as soon as we figure out which side is lying

by Anita Sands Hernandez write astrology@earthlink.net

BIG BROTHER HAS LEARNED how to COMPROMISE and destroy PROGRESSIVES with dirty tricks that would make Nixon's Donald Segretti BLUSH!. For instance, that ACORN DOCUMENTARY proving community Organizers helped Prostitutes turn tricks? The one that made OBAMA LOOK SO BAD? Well it turns out our Gov (GOP ) had been seeking to dump all funding of ACORN, wanted it gone,  before the filmmakers posed as hooker/pimp needing and getting Acorn's funding. A Supreme Court decision  8 December 2009 stepped in and prevented the Gov from wiggling out of its charitable giveaway to the ghetto community organizers.  My sixth sense tells me that the filmmakers were set up to destroy Acorn, hired, rehearsed and funded by right wing elements in the Gov itself.

Big Brother in California worked thru Governor Ahnold, (The Governator) who arrested the students who protested Tuition Fees growing by 32%, http://www.wsws.org/articles/2009/dec2009/cali-d14.shtml
and the Gov had courts impose MASSIVE BAIL so they all stay in JAIL!

BUT WHAT THE GOP should NOT SABOTAGE IS THE CLIMATE ISSUE! And researcher-watchers tell us that Big Brother did some  nasty tricks at COPENHAGEN, hacked Email accounts, offering free hotel rooms to picketeers then busted IN at three in the morning, confiscated their paint, brushes, placards & pickets. Then the COPE-COPS  arrested the whole THOUSAND when they showed up to picket with new tools. Did the cops think these people didn't have kronen to buy DANISH paint, placards and brushes? And use the free rooms to make up the stuff? Well these kids were handy. Stupid cops just enabled a thousand English speaking people to write up the Jail experience as a somber Hans Christian Andersen REALITY tale & publish on a million web sites and really wreck tourism there forever.

We progressive activists have to sharpen our wits, continue the fight & we really should keep an eye peeled for hotel room offers that don't sound right, avoiding right wing media, agitators who get into pickets and misbehave so we get blamed, (California university experience) watch what we put in an email, (UK scientists,) keep using fire walls, and we must learn who the reporters are who write headlines that don't seem quite right to you. Make lists of  unfriendly stories, those are 'embedded reporters.' Jot down the reporters' names to share with your activist group. Send letters to them saying 'we know you are favored by the establishment for publishing slanted stories, and spiking the truthful ones. Let us help you to buy back your soul'.

Remembering the ACORN insanity, seek the names of filmmakers doing right wing documentaries, (and learn to do docs yourselves with video, very lucrative and cheap to do. See the DOCUMENTARY sextion of my webpage. "HOLLYWOOD BOUND."

Then, Clock the right wing flunky columnists and oh yes, 'insider' scientists with justifications and proofs of Earth Heating or Cooling which don't quite sound right. Do it not only for major issues like health care, mortgages, the Meltdown but to this "CLIMATE is or isn't in DANGER" issue. Is there a WARMING  WORLD-COVER UP? If warm world is just so rich men can trade carbon chits, then start now making a list of the CRIME-A-TOLOGISTS who insist global warming is happening and we need carbon trading. Because there is a rumorcarbon chits will be the new money replacing the Yuan after God replaces the Dollar. See the crime already started ^ around them here.

It'll be good exercise. Sneak up on the truth. Go to the website the scientists claim is the real deal: http://www.realclimate.org/ and study statistics on both temperatures and droughts. Note the lack of a freeze this past Winter in Florida. You don't have to write it up and assign values, just clock it. Do this activist chore of reading, looking for stats for a mere ten minutes a day and do it for ONE REASON. The downside of neglecting to catch and stop anyone out there preventing a GREEN PLANET  with propaganda is that your grandkids choke  or starve!

