is the same. This is a drugless way of being high.



The fundamentals of diet are simple. The secret is to eat all natural foods --- which means food in the natural state --which is raw, and not to mix them so they don't become too many mixed elements at the same time, which overburden the digestive system. You don't eat oranges, apples, celery, pineapples, nuts, in a Waldorf salad. They don't really mix. The nuts are not digested. You don't mix tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, onions with bread (a starch) and avocados, ( a protein) and assume that all these things will mix. True, a salad sometimes is made up of these incompatible mixtures but the finest diet is all natural, organically grown raw foods eaten alone. One food at a time.

If the vegetables are steamed, then do it so they're crisp not limp, not cooked to death. Throw some garlicky olive oil on top, Chew well and eat one thing at a time. That would be the best. Some people can't eat steamed vegies without a liberal dousing with butter and parmesan cheese, so do that in moderation. Won't hurt. Butter and cheese combine with vegies.

Fruits require combining, too. If you ate oranges, you'd only eat oranges. Not orange juice. You'd eat them whole, chew them up, get the fiber. Or pears, or bananas, or cucumbers or celery or avocados, one at a time. This would be the finest diet you could do. It's called a raw mono diet and would give you the enzymes, proteins and minerals that are necessary for the nutrition of your body's cells.

Let's talk about the negative things, which would be the most devitalized foods like white sugar, which goes through much the same process as produces heroin. It is a concentrated form of beet or cane sugar, processed, bleached, granulated, etc., into a fine powder that your bloodstream can easily pick up from your digestive system, going right through walls of intestines giving your blood stream an overload of sugar molecules which the antibodies have to break down. While that's being done, it changes your calcium phosphorous ration in your bloodstream which means that your immune system is open to degenerative diseases, starting with your teeth decaying. Sugar leaches the calcium out of your bloodstream so you're calcium deficient.

Then you have white flour, another devitalized product. It's grains bleached, then cooked with water into paste or pasta or bread. Then you have this paste that you put in your stomach so it goes back into being paste so your colon is clogged, pasted up and congests your colon.

MILK is pasteurized, homogenized udder secretion from a cow, prepared for a calf. The calf will grow to thousands of pounds. This milk has the hormone and elements in it for a baby calf to grow to be a huge animal. It is not the same quality and quantity as is needed for a human so that milk is not the kind of product that should be given to a child. And it's homogenized and pasteurized which makes it devitalized again and it's mucus forming. Mucus can be formed very easily from overload in the system of white flour, white sugar and dairy products, milk, cheese. The same from eggs. When you cook them, they become hard to digest, mucus-forming.

Then you have oils, fried foods, meat, chicken, fish that are highly cooked. They will be full of saturated fats which the body cannot digest, assimilate or eliminate therefore they coat your veins with fat, plaque, cholesterol. Milk will do it, too. Saturated fats will float around your veins, colon. When you have a coronary it's because you have cholesterol, grease in your veins.

Next, the Chemicals. Figure out how many chemicals are used in processed, refined and devitalized foods. Can the liver process them? No. The colon is filled with chemicals.

Now, parasites. They're in vegetables that aren't cleaned, in sushi, in all meat that isn't cooked enough and in milk. When you wash your vegies, put them in vinegar water, so they soak and you dry them so there's no bacteria on them either.

Coffee and tea are full of tannic acid and caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol are full of chemicals, preservatives.

The secret is to eat the most natural simple mono diet, less is more, lots of liquids, pure distilled water and fresh juice and sprouts.

Brown rice, baked potatoes, yams, steamed vegetables those are good for the taste buds. Doesn't mean that a lot of them are vital for the system. Cooked Beans are like boiled stones. They have to be processed and cooked to be edible. It would be better to sprout them.

It's a test on your own body. Exercise is important because of the oxygen it gives. Also, it causes the lymph fluid to move and remove toxins. This gives energy, blood circulation and stimulate the heat in the body.

Steamed or baked fish would be the best fish in terms of animal product, if fresh caught. Most fish has been out of the water for several weeks and is in a state of advanced decomposition.

Eggs, turkey are too full of fat and also you have a problem with the meat industry. It is unclean in the way they care for the animals, kill and process them so you're getting a product from a dangerous place. The unclean habits of the slaughter houses.

