a third of GIRLS TODAY are secret romance addicts!

Statistics tell us that 30% of the young, beautiful women in high schools and colleges near you are already making the first mistakes that will doom their love, marriage and family life. Down the line, those mistakes will prematurely terminate their marriages and they will end up being single mothers of stressed, unhappy children.

What happened in America? I suggest that Girls are being given all the wrong messages by Culture that's a bit of a Sodom and Gomorrha. The right wing half are being programmed and judged by stern parents. (HALF OF THEM FIGHT the parents like tigers.) Then the left wing half of American kids observe the model of some pretty dysfunctional parents. Add to that all of them being pelted by the cultural fads and fancies found in movies and t.v. alternate reality and Girls today all end up wanting to date the Jonas brothers, impress and outscore their galpals with designer labels and boot and sandal wardrobes. They move on to dating disco hunks with empty heads and wallets, end up jilted ten times by these shnooks over the course of a decade so the average girl's entire youth is a process of getting batted around, ending up with round heels, depression and low self image.

You who are reading this would not have come to this page if you didn't have the karma to counsel for a living.  Was it an accident that you've read or heard so many pop philosophers, psychologists, love gurus & relationship counselors who make the rounds of Oprah and the other talk shows. You probably read Cosmo, you follow Jesse cheating on Sandra, and a dozen other couples. You're a pop psychologist of sorts, already. You've listened to teachers all of whom were able to make millions setting up their 'tutelage industry' with classes, books, tv shows, webcasts, all of them processing this huge market share age group that wants to pay to learn to be great, beautiful, sane and happily in love.  You probably know this is not a bad career area. If you're interested in the phenomenon of man /woman love, marriage, courtship, family life too, you could go pro in this area without even getting a degree as a psychologist. I know folks who have. Wrote them up in a half dozen articles.

Then, there are the 'allied industries.' One of my close gal pals is a big Hollywood matchmaker, who has been on tll the talk shows. She makes a living off the SOCIAL end of this industry, she calls it the SINGLES INDUSTRY. She gives parties at local cafes, introduces singles. Well attended, lucrative, I think I wrote her gig up on the list above. She also teaches "HOW TO MARRY WELL" courses. She got me a one night job teaching one of those LEARNING ANNEX seminars on LOVE. Well, ten smart gals shared the dais. We taught a class on how to Marry a Millionaire. I only qualified as I'd been working as a palmreader stargazer for years and at these BIG HOLLYWOOD parties, I'd end up telling fortunes to the most beautiful girls in town, all starlets and playgirls, ALL wasting their hours with a lot of hot guys, on the Hollywood merry go round. And getting NO RESPECT. I inherited a lot of clients who had this pattern. Dating famous men, (on the cover of People with their huge scandals, too.) but BIG PRINT means A BADLY LIVED LIFE. They were selling themselves short. Any ONE of those ladies could have married a John F. Kennedy Jr, as shopgirl Caroline Bisset did. So I always wondered why they were starlets as it's such a bad rep biz. I tried to tell them about Princess Diana who had been working in a DAYCARE when she married Charles and how elegant that seems to a refined man. They'd let me get a few sentences out, you know how a conversation is. They hear you and they don't hear. Don't want to hear. Don't want to change. So I wrote it up as an article. And that got me started writing HOW TO ARTICLES and INSPIRE ARTICLES. and then I'd read their stars, their palms and EMAIL them the article!

I told them, if you girls could just find the job that set you off beautifully -- not stripping, not dancing, not singing rock and roll... no... running a CHARITY ... say to get latch key kids scholarships in extant daycares, meeting the tycoons of Houston or SF or Idaho or Kansas City to raise cash gifts for this project and do that, instead of coming to HOLLYWEIRD, they'd have married KINGS --but no...they are wasting themselves in Hell-A (L.A.) where they can't even find modelling or acting jobs and they're all doing porno or mud wrestling. And the scuz bags they date? You would hide your checkbooks if one of these guys was cleaning your carpets!

