GONE the days of THE DARK ONE, the planet of crime, street smarts, in its own second house, in SAG, in a money house in a sign that is fairly honorable, literate and law-abiding like SAGITTARIUS. But grubbing up the money! LATE NOVEMBER 2008, PLUTO ENTERED CAPRICORN (This placement continues thru NOV 2024 btw,) and the purloined GOVERNMENT paid off for the CASINO BANKERS. The RECESSION STARTED. And the bankers got GOV FUNDS to fix it.

This depression had started with PLUTO in its own 2nd house of money in SAGITTARIUS. THE SIGN OF LAW. The crunch was created by the take down of THE GLASS STEAGALL LAW that prevented CASINO BANKING, (for family banks at least.) 

Now the DARK STAR of HELL, PLUTO has moved into the sign of the CEO, ULTIMATE PLANETARY POWER. Pluto will be in its own solar third house where it's having to escape the fate of ENRON's CEO's and learn the New Harvard Crooked Math, and the Art of Funny (not haha) Bookkeeping. Count on this; it'll be CREATIVE bookeeping. And expert says:

"Pluto was last  in Capricorn in 1762-1778,  when Adam Smith published his theories on free trade, capitalism and libertarianism. This was the founding of modern economics with underlying theories based on less government regulation in business. During Pluto's reign in Capricorn, this model will be challenged, in order to take us forward to a sustainable future, where the profits of big business, corporations and government will be used in a more equitable manner.  Will we continue to support corporate executives reaping millions in salary packages, whilst many in third world countries are starving? Perhaps not, or their contracts may have clauses regarding "carbon offsets, donations to charities, etc." Economists will have a very interesting time during this cycle. 

 As Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, rules the earth, global climate change issues will begin to effect us even more.

Will this be the age of "Big Brother" watching us?  Perhaps so and we may just think its necessary - as we become more highly concerned with global climate change matters. On an  individual level, we may gain more personal power regarding our aims and objectives in life. Many will concentrate on using  personal will to bring about change to reach career goals and status in society. Look at your chart, to find which house has the sign Capricorn, and also where its ruler Saturn falls in your chart. The matters associated with these houses , will be the areas where you personally  find the shift towards slow, subtle, yet major transformation, over the next 16 years. Jupiter is (in 2008) also transiting Capricorn so Capricorns, and all the people with planets in those exact degrees in either the EARTH SIGNS or cardinal signs, like Cancer, Aries, Libra - will experience some great opportunities and even luck when PLUTO or JUPITER BUMPS them"

PLUTO rules the masses, what they do, not just the CEO's and criminals. THE MASSES are going to get creative in ways the IRS is going to have a hard time tracking. Pluto in its third house wants to study, bone up. Any SCORPIO rising relatives, nephews? Send them to BUSINESS SCHOOL.

THE MASSES pay attention when  PLUTO the danger planet is in FINANCIAL SIGN CAPRICORN. They will google up ways to  stop this from happening again. They will research the PLAN that the People have to dismount the oligarch from their children's backs. SOLUTIONS? PRO BONO lawyers can do class action suits on transnationals. Make transgenetic seeds that pollenize innocent farmers and then SUE THEM for their home when the pollen blows, is and should be a crime! IF IT BLOWS IT SUCKS! AXIOMATIC. And it must become a crime for ANYONE to give cash to a politician for any reason. Good boys get votes, not paid boys. AD-produce adveritins should not be the name of the game. Fame bought thru newspaper ads, t.v Certain PUBLIC FIGURES who volunteered to help by RUNNING FOR OFFICE may accidentally get into the papers /tv news for their own good actions. That's it. NO MORE buying elections. Million little ideas like that. PEOPLE must raise their voices. And variable loan rates, a thing of the past like the RACK, the NOOSE and torture. Or these depressions, these foreclosures will occur cyclically and your family members will lose homes many times. This is the oligarch's way to shake the ants off the ham. They do it evey generation, once.

PLUTO rules danger, murder, death but also the ATOM. I found this online: "The principle of Pluto is that something infinitely small can have an effect out of all proportion to its size. In this sense Pluto is connected with bombs, atomic energy but also miniaturisation. Computers that once filled whole buildings in the 1960’s are handheld today. As material objects get halved in size, then halved again, their price also proportionately decreases, making treasures fit for kings available to everyman. As we peer deep into matter, or into deep space, we come to the roots of being, and the roots of time. The Big Bang was the creation of everything from nothing. The energy of Pluto is always locked, and appears blocked, and a special key is needed to release its transformative effect – an effect that increases exponentially once released.

