#1) Make it short. Three top pages is the limit. Use BULLETS  for headings, 'bold them.' Whoops. Let me repeat that the right way.

#1 MAKE IT SHORT - Use bullets for headings. No paragraph more than four or five lines of talk, stick the facts in an appended file. Marginate or INDENT Paragraphs in these top pages so that there are not wide lines. Eye has  a problem scanning lines that continue slowly like an exhausted pilgrim crossing the horizon.

 SHORT PARAGRAPHS are best. Four or five lines only.  Otherwise you sound like one of those dangerous yammer yammer "POOR ME" psychos, ( just like everyone else.)

#2 CLARITY AND ORDER -Give the Judges short statements of superb clarity which they instantly see are amply  substantiated in a UNIQUELY COLORED FILE. APPENDED. Called an APPENDIX. I.E.  "The break of a big toe a year earlier which your judge pointed out had been overlooked" as a cause of progressive dystrophy is herein covered  by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Merit Gifted as being of no importance at all relative to progressive dystrophy, which only is caused by serious brain damage, not toe damage. see APPENDIX I. "red" file from Dr. Gifted.

CORROLARIES TO THAT allegation MUST APPEAR HERE secondarily indent-marginated i.e. hit format menu and indent 5 keystrokes, and they will refer to say.... 2001 book - Harper Bros. "PROGRESSIVE DYSTROPHY, RARE BUT POSSIBLE" by. NEW YORK NERVE specialist Dr.. RITZY MURRAYHILL captain of NeuroPhysiology, at COSTLY COURT HOSPITAL, citation found on  page 319, paragraph 2. "A blow to the area around temple and neck can damage sympathetic nervous system which can crush the functioning of the automatic nervous system entirely without ability to retrieve nerve vunction. The damage in brain area progressively damages the nerves, not unlike the damage blood sugar does to the insulin resistant, resulting in paralysis, limb death, gangrene and death." Another kind of bullet. Ammo. Facts, lead hard facts.
#3 IN ANY WAR, GOOD AMMO  COMES IN BUNDLES - Your ammo must include some verification bundles of solid, medical, medical truth. They will be as intense as searing mustard, because they are truth.  So in your top page, a red arrow points to 2010 when I had my two heart attacks and was brought back to life.  Nothing more. Just an interesting flash and then "SEE RED FILE APPENDIX I". And they instantly must move to the stack of colored folders. Your authority figure must see that the TOP THREE TYPEWRITTEN PAGES lead to a colored file which is plastic, or shiny cardboard and each bundle of ammo comes in a different colored file  FULL OF PAGES, letters from doctors, MEDICAL BOOK REFERENCES, xeroxed not typed, title page too, visible page number. At this point, the judges realize you're forcing them to read only 3 short pages of babble, talk, yammeryammer, the rest is SOLID proof. The second they realize that there are only 3 friendly pages to thumb thru you score a BIG WIN! They sigh relief. You aren't the usual psycho! You are a soldier with a gun and great aim and great ammo and THEY GIVE UP and you are CERTIFIED!

#4 REPEAT THE SEQUENCE - Last 2 times that you tried to get the workman's comp, for paralysis and were turned down, they'd PASSED YOU on all of it except one thing. You had a prior medical history of breaking your big toe! Yes, that one detail, forgoten, they would not let you in the Workman's Comp Inner Circle. Sad but look on the bright side They APPROVED MOST OF YOUR ARGUMENTS and only the non reported TOE issue STUCK IN THEIR CRAW! Defining their 'no' as a non-logical argument of theirs to wiggle out of responsibility. So no biggie. Repeat the good arguments in their entirety,  Each WINNING ALLEGATION substantiated again but now by that clear, orderly COLORED FILE! So, let's review; you mentioned a few points in the top pages. INDENT THEM: Say...

 DOCTOR HARVARD EDUCATED- EMINENT Dr. Sharpie P. HEADSLICER examined you first day when you were knocked out on the job. His testimony. that X-RAY, and the letter from this brain specialist the gitgo on day of your accident WROTE that your numb hands were worrisome, indicating nerve damage originating in the faraway brain. NOTE: INDENT EACH SINGLE ONE. This can go in the top page but the actual xerox of letter is in the FILE, THE ORANGE FILE.

*Your top page has a LIST of terrible things that happened to you, briefly, always pointed at a colored file.

*EVERY DOCTOR gave an opinion; throw a SUMMATION of his quote INTO this TOP SHEET, ARROW POINTING to the actual LETTER which is in an APPROPRIATELY COLORED APPENDIX FILE!!!

*YOU MUST personally return TO THE no TOE mention MAN who must now say "NEVER THOUGHT TO MENTION BROKEN TOE, no brain dystrophy originates from THAT! And so my patient forgot to mention it. (See ROSE COLORED File )

ALL THOSE summation ALLEGATIONS HAVE A COLORED FILE IN THE APPENDIX mentioned in top sheet WHERE YOU MUST STATE your summary phrase. "TOE HAS NADA TO DO WITH IT, BUTTHEAD or words to that equivalency! Remember important summary phrases must be in the top sheet!!!!! NOT JUST IN FILE APPENDED with DR. BARFUS' LONG LONG LETTER to the AGENCY OFFICIAL. The tedious NYA NYA NYA goes to colored file off to the side.