I felt  that someone should tell them, Dante's doorway is here in Hollywood, the one that says "ABANDON HOPE all YE WHO ENTER HERE" ...and tell them  'get out of show biz.' Yes but what can I DO? I don't know another career. So that's when I SEND OUT THIS ARTICLE, the one you're reading.

First off, right now, get out of L.A. Even NYC is better. Then, find some witty, acerb lady psychologist in your new relocation town, and do a very lucrative business that DOES GOOD for the world. Do a LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS GROUP to teach the girls that same lesson you just learned. Show biz is sleze and MARRIAGE is the very best job you can have, the best paying, the longest duration and the most meaningful. So hoe that row. Do a website, "HOW to MARRY WELL, I gift you with the 200 articles on mine, LUCK IN LOVE DOT COM. and you can edit the words and change them where you don't agree.." teach the girls of the new city where you settle, some really sensational, elegant etiquette (straight out of Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt,) and teach them how to socialize with a puritain, pristine tone, how to date and mate effectively and get married, not just banged and bumped, not just slept with. The psychologist answers questions out of a basket, she gets the private clients, you get the gate from the seminar.

I began sawing on these ideas with my girl clients and noticed that when converted to the Princess Diana model, i.e. quitting show biz and quitting the tart dressing, (I don't mean cranberry sauce, I mean dressing LIKE a hooker,)  those beauties bloomed and suddenly seemed to have radar backwards, so that the wealthy men in town began to hone right in on  them and get serious. No 'my apartment or yours.' stuff.

At that point it ocurred to me that if these girls were also trained in CHARITY WORK,  they could probably fund raise among the oligarchs and marry VERY well indeed & liberate all the trillions locked in blueblood family vaults and send that money around the world to multiply out there, doing good. A kind of REVERSE CAPITALISM.  They could for instance, create the kind of artisanry wholesaling businesses that feeds thousands of single women artisans, allowing them to work at home while they rock cradles. .

My own sympathies were with at stay at home home single mothers, as I raised four babies as a single mother. Also, I knew a woman who had created a PIER ONE type import biz with artisans in villages all over the third world. A Mother Teresa type. She got rich people to fund it as it was a dynamite charity idea. She did it solo but one could do it with a rich hubby behind one. UNESCO did it, once having bazaars in every big city.

I'm into living room study groups. I created and ran the L.A. Free Screenwriter's Co-op which I started and did in my living room for five years. Then opened a bogus literary agency to rep their scripts as it was sooo hard to get an agent in L.A. Taught writing socially relevant (leftist) screenplays. Well, I love groups, being an Aquarian. I want to create another group when I get back to living in LA. (The valley doesn't count). A $UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINAR. And I teach how to do it, so they'll spring up in every city.

How does that SUCCESS group differ from LOVEAHOLICS ANONYMOUS? The former goes at the blueblood crowd, the latter is more into discarding our current insanity. The former is a course on how to fill your heart with love for all humanity instead of 1 man, and how to move your career into hanging with, working for the super-rich so you can attract a man who wants to be and CAN be a philanthropist so you can work to alleviate suffering by managing his charity money, doing  'spirtual works.' The latter course just gets you married to a good guy who'll take good care of your children.

SUCCESS IN LOVE seminars do not exist anywhere now. The concept of teachng beautiful young women to RAISE their rifle sights a tad and hone in on the biggest, oldest fortunes of America and liberate it from the vaults so it can flow back into society and do good is OUTRAGEOUS!. But believe me, we need $UCCE$$ IN LOVE SEMINARS and they would earn its teachers/ leaders SOME good money for their time, (IT'S NOT TOTALLY A DO-GOOD CHARITY ) You'd charge 5$ a head to audiences. Where do you find AUDIENCES? Where does one find these gorgeous women? BULLETIN BOARDS at GYMNASIUMS, new age libraries, book stores, universities. And beauties everywhere. Strippers, Actresses. There was this hooker who married one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Read "HEATHER."

