Cat studies (which I do alot of) translate very well to human
psychological profiling and that gives us the key to analyzing famous celebs,
politicians, members of your family and even YOURSELF. There are two end spectrum
conditions: the submissive who is sensitive, loving and serving. And then the
dominant, who is rational, mental, greedy, territorial and bad tempered and who
will attain power and wealth.

Can either of us end spectrum folks convert or reach a middle ground? I guarantee
you the HARD POWER person will not want to change. You being gentle, will and can.

In analyzing the two types, I started at those two end spectrum positions
as I see these two types in my cats.

Some of my dozen cats are born 'teat-takers.' At birth they lunge for the
ole mouthpiece and ruthlessly squirmed the other guys out. Competitors
got paws with claws! These dominant cats grew up to be very relaxed
fellows oddly. They swagger when they walk, too. Nothing alarms them.
While the other type, ---you've heard the phrase scaredy cat?

The guys who got the teat TAKEN from them turned out to be morose,
to walk dejectedly, the way you or I would walk if we had a cat body, just
a straight walk, no swagger to their stroll. They are permanently sadsack,
moody, they get ill more than the top dog cats. And they always fall in love
with humans to such a degree that they become tiresome. The cat I want
to cuddle is the one who won't have me. Mr Bold and intrepid! Not the sadsack puss.

I know people who are like these two end spectrums. The human version got that
way by not being preferred at birth or in early infancy. Or feeling he wasn't. Maybe
on morning he cried for a long time without being heard. It permanently damaged him.
He or she has a permanent dent. Being an astrologer I was able to hear the life stories
of many people. I know for sure my Client Kay was a rejected dejected infant. Born a twin
with a boy twin, and another male sibling) she was absolutely rejected by
the mother, this is historical, truth, she is clear on that. Not once but many times, the
mother ignored her while hastening to the two boys. This was a feature of her infancy.
She has grown up into a worrywart, tends to fret easily and deeply. Her emotions are
very close to the skin. On the other hand, she is very empathetic. I guess this is as she
had to learn to read people to see if he's going to get slapped around some more or
get any more teat taken. And as she did yoga and was vegan for thirty years, and
didn't move into what I suspect a normal person would have gone into, classic depression.
She learned to manage large groups of people in a polite, effective, strong manner, was
a great negotiator. When she meets up with a teat taker, trying to dominate, she negotiates
so strongly and effectively that she wins. So there's hope for the yinnies of this world.
But they will never learn to enjoy conquest and play as vigorously as a YANG personality.
Nor will she ever stray into the realm of being a SOCIOPATH which yang folks usually
do in ONE WAY OR ANOTHER (career or love relationships).

I note that the dominant kitty cat may frisk around with the human, when it
suits them. They may like them just fine, they certainly SHOW NO FEAR, but
they never love anybody to the point of HANGING ON THEM. Give'em a moment
of loving play they get bored and wander off. This is not a life sustaining
activity for them.

What they spot is someone who offers neat fun, who wants to play. They're
always ready for play. THE moody cat cannot play. Rarely can you even coax
him into play. He wants to be held, consoled and will stay next to you for
hours on end. They are the love junkies of this world. As humans, they
never develop careers. They serve.

That's the yin and the yang of it folks. Now, --translate that to PEOPLE.
SHOW BIZ? a city of teat takers. WASHINGTON DC. Another city of teat
takers. Those cats who sell their musical scores to movies, act, direct,
produce, and in selling themselves, they exude confidence. They have
braggadocio and bravado. Why doesn't English have words for those qualities
BALLS! They crash into inner offices, submit their work. Undistracted by
hanging with sweethearts for more than minutes, they have loads of time to
write, compose, shoot film. They offer participation to the grunts who are
their sound/lighting or investors. These cats are ruthless, "I'm seeing to
me and mine, fellah.  I'm all right Jack, screw you." No empathy. Those are
the guys who sent AIDS into AFRICA in Small Pox injections, deliberately
They can easily demolish the other person up to and including their death. Not
to say a TeatLoser can't become a serial killer out of rage and insainty, they can
but TeatTakers --the Presidents and Generals, Dictators and despots can send
millions to their death and not empathize. When they do it, they wrap their intent
in patriotism so it's squeaky clean sounding. They can fake heroic manhood. There's
no cry to war more heroic sounding, no prettier smile. They work the strings on the puppet
mask real well. but they basically exploit other humans. The Cheneys of this world
haven't the empathetic apparatus that the worst homeless, abased hooker on
the street has. Did you ever wonder how hookers survive? THEY CAN READ people.
Abased TeatLosers but fantastically good face readers.

