BE GLAD that you're MARRIED, Middle aged wife! It's a good thing

Marriage isn't natural to a man. They want to run from cave to cave and screw squaws and then get outta Dodge fast. This matrimony concept wasn't in the original biological deal....staying in the cave with the offspring and especially staying with a woman when the offspring leave. That goes against nature. Man's nature. It took men millions of years for the CAVEMAN to figure out that his daughters would have a very hard life if they married males who thought the way THEY thought, so they finally got around to making some laws about rituals of marriage, practice of monogamy and protection for the girl in a divorce.

But don't count on those laws. A woman is on a real short lease when she dumps the kids. That marriage is over and nobody tells women today that. the more you make like a submissive HOUSEMAID the better off it'll be for you, the easier. No, they tell you be a career girl. In a Great depression like 2008 doubt you can do that at your age.

So make a go of it. Women should respect their men. MEN should cherish their women. If you don't inspire CHERISHING......there's no going back to the Husband Factory for exchanges.

MEN WHO ARE EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY can cherish their women. IF HE DOESN"T it could be his problem. Now.....If you, the wife got fat and lazy and don't cook or clean and don't inspire CHERISHING..... OR if you are sulky and don't ATTEMPT TO BE WINSOME. CHARMING, FUNNY, sexy and SNAP HIM OUT OF HIS FUNK....then it's your fault IF he's sour to you.

Now, if YOU ARE ALL THOSE charming things and he's still in a funk, then you have to bite the arm that supposedly supports you and FEED HIM the DELIGHTFUL diet of pan sauteed PORKCHOPS AND mashed taters with lotsa butter and cream, and scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast and at the end of every meal, some  buttery rich CHOCOLATE CAKE loaded with real butter frosting. THAT IS the kindly way to put a guy down, errr, I mean SEND A GUY BACK TO THE FACTORY.

Then you get house, you can sell it, you get his life insurance, you get his pension but only if you did ten years of marriage. Nine years and 364 days and Social Security will turn you down! BUT WALK OUT NOW?????? well if you have l0 yrs equity, you'd get his pension. You could do it, if you had a cottage industry and could make a little extra that way. If not, count those chops and calibrate how many will get you to the ten year point and study something useful that you can do for a living or better, start an at home, cottage industry.

And remember, Some gals have it worse than you do. There was this matted-hair woman shuffling around my neighborhood crying, drinking booze out of a paper bag. I asked her to tell me her back story. She had a hubby who seemed to be a good father to their two children. But the children grew up, married and left. Then the man started mortgaging chunks of the  house. Covertly. He'd take thirty k out, another thirty, fifty, she never knew. Finally, one day he had spent or hid the value of the entire whole house. Now, he divorced her. There was no house left although they lived in it. Except now bank sent eviction papers. She owed thousands. She found all the village drunks, men, and rented a room each or two bums to a room. Now, she was incredibly blue and as was her habit, she drank. She missed the court date for the divorce. So she got no alimony. That was it. She got nuttin' Day house sold, and all that cash went straight to the mortgage company, she was thrown out onto the street. To endlessly walk around Reseda sucking beer out of a bag. I'd invite her to my barbecues. Actually, my 90 year old father found her charming. I didn't tell him about the mortgages. My father had gone through four wives by that time and bored easily. Who knows, he might have married her but she was too blitzed to sense what was going on. I wrote a poem about it where the final line was moving to the San Fernando Valley was a big mistake. My best friend drinks beer out of a bag at my dinner parties... but it rhymed. I shoulda kept a copy.

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