RULE # 1. BE HAPPY WITH HOW THINGS ARE & THEY WILL GET BETTER. When negative thoughts hit, remember, perception is delusive. The worst-SEEMING events deliver you to luck & greatness. Instead of being sad, choose to SEE reasons for gratitude. This is THE LUCK GEAR. REMEMBER, THINGS ARE perfect. Even living with these disturbed people, or with this hard job.

YOUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE. 'Keep up' on 'em. SEE that future happy DESTINY and know that you're GOING THERE FROM HERE so HERE must be OK! If things are bumpy, now, take responsibility. Always see how YOU created it. Do not blame others ever with one sentence or one word. Earlier thoughts, actions, choices BY YOU BECAME this reality. You are God and YOUR perfect universe gave you 'NOW' in response to what you were unconsciously creating. We create with what we DO and what we ARE, what we think, what we envision and even with what we FEAR.

Want better? You CAN create THAT just as easily as you created THIS. GOOD STUFF creates easier when you're smiling. When we are RELAXED, happy we're COMPASSIONATE, joyful, well mannered, which creates self love which creates creativity which creates luck. When we're rude we attract evil luck, so even if you have to fake it, be happy. Assume the pose. CHOOSE to be in a happy MOOD NOW, and EVERY NOW.

RULE # 2. BE SILENT. NEVER REACT EMOTIONALLY. It's sloppy, egoistic, self-indulgent, immature,harmful, ugly to everyone who knows you and observes you when you LOSE IT.. ELIMINATE SLOPPY MENTAL HABITS.
If we can lose our sloppy mental habits we will be able to OBSERVE what's really going on, and catch our mind at mischief. THE NASTY HABITS and reactions OF THE MIND must be identified, seen, located, stopped like a leaky faucet. People respect you enough to accept your view and make change, themselves.

A.) NO YAKITY YAK WITH MOUTH OR MIND. (You know, that inner yammer?) GET RID OF OUTER YAMMER, TOO. Shooting words at family members. Words are bullets or flowers. Make them the latter. Flowers. Praise. NEVER tell people they are "negative things" unless you use past tense and refer to their ACTIONS only. The secret that masters know is that Words become reality. Never down-talk yourself, your past, what you did, do or have done & don't describe yourself to anyone. Languaging appropriately means promising what great things you WILL do for the mutual project. And keeping your word later. Don't be a snappy conversational smartass. DON'T BE A RAGEAHOLIC, WOUNDAHOLIC. If you catch your mind doing selfpity/anger/rage/wound-yammer or thinking outraged thoughts, shut up; ask YOUR INNER GOD to turn that bigmouth nega-holic, selfaholic mouth OFF. Instead, in silence and inner reckoning, take responsibility for what you pulled in, for your life, for all of it. Then, go on with life in a quiet, peaceful LISTENING, OBSERVING MODE. REMEMBER that whoever is standing there reflecting you to you, mirroring you, is GOD. God is working THRU him or her. You'll be surprised how much more you 'cognite' from events that can polish you into a diamond if you just stay in a vantage point of quietude. Life is a great teacher. Be reverent of it.

B) Avoid 'desire mind' as it creates 'LACK' mentality. Chronic desire mind creates chronic non-having.

C.) Avoid Non sequiteurs, lapses in mental attentiveness that show up in your speech where you suddenly talk about things that aren't being spoken about. They occur when your thinking is out of sequence in relation to the event, teaching, going on in the room at that second.

D.) Stay in present time. Don't think about PAST OR FUTURE STUFF which stimulate negative FEELINGS which PULL IN negative FUTURE EVENTS. When you think you see something dangerous coming, or see your own compulsions, think "I WILL fix that. I will do X action" and mentally frame that 'vow' for only a flash. GETTING OFF IT puts us on the road to fixing it, ridding ourselves of that thing. When someone aims hostility at you, and you simmer with rage, get off it. Ask yourself, what did I do that pulled that in, find that out, then get off of their part in the insult. When you have a negative suspicion, don't rush to judgement. Assumptions are dangerous, so don't go there. Just get off it.

RULE 3. GET OFF IT. No matter what you HEAR, SEE think of that repulses/frightens don't REACT or let mind linger on it. Ask 'godhead' part of you to banish distate, fear and then, GET OFF IT. The mark of a man's MASTERY is how fast he can get out of all prior models, thoughts, whether past 'stuff' or future fears and SLIP INTO THE HERE AND NOW. Now is one second long and then it's gone. STAY IN THE NOW. Don't IDENTIFY w. ugly things you fear. That bag lady or homeless guy is not you. Those insults from a family member don't paint your reality. Hear what they say, SEE IT, take clear mental photo-thoughts and make the necessary vows but then stash the whole event in your pocket and forget it. Never react.

Don't let your mouth RUN AWAY WITHOUT YOU. Don't believe it's cute to say anything that's in your head. It's a really bad habit. Don't play roles ever; it's borderline psychotic. Don't say judgmental, rude, mean, defensive or bigmouth stuff, or parrot opinions, or show off your brains, or even say everything you think --unless someone asks for your opinion and 'it comes up.' Half of what's on your mental ticker tape is garbage. Use a Spartan amount of words. Speak in a selective, creative way, dreaming pleasantly of your desires, telling others what you will do for the mutual project (promising) and telling others what you need from them (closing the deal) Those are the secrets of getting verbal agreements. Inspire others to become involved in beneficial enterprises, games, recreations, promising what you will do to forward the action, then describing beautifully WHAT wonderful things WILL RESULT and last, telling them what you need from them. (Since you totally keep your word, YOUR WORD IS POWERFUL and will cause others to join you.) NO telling others how to live their lives, no SPOURTING OPINIONS, PONTIFICATING. No expression of knowledgeable bullshit calculated to make you look or feel brilliant (which mostly is LYING). No showing off. All of this KEEPS you from being humble and real, develops false ego makes you smell 'off' & if you aren't real, you aren't powerful. So speak like a servant speaking to his master when you speak to people around you. When you're the great Kahuna Master Boss or when you're bullshitting, needing people to follow or admire you, all you attract is idiots, bums, bullshitters and criminals who admire/play up to you for the wrong reasons. YOUR EGO is trying to do one thing: KILL YOU. So dump the ego, its trips and the friends it attracts. Don't talk about your past life script as if it were a big drama. Use words to forward the action, show GRATITUDE and PRAISE PEOPLE. And only that.

