Just read this NASTY POST online: "Welfare Barbaras vs. whinings from the American Pity Party"

A very disturbed and heartless person wrote in to a WEBSITE a post that  read:    "LIBERALS! The more of them I meet, the more repulsed I am by their whining, their "suffering", their pleas for sympathy, their weak excuses, and all the free handouts they expect and get.  Everyone makes mistakes, I understand poor decisions with unrealistic expectations but babe, you make a poor decision, you suffer the repercussions of it, learn from it, and DON'T DO IT AGAIN. This is a simple equation. Nature's sensible book of Rules for Surviving says that if food is scarce in the area then, breeding may cease altogether. Squirrels seem to understand this concept; humans do not, and are even rewarded for overbreeding without having resources to care for their young. Let's hear it for GOOD DECISIONMAKING

Here's a classic, personal example that could easily be any one of the  millions of the new "single mother" class in the United States: Female, age 28, bordering on obesity, two children, two different daddies, never married either. Earns around $12/hr working full time (when she actually makes it in to work, there's always a new problem or
crisis). Like a revolving door, kids are perpetually sick, daycare rejects sick children, baby-daddy isn't showing up for his share of visitation, etc etc etc.

Her tough life includes making payments on a large, expensive SUV (why a young woman with two small children drives a huge truck with towing capabilities is unclear to me). She makes a dozen social chit chat calls every day on her cell phone when there is a (free) land line phone sitting on her desk, spends evenings playing video games on the latest game console or watching cable TV at home, and eating out for lunch every day at six to eight bucks a pop.

Wow, do I feel for her struggles and sacrifices. Of course all of this is made possible by the following rewards:

Upcoming tax refund of $3500 per child (coming from a system to which she contributed absolutely nothing )
Free groceries (courtesy of food stamps)
Free medical care for the two offspring
Discounted child care rates
Free milk and cheese for the offspring
Full time nurse for the paralyzed kid.

Man at those prices I'd like to have a few dozen children. I can't pay my dentist bill because I'm a single parent and it was a huge expense I wasn't expecting. I'd like to have all those groceries for free. I ask the welfare recipient, "Why are you fat? " And they answer "Oh, you know us poor people. Everything we eat is fattening! [insert giggle here]"

And my rage goes on along with my list of grievances..

With the exception of women who are widowed or otherwise left alone due from the sudden death of the UNINSURED other committed parent, I have ZERO respect for single mothers. Worthless, lazy leeches. A true scourge of the industrious sector of society. Whenever I'm asked for help or a favor from one of these breeders, here's what I say: "No, bitch, get away from me." Shaking my head with disgust... I look for responsible, concerned people to associate with.

We don't need to feed overbreeding Africans just because they are hungry. Nature will stop them if there's famine; nature is talking to them ,"stop making kids" because you are living on a desert! Phony charities like "Feed the children", do not HELP the African poor, the charities create more babies who grow up hungry and demand more food. Pretty soon we are carcass to carcass covering the remaining empty space on earth....talk about stupid!

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MY RESPONSE: Well, isn't that fundamentalist, right wing, racist caustic and special! However the real facts are the ones I found online " 39 percent of welfare mothers are African American, 38 percent are white, 17 percent are Latina, 3 percent are Asian, 1 percent are Native American, and 2 percent are of unknown race. " which only means somebody didn't fill in the box. None are African, Hindu or Indonesian in case you don't like their skins either. Black and White are tied. 

Want one more statistic? 100% of these girls didn't 'do the baby bump' to themselves. In every case there was a man who charmed the woman, paid for a meal and drinks, an ancient biological trigger for mating, and the MAN created that bump. See a fatherless child in a single mother's arms and search hard enough, you will find a man who walked out a female that he chose and discarded, as well as the offspring. And --if welfare's paying the bill for rent, food, heat, a tiny life that didn't CHOOSE to be born into chaos, so that he or she can sustain him or herself, --then that robust, sexual male specimen is obviously not paying. Federal law mandates dads  pay child support. The social worker tracks down and the court will jail fathers who don't contribute.  So don't kick welfare Barbaras, share a little blame with the welfare BOBS.

Anyway, the food,  cash and medical care that the poor single parent gets -- devoted COUPLES also get. Prove poverty, you get aid for babies. That's what's fair. Why it seems unfair to you is because you are an end of spectrum right wing, bigoted Catholic moralist who loathes non-virgin women. Maybe you are even a pedophile. The zeitgeist of teen lovers is the eternal search for purity. You are also  a hard-hearted, angry, cheap and short-sighted citizen. As a society we should get behind anybody who needs it, and not get behind 'impure' women, as you just did, to kick them when they're down. The state will devise better ways to animate and motivate single parents. Food is one, a roof another, education a third. That fact will make certain your grandchildren don't grow up in a world that looks like Calcutta

P.S. You didn't mention the many  state "rehabilitation' training programs available to all the "poor LOSERS" you hate... on the Federal level.  Society is doing the best it can in the interim period. The one between birth control not being available at all and it's being handed to any who ask.




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