Greg Foster wrote the following: PLUTO has been described by some modern astrologers as the astrological representative of the soul. Other astrologers in the "psychological" school work with Pluto as the "shadow self" that, when embraced, completes us and puts us in contact with our soul."

ME: NAH....SOUL? Ask NEPTUNE what SOUL is. SCORPIO/PLUTO represents the thing we hunger for. The ID has a DESIRE that gets it hot. And this thing is shared by all. The masses want CAPRICORN which is their own business, to be the boss and to have POWER.

"Another way to view this planet is as the part of us that's aware of existence beyond the lifespan of a single human being. With a cycle of 248 earth years, no human has been known to experience a Pluto return outside mythology.

A personal planet involved in a natal aspect to Pluto brings the Earth-bound ego into awareness of this soul or life beyond life. Astrologer-artist Antero Ali calls the effect of Pluto transits "deep shocks." This time perspective can show why these shocks are so deep; for instance, the entire history of the United States of America as a sovereign nation is contained in one Pluto cycle. When an intense transit happens, that's a lot of information for a single human ego to withstand, but when the force of Pluto touches a personal planet the ego indeed becomes aware of strange and powerful currents outside its realm of familiarity.

One of my favorite visual representations of the energy of Pluto is in the film Princess Mononoke. The Forest Spirit, part man, part tree, part antelope, reminds me of Pan. As he walks over the living earth the plants beneath his feet spring to vigorous life. But by the same token, a cut branch, separated from its life source, withers at his approach. That's very similar to the process Pluto symbolizes; bringing death to that which is undergoing decay and life to that which is still vital, Pluto quickens and intensifies the process of life.

Pluto spends roughly 18 of the 248 years of his trip around our local star in Capricorn. When this energy puts on the heavy lead robe of the sign of the Sea-Goat, the 10-words-or-less message is get real; change is the only constant. This is partly because Capricorn is the energy we depend upon to hold things stable; Pluto is the energy of the most compelling changes.

Even in the face of impermanence, Capricorn takes Pluto's intensity as a challenge; the Sea-Goat's nature is after all to endure for as long as possible, to establish structures that will long outlast the lives of their creators, and overcoming any obstacles to that purpose.

The part of the body under Capricorn's governance is the skeleton, that which endures even beyond death under the right conditions, and that which provides the solid structure with which the softer parts of the body hold their form and positions relative to each other. The social conventions and governments falling under the archetype of Capricorn serve a similar function in the body of a human society.

Inspirations occurring under Pluto in Sagittarius are brought into manifestation during the Capricorn phase. While Jesus preached in Sagittarius, Paul of Tarsus had his vision on the road to Damascus, converted to Christianity, and spread the Word while Pluto was in Capricorn. Paul of Tarsus is widely credited with establishing the religion of Christianity, loosely based on the teachings of the Christ, and is claimed as a saint by Christian churches of both modern east and west.

Rome got so fat that it almost imploded with Pluto in Sagittarius; Diocletian came along with Pluto in Capricorn and established a pattern that would keep the empire from falling apart for another 400 years in the West and another 1000 years in the East. He divided the empire into western and eastern halves and delegated his authority over the western half to Maximian. He also sponsored the last and most severe state sanctioned persecutions of Christians as the last pagan Emperor of Rome, paving the way for Christianity to become the adopted religion of the Emperor when Constantine took the throne and Pluto slid into Aquarius. Simultaneous with the reign of Diocletian, Gregory the Illuminator in 301 made Armenia the first officially Christian state.

Patterns from one Capricorn cycle to another can also be seen; at the time of Constantine, Christianity was a new and vital religion amidst many others. In 533 when Pluto next visited the Sea-Goat's realm, Justinian I was Emperor of the Eastern Empire that survived after the fall of the West to Barbarians. In a sinister flip-flop of Diocletian's reign, Justinian persecuted the last remaining pagans in an attempt to unify his Empire under the one religion of Orthodox Christianity.

In the 8th century Charlemagne began the first move towards re-establishing an Empire in the West in what came to be called the Holy Roman Empire. He was crowned Emperor by the Pope with Pluto in Aquarius, but established himself as one worthy of such honor during Pluto's Capricorn phase. Additionally, many of the writings from the classical world that we have available to us today are now with us due to Charlemagne's patronage of the copying of the ancient manuscripts. Between the fall of the Empire in the west and the reign of Charlemagne, book learning, fine arts and city culture were confined, hidden like seeds awaiting fertile soil in the monasteries. Charlemagne gave those seeds the soil they needed to grow, sprinkled with the blood sacrifice of the Saxons and others whom he converted to Christianity by his sword.

