21 AUG 2008

Greetings. My name is (your name here). I am a creative, amateur
sportswear buff /dress designer who has a passion for the fashion industry but
who has been unable to study at FIDM OR FIT. You may wonder what I'm
doing writing you.

I have a dream; I see ateliers in Africa, generating a vivid line of
sportswear and frocks that fit modern city life. And I'd be an on-site third
world AGENT for your company in an area where my skin color gives me
relative safety. I would set up workshops for you, determine and gauge
worker loyalty as much as that can be done, train these low salary workers,
set up secure banking and pay systems as well as passing your patterns to the
cutters via a workshop manager where they'd be safe.

My vision is to connect two worlds into one, smoothly functioning well
oiled machine: your elite, first world fashion house fused with the high energy,
handcrafting talent of Africa as well as the low wages to bring dynamic
handcrafted textiles and sportswear to America and at the same time, a greatly
needed wage hike to some very lucky, happy overseas workers.

Other parts of the world already have clothing factories: Indonesia,
Malaysia, China, but what about Africa where there are women who are
superbly talented -- who can sew, bead, embroider and invent sea shell
appliqués? These women just need someone to come into the smaller villages
and find them and give them patterns and get their input on native trims and
salary them so that they can send children to school.

Sir, I believe I can find these women, hire them and take your company
into a new area that not only will beneficially affect your LINE but will also
attract huge publicity for you as I will supply you with the digital photos which
would be intriguing, impactful for any P.R. campaign. There isn't a magazine
or newspaper that wouldn't feature this story! It's an exotic, glam natural!

As an on-site rep, I will be available to be YOUR own private
STRINGER, to travel to urban big cities, set up your trade route, (involving
banks, wages, shippers, packers,) as well as going to rural areas to organize
seamstresses into either an ensemble ATELIER manufactory or at home piece
work. As a dark skinned African American, I can go to places that your
designers can't!

I am a people person which you may already intuit from my having come
up with this wild idea! I can teach workers to use your company patterns and
perhaps one day expand into native jewelry for an accessory line even though
I don't speak Swahili. YET!

To RECAP, I would do the following;
a) FIND women to hire that can sew or have sewing machines
b) Find a manager who could supervise the Atelier, pack and ship.
c) Teach novice seamstresses to cut, care for patterns, workshop
hygiene, etc.
d) Determine local wages, determine what these workers would like to
be paid .
e.) Set up bank account so that bank pays manager upon delivery of finished
f) Nurse the "GAIN GOES BOTH WAY" factor into existence, i.e. provide
large revenue for your company with a cheap labor force at the same time
setting up a supply line going to AFRICA filled with high tech, low cost well
tech, generators and the 80$ irrigation bicycle water pump that Robert
Redford's NEW HEROES documentary featured, as well as (of course!)
great JOBS for those that suffer from extreme poverty.

I'd be willing to come meet you and talk to you further about this,
Signed, (your name here, ) XXXXX is my phone and X is my email