Some of the women who attend the LoveAHOLIC MARRY WELL seminars might be both young, smart and GORGEOUS, so you'd hand pick a few ladies out of there, create another, separate and very secret, private group to teach "How To Marry a Millionaire" skills again 5$ a meeting, so these women could attract one of the 200 biggest fortunes on the planet, which takes real social navigation skills, it takes relocation and that takes sisterhood, for apartment sharing all over the USA. The training can be done anywhere there are healthy gals but the pursuing a gadzillionaire can only be done in L.A. NYC, Houston, Palm Beach,! Aspen,  maybe Detroit, Chicago..Pittsburg. In USA. Abroad, Geneva, Paris, London, Different story.

Caveat Numero Uno for such a group is that if a LADY wants to marry a gadzillionaire just to have Armani suits, jewels, Mercedes, or just to get money, she WON'T be able to pull the full scope of this idea off because God won't help her. The idea is, to be able to put a billion dollars into circulation for the aid of the neediest segment of society. This idea will only work for a woman who IS very beautiful inside and out, totally on  healthfoods, very pure, very stylish and STANDOUT and very determined. We would use each other for teachers, to teach the skills WE know, and when we have the videos of our classes filmed, and cards printed, maybe we could start local chapters all over USA with the franchise being FREE! The thing we teach ladies is to stay away from 2nd rate Lotharios, poor, cute men, freeloaders, users, idiots, uneducated lower classes and disco dreck. Loads of discrimination is required because just imagine, when you start being super beautiful, every hot guy is going to come after you. That is a very tempting state of affairs. To lay the groundwork for a technology of speed and direction, some meetings we'd just discuss love FAILURES, like an AA meeting where everyone contributes their addiction stories, i.e. how this boyfriend or the other took up l0 years of my life and walked out on me for a encourage women not to go on making those mistakes. Giving to takers. A good woman IS a taker. But not for herself. For her children if there are some, or if not, for the planet. What Jews call Hadassah. Working for the needy in the community

It doesn't have to be draggy. Make it fun. Snacks at meetings. Frequent parties or potlucks. All new members get a framed painting of Mother Teresa. Color Xerox the great images online of  her. The girl puts it on their altar at home, and prays "Dear God, I want to do something for the planet, may the Spirit that guides Mother Teresa come guide my unconscious." We all learn to do Yoga and meditation at meetings. At other meetings we'd have a health & fitness guru, because girls today are very ignorant of the possibility of just eating to live and not living to eat. We all know dozens of holistic healers so they'd come to a meeting occasionally. It's good for their business to attract new clients.  They would love to also guide such women.

The woman who wants to serve the needy in such an ambitious, pure way cannot be chowing down on burgers and steaks and full of uric acid that make her sleep l0 hrs a day. She cannot be a 2nd or 3rd chakra saint absorbed in taking in. She has to eat like a butterfly, and work from the 4th chakra, the heart.

Do a biz card for THE FREE "SUCCESS IN LOVE" SEMINAR  and create a 1st meeting date here in LA, video tape it and give to franchises in other cities. Other chapters. Free to be a franchise. Just keep it quiet. The idea can only go to potential older women-organizers at this point.Flyers & phone pole posters are easy to do at xerox, FREE publicity editorials in paper, small ads on bulletin boards at colleges bring girls, Word of mouth takes over for 2nd, 3rd meeting. Imagine aposter on phone poles, "SUCCESS IN LOVE SEMINARS" 5$ + fone #. A message machine. At nite you return phone calls. You'd have a few meetings of the first group, using a local psychologist to ANSWER QUESTIONS given anonymously from a basket at front of room.  If you're smart, you'd start hand picking a second group, the super beauties. Has to be done quietly as the scandal of women being trained to hunt gadzillionaires would absolutely KILL the scheme. Guys would be wary And the ‘tricks' would become recognizeable. It' would  end up in PEOPLE Mag embarassing us all. But done correctly, the training would aim beauties at Aspen, London, shoot them into space like guided missiles. Whaddya think??

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