You see the whole picture, you understand that you can't understand it anymore. You can't know it in the mind. You can't analyze it --because oneness, being one with the whole universe and being the whole cosmic being means that it's beyond any mind or understanding. It's the one who creates all the minds and all the words and all the lives and all there is. And the one who creates it can't be understood, thought of or seen because it's the invisible, the unknowable, the unfathomable. That's enough.

When you know that you are the invisible and unfathomable and unknowable one and you are the formless one, creating it all, one with all other creators, all other ones who have a mind, all other ones who express themselves in creative play to create universes and galaxies, ---you know that you're none of it and that love is the only thing that prevails then, ultimate and complete absolute love.

Everything is possible to one who knows the truth, who knows who he is. Everything is possible then. Because he knows he's the creator. You want happiness? Be happy. Create happiness for yourself. You want to be healthy? Create health, be healthy. You want to be strong? Be strong. You want to be powerful? Be powerful. You want to be a singer? Be a singer. In the physical realm, everything takes practice and discipline, skill, devotion, commitment, and time to perfect and master that which is the physical, so it's all existing in time. The only things that exist in time are the things that are 'constructs'.


The only thing standing in the way of your getting it is your ego. Your ego thinks, defends, wants to be right, wants to make it, is fearful that it won't have, and all it has are desires and attachments. Those are the obstacles. When you drop all those, what's behind it is the silent, formless one who knows all. In the silence is all the power, knowledge and potential. When you ask 'why can't I get it like that? Why can't I see it like that?' Well, the answer is, don't say that anymore. Instead, say 'I can get it like that.' 'I can see it like that.' 'I will do it like that.' 'I will surrender all thoughts that are anything other than that. I will surrender them and give them up and only think the thoughts of God which are creative, positive, playful blissful thoughts like 'I am all and one and everything, and I am love, peace, harmony, endlessly creative.' Everything that you want to know, see, be conscious of, everything you want to learn ---will come to you through the study, the devotion, the reading, the books, the meditation, in the listening to masters who are already there.

If you want to learn how to be anything, then go to someone who is already that and let him teach you. Be his student. If you want to be a master of music, go to a master musician. If you want to be a master of architecture, go to an architect. If you want to be a master dancer, go to a master dancer. If you want to be one who is conscious of the whole truth of God's universe, go to one who is God conscious. Someone who has mastered that. That's why we have books, libraries and schools.

People waste their time pursuing other things which the ego is addicted to doing: the hunt for sex, money, clothes, cars, admiration, success, fame, fortune. They keep pursuing those things because their mind says 'that's where happiness is, that's where security is.' That's a lie. Having a million dollars is no guarantee of not suffering. Besides, a million is never enough to make you happy. No man with a million dollars considers it enough. The guy with one Lear jet needs two. Also, the million can always disappear. It's never secure from loss, thieves, taxes, or friends who want to have a little. You live in agony of that fear of loss until you create that loss you fear---just from your mental projection.

The only place that there's complete security and bliss is in finally knowing that you are master of your fate, and you create your destiny, your future, that wealth and beauty and create your joyous existence and when you know it was created in the power of your mind, the power of your word, your attitude, the power of your way of being. SO. To be or not to be. That is the question.

The heart of the matter is the Game of Mastery. Thinking about it may make you tired. It seems like you're trying to reach something that you can't reach. It seems difficult. The student pianist says 'oh, all those scales, all these chords.' But don't panic. Don't think about it. Just practice one scale, one chord at a time, and when you learn it, go on to the next one, and the next. It's a game called the game of being a master. It's fun. It's not tiring.

Put aside all your questions about your life, the mate, the money, what you want, how you get it, put it in the toilet and flush it. Become a person who is silent, meditative, who reads and practices all the scales and chords of being conscious. Silence, control of mind, control of word, compassion not anger, and that's it. Nothing else to do. And then you're happy all the time because you 'be' happy.