Choices take 1 second, but they are EVERYTHING. Look at your life now. It is made up of dozens of prior choices. Were they so good? Be wide- awake and choose correctly when you make friends, eat, act or speak. Life goes by like a speeding train. Before you jump on a car full of tramps, take a good look, choose carefully. Before you jump on a load of coal, or a trainload of pigs going to market, THINK. SEE. Leap onto a clean passenger car.

Don't make yesterday's catastrophe explain why you lose today/tomorrow. LOSERS point to their bad luck saying 'they hurt me, I screwed up, I am a loser, a victim, now I can never win.' WINNERS point to life's bad luck: 'I did it to myself; I forgive myself; I am going to forget it, I am going to fix it,' then they say HOW they are going to fix it and they keep their word and start the process of rectifying it. Every vow they make translates into daily disciplines.

STUDY WITH GODS-SURPRISINGLY OFTEN you will find yourself near a magical teacher and not even know it as you don't make the connection, follow intuition, open a conversation and see. Sometimes teachers are found in a book. One idea, one word --- can be a diamond for your treasure chest. OFTEN you meet teachers of NEW SKILLS, go places where SKILLED creations are exhibited. SERVE teachers, become them. That is how you will transfer the SKILLS. This apprenticeship can be in the areas of metaphysics, (gurus) or just knowledge (pundits) or masters in the arts. Repeat what you learn, teach another, you learn the material better. You should be serving a teacher, guru, school of study (a discipline) or book at all times. You serve also by passing the information on. PASS IT ON TO THOSE WHO ASK FOR IT ABOVE ALL. Second, pass it to those who show up as needing it. Third KEEP passing the rules to yourself every time you break one. Just in a flash, then get off it.

 RULE 8. SIX MINI- MEALS A DAY, ENERGIZE THE VEHICLE- Don't waste one opportunity to put power in your mouth and avoid putting in power-thieves like fried meat, caffeine, sugar, white flour. Study healthfoods, incorporate these power foods (tofu, carrots, sun ripened fruit, brown rice, genuine whole grain bread, dark greens) into your diet. Banish the foods that the books say are inert, devitalized, not POWERFUL. Exercise body, limber it up with yoga,(intense stretches done with deep breathing). Make certain it gets the maximum of sleep it needs. Avoid sleep-stealing substances late in the day: sugar, chocolate, CAFFEINE.

Here's the SECRET of the UNIVERSE: YOU actually are GOD. You have a gracious Godlike look and sound and behavior that you don't dream you have, but it hides under all the 'crud' you load up on to stay dead: food, role-acting, unawareness, passions, emotions, thoughts, YAMMER, beliefs, anger, self pity. You have powers you don't dream of to create a future. That is what Gods do. They create on unseen planes. If you are loving, generous, forgiving, creative and ARE HEROIC for others, you ARE God-like. You are GOD when you ACT like GOD. As you practice these rules, your capacity to make allowances for others' lacks, love and forgive them, figure out how to make them grow, without their even seeing that you did it, direct the action and have success and intuition will grow. These are actual God Powers. As your words begin to have creative power, you must watch them more and more carefully. Keep mind in neutral gear, see all, say nothing.

ou are meant to live in an abundant paradise, and help others achieve it, too. If you stumble on a group project that helps humanity, join in, serve it 100%. Wisdom, abundance and freedom from worry are everyone's rightful state. They are easy things for a God to create. If you do the above, 100%, ecstasy is first, then creativity, then wealth and recognition will flow to you and then romance. The greatest gift of all.

RULE 11. SURRENDER YOUR MENTAL CONSTRUCTS TO A HIGHER POWER- The closer you can get to total INDIFFERENCE, as opposed to the compulsion to ACT and do UNTHOUGHT OUT ACTIONS, or be propelled by CRAZY IDEAS OR EMOTIONS ---to waste time on trouble-producing events, the more powerful you will BE. Ditch your attachments, habits, addictions, fears, thoughts, ideas, desires, ambitions, all that you call your persona, your 'story', what made you the way you are, your identity, your uniqueness, your personality, ego, what you think about others, and all claims to knowing anything --- all of it has to be surrendered to a higher power because a.) it gets in the way of the BIG STUFF, SEEING, KNOWING, and it chews up your energy and gets in the way of the big powers, and hence, the CREATIVE ABILITIES you want and b.) you're addicted to it and it's warping your vision, your creativity and your LIFE. When you give it all up, and sit there in the NADA of it all, a higher power can now be heard and will speak to you thru your intuition and vision or by divine accident, and also through those around you who mirror you or give you viewpoint without even intending to, but thru these forces, and random events and synchronicity, perhaps divine in providence, you SEE clearly and can direct movement. So, surrender your constructs, your armor or defensiveness and listen to LIFE. That's how you begin to have Source in your life, by acknowledging and listening to Source and being INDIFFERENT to all except Source.
 At that point, your POWER to create becomes infinite.

The training comes from chapters in his  book “THE RUTHLESS RULES OF REALITY.”