Also, there are many chemicals fed to animals, anti-biotics, hormones, contaminated grains and they're fed dead animals that have been powdered into feed, so you have these incredible diseases like Mad Cow that may be in the meat supply.

These foods lower our immune systems which allows viral disease to start, like flu and malaria and typhoid and meningitis, Aids, HIV. All of these are viruses which come to a lowered immune system and possibly cancer is the same thing. These cancer cells are rebelling against the poisons and form these cells to protect you but they eventually kill you.

Artificial sweeteners are made of chemicals and we don't know the reactions in the body. MS is implicated. We aren't supposed to make chemicals and then put them in our mouth and think the body is OK with them.

Then there's the silicone that migrates into the body through breast augmentation.

A typical day of eating for me is no food when I get up because I'm not hungry. One secret is to eat only when you're hungry and to notice the body's demands. If the body wants exercise, it will tell you. If it wants sleep, it will tell you. If the body is thirsty, it will tell you. And if the body is hungry, it wants something nutritious to eat. It's not a habit because you filled yourself up and you have this big belly that's demanding, that's not real hunger. Real hunger is to know that your body really needs some nutrition and that is rare. So when you get up in the morning, you're not hungry unless you have a habit that you have to have eggs, bacon, toast, bagels and lox and cheese and so forth, that's all habit. If you change it, you'll see that you're really not hungry in the morning because the body has just rested. It needs to be awakened, stimulated, exercised and drink a lot of water to clean out the system from the day before's diet. So you should wake up in the morning and drink a couple of glasses of aerated water. Pour it from glass to glass, get some oxygen back in it, put a squeeze of lemon in it and drink two or three cups and take those supplements that you're taking to cleanse your body, whether they're herbs, tonics.

When you're hungry, eat fruit, a pineapple, a watermelon, a papaya. Eat as much as you want. When you're tired of that fruit, don't eat any more. your body tells you when you don't want anymore. Then, if you're still hungry go and pick up something else that's raw, and eat that. Do that all day. That's the way to eat.

If you're really hungry and want a big meal then eat lots of vegetables, raw in a salad. Have your steamed vegetables, have your brown rice, your baked potato, your steamed or baked fish and that's it. Be sure you get plenty of exercise, rest and relaxation and of course the most important thing for health is your emotional state. Whenever you get upset your body is going to produce a negative hormone, and an effect in the physical domain, whether it's tightened stomach shortened breath, Adrenaline from fear. You must know that you have to control your emotions by controlling your reactions to negativity. Whenever you're threatened, relax, let go, breathe. Another trick is to use up the Adrenaline with exercise. The body secretes Adrenaline so you can get away from the threat. SO USE it. Whenever you're attacked, emotionally, by something, your own internal state or something outside, neutralize it, dissolve it, don't react to it. Become open to being invulnerable, accepting, loving and bless that ability to react positively. Feel yourself being powerful to act positively. Turning the other cheek means to give love to hate. To give a blessing for a negative dagger. To return upsets in others with soothing, delicate massage to another. To never react negatively to negativity. To always react with love, gratitude, blessings, praise, feelings of nurture-ment to yourself and others. As soon as you get on it, get off it. Train yourself to do the opposite, to feel good to uplift yourself.

Now remember that suffering, pain is a process of the pendulum moving from one side, from down to up. You're just as much in the light and in the hands of God and in the blessings of the cosmic universe and all the sources' projections to us, the beauty, love that's coming from the highest source, God.

God is always there, even when you're suffering, even when you're negative, even when you're hurting, you are still cradled in the hands of God.

All the knowledge we have of these things is coming from the source, from God. There is no ME. It was all given to me. All the knowledge I have whether it's of love, of humility, of health, of talent, whether I can play music, dance or cook or create anything, it's all been handed down. There is only one being in the universe. There's nothing new under the sun, so everything is to be thanked for, to the ultimate Source which is the consciousness that created this universe, that is Me. When you know that, you know that you're one with all, one with everything. So there's nothing to be selfish about or egotistical about or arrogant about or self important about. All the importance and all the praise goes to the source of life which we can call God which is only a way of expressing that which we can't express. We can't express who the true source of life is because it is our very being and you can't talk about your being because it is invisible.