It's probably accurate to say that any exaggeration of the need for CLIMATE CARE / C02 restrictions, hurts no one. We should err on the side of GREEN rather than  brown. Green's a better color. And maybe we should listen to those conspiracy minded progressives  who are convinced there's an Al GORE PLOT to SELL the super rich CORPORATIONS a kind of King's X "HALL PASS" so they can pollute willy nilly, if they fork up huge money, (CARBON TRADING.) Allegations abound that the Greenies want to sow, plant and harvest all kinds of money from rich corporations. These Progressives maintain that bribes will  allow the Big Dirty Manufacturers to be toxic to the max and that will kill the world so green it ain't. On the other hand, there should be penalties for being toxic. Ones you can't bribe your way out of.

Conspiracy theorists believe that CLIMATE CONTROL could possibly be A CASH COW for Politicos who are on those damn, thin Washington Salaries. They suspect the swarmiest Congress that Money can buy of PLANNING and promoting propaganda built around the fact that there's an IMMEDIATE, DESPERATE  need for clean air and water,  no factories spewing, no C02 escaping to HEAT up Earth so let's sell tickets to clean.

It seems some sharpie realized that gave politicians a chance at the hog's trough, to join the CEOS in being rich. Politicians are in charge of regulations, right? So basically they are going to sell DIRT PERMITS to the RICH CEOS. Ya see their take on it?

Progressives tend to be paranoid --I'm not saying they're WRONG --- but they believe they've spied a CUI BONUM. here. Hamstrapping factories, coal, electricity anything toxic ---is some kind of politicians'  TROJAN HORSE to wage PIRATE wars on the TRANSNATIONALS.

In other words, the left wing alleges that corrupt politicians found a new color this season, a new game on the block, GOING GREEN and have stuffed the Trojan horse with "YOU MUST BUY a TICKET to ride from US. Either pay for a CHIT or stop producing merchandise.

There, did I explain it so everyone can understand? Tell ya why I suddenly bring this up. I sent out a gag OFFICE POOL email so we could "BET" on different  COPENHAGEN final results/climate related scenarios,  whimsy and fun right? I had bet that the world would ask China to make solar panels cheaper. I got this dead serious letter from a fellow with grandchildren 'to live for' wrote : "Anita, This fellow you quoted who was talking about a fear-code-word i.e. "world governance", is promoting the climate danger deny-ers! I am rather concerned that these 11th hour propaganda barrages are being used to soften the resolve of climate scientists, environmentalists, parents and grandparents, and even the few good politicians worldwide, before this most important climate conference in Copenhagen. It is pretty clear by now that the Deny-ers, the flat-earthers if you like, are staging one last battle by the oiligarchs, so that oil mouthpiece Harper will seem to have some credibility when he denounces the environment once again in favour of the tar sand shareholders. Even the CBC was prevaricating this morning. (huh? COPENHAGAN Breakfast Club? No, guess not. OK so I googled & it's a Canadian radio station and website, very TIPPING POINT oriented ..

He goes on: "Please don't encourage this potential disaster any further. We really do only have a couple of years to address the looming tipping points beyond which there will be no respite. That's what needs to be promoted!

I straighten up real quick when activist-slapped. I try to figure out what I did wrong. I believed Al Gore and Ed Begley. They say Earth is too hot and dirty and too much C02. Well, I went for that as hey, I live in L.A. Calif and when ozone develops in summer heat, we all are faint, headachey, blurry, coughing. ANYTHING they want to do, lettem RIDE! Does that mean I'm being seduced by Greedy politicans who just want me to believe this is true so they can sell AIR? YEAH. SO?

Should I believe the OTHER progressive sounding folks who say 'nahhh, no problem, no heating goin' on?" If  I take that attitude, I cough myself to death each summer, keep on enduring my 'aging voice syndrome,' and  down the line, my grandkids asphyxiate or drown or polar bears invade the cities and nobody can grow food just cuz we all slowed down on clean-up efforts. So is that a win win situation?

