BEST JOB IN AMERICA --a job that charmers can get even if idiots.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a job right now, take a look at this opening... and please
pass it on to anyone you might know.

Base pay - right off the bat - is $174,100 a year. And you don't need any experience to qualify.

People with all kinds of backgrounds have held this job.

Carpenters, police officers, accountants, taxi drivers, volunteer firemen, musicians, dentists,
engineers, farmers, nurses, bank tellers, ministers, driving instructors... Even a tollbooth operator
has held this position.

And little education is required, either. Twenty-seven people currently holding one of these jobs
have no more than a high-school diploma. And even that isn't required. Not even a GED.

Not bad, considering you'll never have to worry about money again.

In fact, practically every other colleague you'll meet in this job is a millionaire - or multimillionaire.

And in addition to an instant six-figure salary, you'll get three retirement plans. I'm not kidding. This
is absolutely true. So you'll make even more when you're retired. Die and your wife gets it.

You'll be eligible for Social Security benefits, of course, like everyone else. But you'll also get a
401(k)-like plan that "matches" up to 5%. And you'll get an increasingly rare chance to participate
in a pension plan, too - a good one.

How good?

Even if you only last five years on the job, you're guaranteed an immediate, full pension when you
retire at age 62... or at age 50 if you've worked 20 years... or at any time after you've worked 25

You'll collect nearly 44% of your six-figure salary, depending on how long you worked.

Hard to believe, I know... especially these days. So please, if you know someone with good
character who's looking for a job, listen up... Because the position gets even better...

While most Americans are paying out the nose for health insurance (and getting less of it) this job
comes with the best healthcare money can buy. You'll get to choose from 10 different first-rate

And if you have a pre-existing condition, that's okay. You'll be fully covered anyway.

You'll even have the option of visiting a doctor on site, whenever you want.

Or working out in a top-flight gym - for free...

Or taking a spin in your free "company" car, burning all the free gas you can buy...

Or parking it - for free - at the two regional airports near headquarters, which comes in handy...

Once you get this job, you'll be able to fly almost anywhere in the world for free... and make even
more money while you're doing it. That's because you'll receive a per diem travel allowance... and
get to keep whatever you don't spend - up to $3,000 per trip.

These are just a few of the job's perks. But here's the best part...

You barely have to work.

In fact, most of the people who hold this job work only three days a week. And they all enjoy more
than a month of paid vacation every year on top of it... often much more.

This may be hard to believe, but it's absolutely true.

Now, if you'd like to apply for one of these openings, there are only two qualifications:

You must be at least 25 years old. And you have to be a U.S. citizen for at least the last nine years.
That's it.

The only drawback is that you must be willing to travel to Washington, D.C. from time to time. But
only when you really want to, between jaunts to Martha's Vineyard.

And things get even better...

That's because the annual salary is not all the money you can make in this job.

You see, when members of Congress leave office, they can still keep spending the Political Action
Committee PAC money on whatever they please... until it's gone.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD), for example, has spent $50,807 this way at the Boulders Resort in
Carefree, Arizona. And Rep. Pete Sessions of (R-TX), chairman of the National Republican
Congressional Committee, has spent $49,739 at several Las Vegas sites, including Dos Caminos, a
restaurant that brags about its "vibrant bar scene."

Who's got time to worry about some "debt ceiling" when there's so much extra cash to burn?

But it's not just about the extra money...

Members of Congress can also increase their existing wealth... in ways the rest of us aren't allowed.

If, for example, Congress is considering a law that would help or harm a particular industry,
members are free to use that information to buy or sell stock. So it's totally legal for them to
personally profit from insider information.

The most popular investment among members of Congress? General Electric, in which 82 current
members are invested.

GE paid no taxes last year.

Members also get a special tax deduction of $3,000 to write off living expenses when away from
their congressional districts or home states. And, of course, the value of most of the other perks is
not taxable.

I mean, why tax that income when you can simply add to our country's debt problems?

Let's face it... Our "representatives" are officially out of touch. They have no idea how real
Americans live on a day-to-day basis.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready to stop filling up 535 extra gas tanks each week...

Especially when 58% of Congress members are millionaires. And the "non-millionaires" are doing
just fine.

The median wealth of a House member in 2009 was $765,010.

For a senator, it was $2.38 million.

So let's be honest...

Despite what they tell us, working in Congress is not a "Public Service."

It's a job - an incredibly lucrative one.

We believe it's too lucrative. And it's time for it to stop.

It's time to send a message.

Congress should be watching out for us - not profiting off of us. In fact, it's time for Congress to live
like we do.

That's why today we're conducting an online survey. We want to know if you believe members of
the U.S. Congress should be subjected to the same economic realities the rest of us must face.

If you're ready to stop filling up 535 extra gas tanks a week... stop paying for your representative's
gym membership...or taking care of his parking tickets (Yes, we pay for those, too.)... Or funding
his extra retirement plan...

Then take a second to let your voice be heard. Vote today.

We need as many votes as possible.

We're going to make the results public in Money Morning and share the poll results with major
media outlets across the country. Our goal? To eliminate their excessive, taxpayer-funded perks
and make Congress pay its own way... just like the rest of us. No more freebies.

The more votes we have, the better chance of getting our voices heard.

So are you ready?

Are you ready to start making these people live like the rest of us?

We are. And now we're ready to do something about it.