#5 BLUE FILE on PAIN. They won't read the file by this time; they'll just see it's there, as the TOP PAGE has such a vibrating, clear 'DESCRIPTION of PAIN." Cover the main PAIN points in the paragraph on TOP SHEET. (For example) Dystrophy =WORST PAIN of ANY DISEASE THAT EXISTS because it is the DYING OF THAT LIMB by death of a nerve- That sentence GOES IN A TOP SHEET. You are in pain, you mention 'validated  history of using pain killers since the work-related accident where a 200 lb. iron bar fell on RIGHT TEMPLE" in top sheet. They can see the accident described, see your doctors' opinions from that first day, in top sheet, numb hand in top sheet. Jest the facts ma'am. Then in BLUE FILE appendix, Doctors'  letters --each on a subject like brain damage. How the damaged cerebrum may give some patients total paralysis, some hematoma with brain area destruction or it can give the rarer progressive dystrophy. Or the more common coma/ brain death, lack of sympathetic nervous system functions like BREATHING????? I am validating the sarcastic, dramatic approach you will see. PUNCHY PATHOS. With no laff-wit. Biting humor, controlled acerb phrase choices all combine to show that you're smart and they aren't gonna fuck you over again. (Third appeal)

The judges can see medical records, constant medical attendance / seeing chiropractors, pharmacists/ brain specialists' letters. (They can also see NO salary, earnings or work in any field for either the entire period since accident or since they 'threw you off the pension' and all these proofs will go in Green file.  Dozens of doctors' letters are included which tell of a physically STRONG woman turning into a multi limb cripple screaming in pain. A well known fact, damaged Nerves give pain AS THEY DIE. This is known by the quite UN-RARE DISEASE OF DIABETES where as nerves die --the feet and fingers shriek with pain. So we have important reminders to these gonzo judges IN THE TOP SHEET. With a POINT TO or GO TO FILE COLORED PURPLE on NERVE PAIN

Summary page makes the statement. DYING NERVES SCREAM AS THEY GO. File has page from Dr. Brain Bugger Neurologist's seminal 1990 book "NERVE DYSTROPHY as a cause of Suicide," pub, HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL, PAGE 12 in chapter "RARE DISEASE ALMOST UNKNOWN but a real killer" We want high drama on the top sheets, substantiation that is more tedious in colored files. Xerox of actual book pages.

#7 THE GREEN FILE - Hey, you felonious heartless chimps; Let's talk  moola. You shirked your duty, cheap Post Office and Workman's Comp or Welfare or SSA. you're all cheap fucks gov't stooges from the gitgo !!! This whole drama of appeals is a HIGHLY PUBLICIZEABLE apache Gauntle you do to shake off the disabled hoping that they are mentally disabled too. FACT ---were we to go  to the newspapers, ---reporting how the United States POST OFFICE has proven with this case that it will abandon ITS DUE DILLIGENCE to any injured worker. At time of hiring, they promised to TAKE CARE OF its wounded WORKERS, at least as well as the ARMY or NAVY does, with a WALKING WOUNDED pension and salaries and expenses paid. This means getting pensioned off with ALL MEDICAL COSTS, ALL DOCTOR VISITS and a total REPAYMENT of LOST INCOME during their WELCHING period. YOU require the cash that you WOULD HAVE HAD IF YOU HAD CONTINUED TO BE THE POST OFFICE'S FINEST. Here your GREEN FILE  is, full of govm't codes, salary reports, W-2's whatever it takes to prove ya got stiffed! POST OFFICE'S TOTAL LACK OF EMPLOYMENT or any SALARY for their loyal wounded worker? SMACKS OF WELCHING TO ME! Better known in Hollywood as "hello", he lied.

#8  LAST PARAGRAPH - AND IN CLOSING your honor..." At end of a jury trial, the lawyer for defense does a summary. "So you see, our client could not possibly have been hiding a broken toe that could have been the cause of A BLOW TO THE BRAIN AND ENSUING PROGRESSIVE DYSTROPHY. Yet you gave that for sole reason of her denial.  This mother of two who was wounded at work, crippled for life, who did her due dilligence in applying for pension, salary and medical aid, is today putting children thru school, jobless, cooking and housecleaning without help of servants in a cash-stressed household, and doing so crippled and in pain. This advances the disease. (BLACK FILE!!) She cares for a husband who works graveyard shift. She has to be tormented as she realizes that she will soon be entirely paralyzed, her nerves and limbs dead, her liver cooked by pain killers, probably suffering cancer.  Who did it to her? THE POST OFFICE.

This mother-document is so truthful, exact, short and sweet,  deadly in its rumor of publicity, and so effectively mounted like a George S. Patton battle of the Bulge with its stack of ammunition, in succinct colored files like gum drop cannon balls --and is so truthful that they will collapse like all liars do. FEARFUL of being revealed as scoundrels, welchers, a clue to the NEW AMERICAN EMPIRE's JAUNDICED TYRANNY over the poor, abused worker. HOORAY for WRITERS, DOCUMENTERS, JOURANLISTS, the PRESS, THE MEDIA, THE INTERNET, You have tools in your hands unimagined. You will change it for all of us, so press hard, press fearlessly. You rescue others down the line.

Anita Sands Hernandez Author/Scholar/ Progressive Activist. 818 - 774-1939