Make about a dozen of this 'pome', cut out with scissors and glue onto old Xmas cards which you saved from last year. Flour and water make a cheap glue. Make envelopes out of old ads you saved, the kind that come in newspaper, one side printed, one bared? Or old correspondence, just nothing with your NAME/ ADDIE on it cuz you are going to steam off and re-use old stamps. Use liquerase or White Out to clean them up a little, and never put your last name or address on any card or envelope that you mail out! (You do not have to go so far as to wear latex gloves while you prepare this bundle as my pal worked at P.O. sez machines can't see detail on 'stamps.' To prove his theory, I cut out a small ad with the Kellogs K box about the size of a stamp. My Dad said he got the letter! Machine just sees that there is a 'something' there.

So next, Here's your CHARMING AND CHEAP POME

If everyone recycled, the Xmas cards we got we got,
The clothes we wore last year, the kettles and the pots
And someone down the food chain got our used stuff all the time,
prosperity Gods would smile down on us Cuz we'd never spend a dime

The spoons and forks we eat off
Mismatched still feed quite nice.
I even have a pal who sends half used vitamins and spice .
My sweats, socks, PJ's and NikesCome from a gal onBoston Coast
Her old flannel sheets and pillow cases keep me snoring warm as toast.

If everybody sent Care packages
And drove round with used stuff in their Car,
and braked for indigent people,
The stuff that's HERE would go real far!

Nine owners for every spoon.
Nine owners for every fork.
I'm happy with my hand-me-down tacos
Long as my friends eat beef and pork!