God has always been your best friend, but you didn't know He was there. You didn't take advantage of your best friend's knowledge, truth, gifts. That's what you see everywhere on the planet. People have all the pearls being laid on them whether its the ideas of the great teachers or whether it's learning and maturing from learning the lessons of life through experience and relationships, or whether it's simply reverence and awe at the beauty of creation around us. Those lessons, that wisdom, awe, love, compassion and consciousness are there, like fruit to be plucked, like a song in the air, like scents in a beautiful garden but people tune these cues out. People are in the prison of their own mind, of their own thoughts, deep in their unhappiness. You'd think when they're in that jail long enough, they'd want to break out and escape.

The only way out of the jail of our minds and its negative, inner mental yammer is to create schedules of work, practice that will develop your skill, intelligence, knowledge and talents. You master and develop yourself. Suddenly you don't have to worry about the jail bars, the negative thoughts, the ego; they just dissolve. When a thought comes up, the skillful mind just drops it. Wake up affirming 'today I drop my mind and my thoughts, I devote myself to mastery, to love, to peace.' Repeat it all day. Do the breathing exercise, read the books, practice your instrument, eat right and then the energy comes. And when you have that energy, you use it correctly. You give to others. You give massages. You don't put things in your mind or mouth which disturb the equilibrium of your body, which is the temple that you occupy. If you put sugar in your gasoline tank, you race a half block then collapse. If you put it in your stomach, it throws the whole machine out of balance. You can have a perfect automobile for hundreds of years, or have one that lasts two weeks.


The job of maintaining high consciousness is your job. Do it by loving yourself enough to be happy all the time. Every time you are sad or lonely dump it. Say 'I am King, I am one with the father. I can fly, soar to the mountaintops, see the truth about people down there on the ground, speak to them kindly and gently and extricate them from their suffering. I can live as the sun shines, live as the wind and fire and energy of the universe, live as a being who's a creator, compassionate for his creation.

Use your vision to see the picture you want to create. A being with no ego, a being with talent and music, who wants to travel the world paths of beauty and love and goodness, giving help and kindness, living in quiet, calm, grace, harmony and balance. See yourself that way and practice it. These are the scales and chords. Practice them.

Years will go by and you will be harmonious and happy and healthy and your machine, your temple will reflect God in every aspect. You have the vision because you are power. Consciousness is the power. The power is in your consciousness. Nowhere else. There's no power in money. All the J.Paul Getty's and Howard Hughes that ever lived all died crazy and what did they leave? Everything. They had to get a new body and say 'oh, that was a mistake, I won't do that again.' But they probably came back and get caught up in the material thing again, and got lost again, and had to go round again and get another body.

We have to stop doing that, stop getting new bodies. We must take this moment, and know it's perfect, there's no place to go and we're not going anywhere. It's always been now, so let's be complete right now. One with the Father. God is within you, you are God, you're one with God. Know it and listen to Him. And speak as Him. Find people with a spark of understanding and potential and teach them to do the same scales and chords.

Open your mind, you'll see who is around you that can learn, who's meant to evolve into mastery and be relieved of his suffering and who's not. Some people just want to suffer some more. They don't get it. Let 'em be. Find the ones who are God's children and give to them. Teach. What you give will come back to you ten thousand times over.


Many of us live in denial about our self expression. As we get older, we tend to get miserable and then die. That's the joke. Life is miserable and then you die. We should always do what we think is exciting. Not going to make money somewhere but doing what excites us. What we love to do. I'd like a restaurant with fantastic food, music and ambiance because that excites me the most. That part of my God self wants to display that and turn the world on to it. I should have done it years ago. Each of us has inner visions and should have been doing them. I got involved in a water purification business recently which has a lot of vision in it and could do good for the world. Find that kind of enterprise.

You're the mouth, eyes, ears of God. You have to understand that whatever is guiding you, it's you, you, you. It's an incredible lack of taking responsibility not to know it's all you, you, you. That's what Werner and the masters have always been telling us. There's nothing else but you. Of course the converse side of that is you have to take responsibility for Hitler killing 6 million Jews and find the place where you're a bigot.