In the 16th century Martin Luther had his illumination that resulted in the Protestant Reformation, while Hernan Cortes was welcomed as a god by Moctezuma in South America and began the establishment of European dominance in the New World. Protestantism and the Conquistadores would uphold the tradition of blood sacrifice as they burned witches and slaughtered savages in the name of Jesus. In Asia, European merchants made first contact with China, and planted small seeds that would grow into vast colonialism by the 19th century.

Britain fell to the Romans who founded the city of London under one Pluto in Capricorn spell. By the time the next cycle occurred over a thousand years later, London was the capital of the largest empire in recorded history while its young colony in the new world threw off the chains of its rule. On the eastern edge of North America, the United States of America was founded, while on the western edge the wave given a push by Paul of Tarsus in the first century AD simultaneously hit California as the first Christian missions were established. This small colony would stretch "from sea to shining sea" in less than a century, and expand from nation to world empire in a little over two.

As Pluto nears Capricorn this time around, entering in 2009, we are approaching the celebrated end-date of the Mayan Calendar which concludes a count of time running 26,625 years. This is the approximate amount of time required for the points of the equinox to traverse an entire circle of the heavens. The Mayans begin and end their reckoning of time with the conjunction of the winter solstice Sun to the center of the Milky Way galaxy. On winter solstice 2012 this occurs with Pluto in Capricorn. Interestingly, by one reckoning, Mayan civilization was established in the 4th century of the Christian calendar with Pluto in Capricorn.

Many of us fear further oppression and the growing of a police state. To the extent that we project our responsibility for crafting the fabric of our experience onto "the Government," the police state will arise to provide the discipline that we unconsciously desire. In many ways the police state is already with us with the War on Drugs, the War on Terror and the Class War all keeping us in constant fear and willingness to hand over our rights and accept monstrosities like the Patriot Act. Pluto in Capricorn could be about taking down this tower of lies, making our desires for peace and freedom real by the force of our actions, if we have the courage to act.

As resources dwindle we certainly won't be able to maintain the levels of consumption we've grown accustomed to in the industrialized nations. Like Rome bursting at the seams at the end of Pluto in Sagittarius in the 3rd century, we're seeing an unprecedented level of consumption in the industrialized nations threatening to destroy our entire biosphere as we welcome war and ignore such grave threats as global warming and pollution. In the time of Diocletian only a portion of the Earth was covered by the gluttonous beast of Empire; the Empire now covers the entire planet with every square inch mapped, zoned, and accounted for by the landlords/warlords who would like to squeeze every last drop of oil from the good green Earth.

After the transit of the centaurs Chiron and Nessus through Capricorn many of us are beginning to wake up to the fact that business as usual is killing us. "The Environment" is already establishing itself in our awareness with hurricanes, earthquakes and weird weather planet-wide. Some of us are getting the message now with Pluto in Sagittarius; Capricorn will be the time to establish our inspirations, to make them real or die trying.

Rulers of Capricorn

Capricorn is associated with two planets, Saturn and Mars. Saturn is called the ruler, which means that this planet's energy has an affinity with the style of Capricorn. Mars is said to be exalted, which means his impulsive intensity works exceptionally well when expressing itself through the mask of Capricorn. Saturn represents the familiar government and social side of the Sea-goat while Mars represents the force of individual will. There is no society without a bunch of individuals. Even an emperor is a single individual given power by the force of social conventions.

Under this influence an individual can be brought to unavoidable awareness of present time purpose and integrity, making just the right move at just the right time to have far reaching effects on the fabric of humanity's collective experience.

Saint Paul of Tarsus, Charlemagne, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther were mere individuals, specks of animated dust on the surface of the Earth just as Pluto is a mere speck of ice and rock so far from the sun that our local star appears not much brighter than the surrounding stars from his distant orbit. One individual, a virus, an atom or Pluto are small indeed, but with the right timing you can get a world religion, a plague, or an atom bomb from even such small things as these.

Another 10 words or less distillation of Pluto in Capricorn's message might be, "every oak began as an acorn." To the extent that we recognize our own power to have an effect on the seemingly impervious tower of social convention we can get real and maybe, just maybe convince our biosphere that we're capable of getting along with the rest of life after all.  From

The planet Pluto represents the deeps, the bottom of the well, the unexplored depths of darkness. Pluto in the year 2008 will enter in Capricorn, and its passage will last until 2024.

