We activists who are seeking to redesign the Constitution to make it cheat-proof, we who scour the  Law books are looking for loopholes that you rotters are using! We who peer down into the very bottom of the PANDORA's VILLAIN BOX ---  have spotted some very burly well-fed termites  hiding in the foundations of that ritzy shore where Corporative lifeforms abut Government  ones. What do we see? A temple full of money changers, lobbyists writing our laws, blood sucking rascals, brigands, pirates full of secret CUI BONUMS paying the lobbyists to work as intermediaries and like the mythological PANDORA's Box, we see 'HOPE' Freshly churned up by this so called idealist, Barack OBAMA-- his HOPE VILLAIN being the worst of them all as it obfuscates the theft still going on like a vine full of roses hides a rotting plantation garden fertilized with thousands of bodies of buried slaves.

American workers, even the most shrewd,  hip, cautious and aware -- trusted in the integrity of our RETIREMENT PENSIONS made up of our own contributions and those of corporations that hired us for decades. Well, OPEN YOUR EYES, chump. There's a big fat paw in your account, right now!

Share this URL with chums who have worked long and hard for big corps/cities/ states/ even for the Federal Gov and also with workers expecting SOCIAL SECURITY pensions to mature and pay off. Due to the trillion buck costs of oil-theft-WARs, there's a good chance that they will not ever see their pensions mature. Imagine, ALL PENSIONS CALLED OFF! The money was spent by THEM! THE BIG BOYS!

 Look around you. Everything that the citizen can do is dictated by laws, taxes, codes, rules created by the SUPER RICH. We live by their law! The little guy needs all kinds of help but is there a law for any of that? NO! THE RICH MAN's LAWS decimated this country! The citizens are all in crisis but who creates laws? ONLY the oligarchs who can afford to hire lobbyists. CORPORATIONS write the bills for all legislators. A Fresno California Newpaper report wrote a fabulous article on how only LOBBYIST- SPONSORED BILLS get turned into LAWS and showed readers in Fresno how the GOV is like a MOROCCAN BAZAAR full of sly, secretive men hawking venal ideas 24/7 to Congress and Senate on both state and federal level and how that results in our unfortunate reality. ONE REPORTER caught the FULL HORROR of this TEMPLE FULL OF MONEYCHANGERS and wrote it right. Luckily an L.A. paper and San Jose paper put the article on their front pages. I doubt it will get to the rest of America.

This article is useful as it is so important to know our enemies, the villains in the box. If as activists we assiduously label these guys and learn to FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAILS, we'll see how the War Toy industry created these wars, these laws and how GOVERNMENT itself (i.e. fed/state/city govs alike) all profit from genocidal oil resource wars, pirate wars, plundering third world countries of OIL! Governments have investments it would seem and these investments are predicated on oil wealth. It isn't just the oil corps who profit from scratching holes in third world countries and draining them of their petroleum. See why all our taxes go for these wars, and not to schools, entitlements to the disenfranchised, roads, investments in the American economy that would take are of alarming l0% official jobless statistic

I am the bookkeepers for cities, states, federal gov, who did not
blow whistles on what was really going on with our investment accounts,
with your pensions. I am the governors, mayors who pretended to be
out of money to rip apart entitlements, education. I am the system
you dumbed down slaves trusted your care to. ACTIVISM is your only hope now!

I sent this rumination to my list, thinkers, researchers, asking "You're the brainoid. Which is the reason for endless war?" I got back an answer or two:

Anita: Its the banksters who are at the root of it all. I was just researching the history of J.P.Morgan and his son J.P.Morgan Jr. At the turn of the 19th-20th century J.P. was the second most wealthy man in the world. He was the leading figure with bankster representatives that created the FED in 1910. J.P. Jr. bankrolled France and Britain in WWI; J.P. Jr. was one of the kingpins creating the 1929 crash and subsequent depression - for vast increase in profits. He was also behind the 1934 (failed) fascist coup to depose Roosevelt. The banksters are the puppeteers of the government. They bankroll the wars and nations in war. Look at the profits accrued from the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Banks who fund countries who need war toys are like those who bet on both sides in horse racing, although I am not familiar with the details, or any form of betting for that matter, I imagine that when you place your bets on both sides; whatever way you bet you win, be it small winnings. But when loaning money to a government, either for the government to finance a coming war against (always) an innocent nation, or when they are in the middle of a battle and have nearly depleted their armaments supplies, the bankster loans money at a very high interest rate repayable over one, two or three decades, and the bankster takes collateral from the government in all kind of ways. The bankster can never lose; the profits are enormous. The Napoleon was financed for his wars by Rothschild from London, who made an enormous killing, (black humour not intended.)

Banks make profits on wars? Hmmm. WHO KNEW?

Another pal wrote:  have you not read  "1984" ? In this book Orwell describes peace as continuous war.........which is what we have had since 1914.......also countries have been taken over by corporations  and you do know what that is, right? Fascism! A welding of state/politicians and corporations.

A well known researcher/ writer in Ireland wrote:  "Why endless wars? Because those who run the country are not the elected leaders, and these men care nothing about the US except for the Pentagon and the wars it can wage on their behalf." So there, guys, grist for your mills!