An 'I' talking to itself is just a thought machine, a robot, a triggered 'you' that is a stimulus response machine. That is not the real you. The real you is the one who's observing that who's conscious of observing.

The truth is that everything is real in the terms of what we call the material world. It's real in the illusion sense that it's not permanent. You can create a nightmare for yourself and it's real as you're experiencing it, in the illusion sense. As soon as you disappear it from your consciousness, it's not real anymore. So we can disappear as sick bodies. And we can disappear a fat body, or a bald head, or a lack of money. They are only creations in a material world so they're temporary. We can change them. That's the process of power that we have as Gods, as consciousness, as being one with the primordial energy, as being that Creator himself. So therefore, now you're speaking of where real power and creativity is. In our hands and consciousness, we can create anything and all we can do is believe. All we have to know is that's the truth. All we have to know is absolute faith, trust that this is how it is.

Speaking and your listening as we know, is the truth, what will show up for you as truth. If you speak 'I'm no good, I'm weak, I don't have any money, I'll never make it', that's what you'll look like---a person who is weak and doesn't have any money and will never make it. If in your speaking and listening you say the opposite, 'I'm going to make this business work, I work hard, I love this work,' you'll have that. The question is believing. Knowing is where the power is. I don't mean believing because it's some kind of a fantasy, but because belief creates reality. Thoughts create reality. Wherever thought goes, energy flows. That's the process of creation.

Immense love of God for us and the love that we have in our heart is the same. The love is so big, overwhelming --the feeling of love is so incredibly powerful---that to avoid it or deny it in any way in terms of anything we do, in bed with your wife, or in a cafe with a friend, or meeting a person you've fought with, --to deny the overwhelming power of love that is your true self, the way you really feel...is the only thing that's out in this planet. There's nothing else And when you start to assume the pose, assume the role, the feeling, the absolute truth of the love that exists, this ineffable power which is our true identity. The reality of it is there is nothing but oneness. Because we're all in our separate forms, viewing all this fragmentation and multiplicity as reality, when we start to reflect on the true reality, then we can only see the pure power, oneness of the strands of love that join everything. Then you become overwhelmingly filled with the compassion and the passion and the tears and laughter and 'highness' and mountain full of love. That's the message that we have finally been able to get in our era. This is what's going to happen everywhere. Don't waste any more time worrying about money or family or career or health but rather just get on the love train that is moving so strongly that if you don't get on it in the direction it's going you're going to be knocked, flat out so that you can start again.

Sports or games show all aspects of how God operates. If the ego is bigger than the enjoyment of the game, you lose. If the enjoyment is the most important thing, that team always ends up winning the Super Bowl. They have to get to that freedom of enjoyment of the love and the teamwork. We don't want to be in our ego showing the world 'look at me.' The San Francisco 49-ers are the expression of that kind of freedom. When every team knows love, happiness, joy and teamwork is the game, then all games will be amazing beautiful exhibitions of competition with no feeling of hurt. Whoever loses will still be wonderful. The only individual reality there is ---is what are you willing to commit to in your vision to create exactly what you want and are you willing to do everything it takes in terms of the Creative Process. The 'how of it' is: you are in the Driver's seat, you are responsible. You have to find out every detail. It's like being a drummer. You have to do everything yourself. No matter how many teachers there are around you giving you tips, techniques, you have to take it home to your drum set and work it out, and absolutely be able to produce in drumming what you want to be. You have to be that magical person that practices every day. It takes vision, commitment to the lesson and working alone, by yourself.

You ask 'where are the good lessons?' Well, they're all around you. The good lessons are in every spiritual book, in every technique that you know of, about concentration, your word, your visioning, your thought system. Your thoughts are the highest form of creativity. In drumming, you're sitting at the drums and practicing. That's the highest form of mastery. In terms of the whole picture of producing yourself as a real master of everything in life, money, relationships --it's in your thoughts. There's a space in which you can project your thoughts perfectly to produce gorgeous results. It's right inside your consciousness, your mind, your mind, feelings, thoughts. The great line is 'wherever thought goes, energy flows.'