Was I seduced and lulled and distracted by CHICKEN LITTLE THE SKY IS FALLING coming from politicians who want to sell 'indulgences like the Church did before Luther got after them? YEAH, SO?

Obviously there are a lot of scientists AND propagandists throwing stats into the wind. Why don't we start to clock the data, save it to cache, file their names and station -- I mean tv station but hey, station in the science or propaganda heirarchy/ network -- that's good too, who ever they are, who bought them. Any clues to cui bonum.
I Understand if you're a real climate watcher, this is a key article:

So read it. We'll be THE WATCHERS! Us vs. the SO CALLED CRIMATOLOGISTS who really might be on the HOT EARTH team screaming 'tipping point, no reversals dead ahead,' or the DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY TEAM. which denies a tipping point is coming. See, I'm not on any team yet. Carbin chits sound lousy but so does having no lungs and throat, no air, and no brain.

Share your gripes, your URLS your lists with me. Ferinstance as you read a headline shoot it to me.  If you're up for this, I'll put you on an email list called CLIMATE WATCHERS and we'll keep pingponging articles. I will type your emails up into formatted htm like this piece here, post them, do the facebook & tweet thing. Also give you a copy to post.

Relevant to these DENY-ERS --I just rec'd  this from the UK

"Last week, the BBC ran an article talking about how global
temperatures haven't increased since 1998--an objective fact. But
facts don't matter to the environmentalist wacko crowd. Angry about
the article, an activist threatened the BBC reporter who caved almost
immediately and censored himself.

Video is of NewsBusters associate editor Noel Sheppard on the April 8,
2008 edition of "Glenn Beck" on CNN Headline News discussing media
bias on global warming."

Glenn Beck and NewsBusters Expose Global Warming Bullies

Posted on YouTube 6th December 2009:
BBC Exposes 'Fudge Factor' in ClimateGate Global Warming Computer
Programming Code


BBC which UK controls, has taken on the 'WE ARE TOTALLY DENY-ing Global Warming' role lately, seen a lot on their site, on their tv news, all denying! They were just going crazy this
whole two weeks before Copenhagen
So who are the top Planetary banks? Brits! Where? LONDON TOWN

Our great grandkids cannot afford our slowing down or believing BS or
failing to track and NAME the culprits bought by CEOS of Big Biz/
can we be fooled. THE VILLAINS are in ARMANI SUITS. They need those cash
cow corporations to be unhampered. Ya know what an ARMANI COSTS THESE DAYS?
Know what parking outside Hotel Ritz costs? Know what a tray of ten
pastries costs? So you can take a nibble out of each, toss the rest?

So let's nail these greedy porkers. Let's keep track of the reporters' names, their
scribblings. We are the POLAR BEAR society. The  PAUL REVERE SOCIETY
Join. Be a watcher too!

1.) use FILE MANAGING SOFTWARE to create C:\CLIMATE directory to neatly stash info.
2.) keep eye peeled for de-cryers. File their scribblings/stats.  Txt file for names only. Share this!
3.) Check to see if HTM files' that you spotted/ saved to the CLIMATE DIRECTORY made it.
    Often they don't and you have to cut and paste text (in which case you get no LIVE LINKS
    or go to original site and save from the 'MASTER' copy. See WEB TIPS FOR DUMMIES.
4.) GO right now and google up best CLIMATE URLS, BOOKMARK THEM. CHECK BACK
   for new articles. Post invitations for pals to get your 'CLIMATE WATCH' emails as a 'list'
5.) Join CLIMATE lists on YAHOO, single biggest ones on the net.* (below) Contribute files
6.) Remind all that a seduction is going on. Well funded.
7.) Find pals who write, get them interested, so you can BUST the REPS of 'bought' journalists with
back fire. "How are right wing Journalists like Ball Point pens? Both fit into pockets."

POST the real deal articles at those YAHOO LISTS ON CLIMATE, always as an URL. That will get thru!






<=== TANK UP ON THE REAL INFO  http://www.realclimate.org/