What you need to understand to be create the total FIX: the cycles of WAR and DEPRESSION are ENGINEERED.

By Charley Reese

Published in The Orlando Sentinel, August 20, 1998

Baby boomers who missed the Great Depression are going to be treated by fate to their very own Depression, or so it looks to me. Whether it will be as severe as the 1930s Depression, I don't know, but that's what is starting, slowly but surely. PRODUCTION CAPACITY NOW EXCEEDS DEMAND.* Too many factories throughout the world are making more stuff than people want or can afford to buy.(*Karl Marx predicted this would happen, that the world would become so poor that we could not afford the expensive products the monopolies created, especially as they were doomed to exclude us, the workers, from sharing in any of the prosperity.)

It's that ``can afford'' element of demand that confuses people whose vision is blurred by greed. Gee, 1 billion Chinese customers. Actually, there's more than 1 billion Chinese people, but considerably few among them who can afford to buy much of anything. That's why people can starve while grain rots in storage bins. (Two million just starved to death in North Korea. Have you heard?) How can people starve when there's so much food in the world? Because they can't afford to buy it, that's why. (Ponder how that could happen here if all you had was a plastic VISA card but your account had run dry and you were homeless, unbathed, messy, fired and without a car. That's also the fallacy of the don't-worry-about-population-increase crowd. Why, look at the statistics on food production. Well, look at them. But what counts is what people can afford to buy, not how much somebody 5,000 miles away can produce.

Let me pause and give you a great tip that will help you wade through the post-modern horse manure that is being mass-manufactured by special pleaders in this country. Statistics count things and measure things. They do not and cannot prove anything. Furthermore, they are abstract mental concepts. They are not real. Wheat in Nebraska is real. A starving child in Sudan is real. Statistically, you can show that food production equals food needs, but that has nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with the wheat in Nebraska and a dying child in Sudan.

So what happens when demand falls is that the producers begin to cut prices. As they cut prices, bidding for the shrinking number of buyers, they have to start cutting expenses, which means layoffs. Some go bankrupt. More lost jobs. (FARMERS LOSE THEIR FARMS. That happened bigtime in 29 and again just a decade ago when Willie Nelson started FARM-AID. ) Every lost job is a reduction in demand because people out of work can't afford to buy much. That's a truth American corporations seem to have forgotten. They seem to long for the day when they can produce their product without any workers. They do not seem to understand that if they ever do, they will also be producing a product for which there are no customers.

And, as the supply of jobs shrink relative to the number of people who need jobs, the price of labor is bid down so even when you get a job, you don't make as much. More reduction in demand. So many married women work today not because of feminism but because it's harder and harder for a single paycheck to maintain a decent standard of living.

Don't worry too much about the Dow Jones index. Heck, that's only 30 stocks of blue-chip companies. Watch how many stocks go down as opposed to how many go up. Watch commodity prices. They are way down. Oil, as of this writing, is about $11 a barrel. That's below what it costs an American oil producer to pump it. That tells you there isn't a great demand for oil right now. (SORRY ABOUT THAT. THIS PART SURE CHANGED!)

Here's a told-you-so: Keep that $11 a barrel oil in mind and go back to 1976-77 when Jimmy Carter and his Central Intelligence Agency were telling the American people that the world was fast running out of oil and it would soon be unaffordable. The Independent Petroleum producers pointed out some years ago that American politicians have been proclaiming the imminent end of oil production periodically since the turn of the century. Kind of like those end-of-the-world guys. (Why do they do that? To drive prices up, periodically?) Anyway, what you Baby Boomers will discover is that depression means the price of everything goes down -- both products and labor. The cycle won't start again until there is some balance between production and demand. Contrary to popular belief, Franklin Roosevelt didn't end the Great Depression. Adolph Hitler and World War II ended it. Maybe you'll get your own Great War, too. But it sure would be tragic if the guys who run this place think that's the smart thing to do so that they can get somebody buying something!

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