The Yinnies of this world don't aim high. Unless like some beautiful girls,
they're discovered by talent scouts and lifted up. Great female stars can
have a big ole yin quotient. They aren't necessarily ball breakers in spite of their
looks and generally, if rejected, they wilt worse than any of us. WILT is no good for
making it big in this world. Quivering masses of Jelly do not become stars. Walking
wounded means you can't grow armor and take the summit. So the lesson in this is,
if you have scars, wounds, sadness, depression, it is incumbant upon you to go through
therapy and wash out the scarred areas and heal them. That can be done. Gestalt, Primal
combined with Yoga, cutting back on dead sorrowing animals as food, veal,
lamb being the two big depressants. Avoiding downers and uppers which leave you
with holes in your aura between use. You can then clean up that touchy area that is
constantly getting exacerbated by life, re-irritated. Even guilt which a lot of very sensitive
people have. Our guilt being sensitive souls puts us o a downward trajectory, luck wise.
Odd that the primary HURTER in that case IS THE very same HURTEE.
I know about guilts. My particular one is motherhood issues. I bit off way more than I could
chew having 4 children as a single mother.

I had a real motherhood nightmare last night. I was in my dream, suddenly a
successful career girl. Busy, out in the world, but in the dream I go home.
And I find my 9 month old bouncy son in the arms of the caretaker I'd left
there in my house who was ---HORROR OF HORRORS, this psychologist/ writer
client of mine who is the most sickening ambitious, hard worker, aggressive fameseeker
bent on wealth and power whom I know. She has this ease at socializing with
the rich and famous of Hollywood and the media. she can crash offices, meet
celebs like nobody's biz. Her book just came out. Major publish house. I'm
giving No clues, no titles here. In dream, SHE picked up my bouncy infant
son and showed me he was fat and happy. SHE WAS THE NANNY!

I WOKE SCREAMING filled with guilt that for even a minute I'd turned into
one of those TEAT TAKERS into a caretaker while I was out having a career. TORN by
old guilt feelings.  I stayed home with four kids but... I guess I was still a career girl
locked in the home office doing starscopes.

I believe that guilts may be the same energy as what the hindus called bad
karma. We who are guilty, the sensitive yinnies always attract festering
spiritual insults, and consequently we are careful with people
and worry about others' grievances toward us, . well, it's unfair but
THE BLUES make us unlucky!

Meanwhile the raving teat takers, Trump, Hitler, Stalin, the Karl Roves, the Dick Cheneys, shoot their
friends in the face, take over Washington or the Kremlin and then advise a state policy of take
the world, take the oil, shoot the Muslims in the way, shoot em all, Evict Latinos and bomb
em all. Icke calls them REPTILES, shape shifters. I don't know what eye
glasses he's wearing. Reminds me of that old John Carpenter Movie, THEY
LIVE I just see little kittens who
got in the habit of starving out the others but they're so happy and
positive and they USE PEOPLE so hugely that they are like bushy tailed,
joyful, exalting, blissful.

And attract great karma. The question is, besides gestalt and primaling, is how to do those things,
they're not as arcane as you imagine, and they DO lift off old scars,
however it usually takes a buddy system to do the work, --how can we clean
up our buried scar tissue? SLOUGH it off? The Master Jules was a self made
multi millionaire. He'd cleaned up his scars (brutal father,) with fifty
years of classes with the great gurus, no devotee more disciplined. Then
when he got to the POWER HEAD TRIP, he synthesized the features of this
'head trip of bliss' ... I suspect however it
gives you that joyous mood combined with detachment to cause and effect,
deep inside the scars persist. Jules could be brutal. Read the description
of his elegant poise but with the faintest faintest aroma of arrogance on
page one of his site.(above.) He just didn't care. So he could sell you the world.

And he achieved the goal. Moving from loser to winner. And you can too
if you're a teat-losing yinnie with permanent blues. HEAL that syndrome
and you too can take mountain summits with ease, attract luck, fly at
the speed of sound........leap tall buildings in a single swoop....