It 's interesting to note that this planetary combination shows the depths with Pluto, and the heights with Capricorn, the sign of the “Mountain Goat”.

It is a vertical movement, either from above to below, or, the other way around. Vertical is a very spiritual direction, if it points upward! The inferior opens up to the Superior.

Both deal with the right use of power, and the right use of the will. The enormous potential of this combination can have a regenerative effect on the masses.

The process will be slow in motion, Pluto is a slow-moving planet , and because Capricorn is a cautious, patient, target-oriented sign, we can figure out the reformer and structural impact. Both are working in alliance, to ameliorate the social scene.

Capricorn rules political leaders, the government, and people in positions of social power. Pluto's power is polarized. It is extreme, tending either to the harmonious or to the disharmonious. This will make politics more black and white but whichever political wing gains power, the masses will exercise more active participation.

Distorted Plutonian power, has to do with money, sex, abuse, etc. Pluto is raw power wherever it is used for selfish ends it will have a boomerang effect upon selfish individuals, or nations.

Pluto in Capricorn can break crystallized old concepts, structures, and outlived forms of government. It rules the homoeopathic principle in medicine, and will bring purifying change to whatever needs to be cleared up. The generation of children born under this configuration can well be called: ”The Reformers”.

We are entering into the period of 2500 years of the Aquarian Age, this will introduce a general growth of consciousness. This combination of Capricorn with Pluto can challenge the status-quo of those who hold unequal power. Ultimately, we are referring to power unequal to their Soul's development. So, for the individual, so for a nation. by LENI SIBLIO.
still more:  PLUTO IN CAPRICORN 2008-2023 -Although Pluto is a small planet (in fact, it is now classified as a dwarf planet) it packs a powerful punch. Pluto represents death and endings and the breakdown of the structures in our life that are required in order to bring transformation and fresh beginnings. Pluto brings us face to face with the ultimate reality of life and, watching over us like a shamanic guardian, destroys whatever stands in the way of our soul's ultimate destination.

Pluto's passage through the signs brings with it a compulsive fascination in the issues denoted by that sign. He ruthlessly exposes the darkness that lies at the core of the sign's archetypes and, destroying the old order, demands that we rebuild on the ashes of the old. Like the Phoenix bird with which it is associated, Pluto dies and is regenerated to begin anew.

Pluto has been traveling through Sagittarius since 1995, bringing with it wars (Pluto) over religion and ideology (Sagittarius), as well as "culture wars" and the growing divide between groups that think differently, all Sagittarius archetypes. Sagittarius rules the media and entertainment, and the rise of a new compulsivity in celebrity journalism has grown up since Pluto entered Sagittarius, with the internet spawning a huge new gossip market. Sagittarius carries with it a nearly relentless optimism; ruled by Jupiter with its expansive need for growth, Pluto in Sagittarius has seen soaring home prices and a burgeoning stock market that seems to have no end. The "new economy" of the dot com era occurred under Pluto's Sagittarian influence, as did the explosion of the vacation home market.

Pluto transits typically include a breakdown phase, where structures that no longer serve us are dismantled to make room for new structures that are more in line with our spiritual evolution. I like to think of these periods as course corrections, where our guides or gods decide that certain changes are required. If we understand the process and can surrender to it with trust, this can be an exhilarating time of transformation and empowerment. If we resist and hold on to the past it can be full of tragedy and pain.

Capricorn is the sign of the builder, the achiever. Capricorn is rooted in the material world and understands that life on earth requires a practical approach to the matters of earning a living. There is also a drive for success; to climb the highest mountains like the goat which is it's symbol. For Capricorn, the ends justify the means and achievement of one's goals is the important thing and it is able to maintain a powerful focus.

Its rulership by Saturn gives respect for discipline and authority and Capricorn has tremendous respect for governmental structures and the stability of a moral system. However, Saturn also bestows its tendency towards pessimism and lack of humor as all things personal are sacrificed for the goal. There is often a tendency to prize material things above those of the emotional or spiritual realms, and this lack of balance can create a dry and miserable experience.

When Pluto goes through Capricorn we can expect the transformation of all things ruled by that sign - such as our religious institutions, halls of government and political structures, the way we inter our dead and take care of our old people, construction techniques and buildings, and how we handle ownership of property.

While Pluto takes 244 years to orbit the Sun, its elliptical orbit means that it doesn't spend the same amount of time in each sign. For example, it only took twelve years to travel through Scorpio, but it took 26 years to get through Cancer and 19 years through Leo. Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2024, and this occurs at a time when our Capricornian structures are ripe for transformation. Industry (Capricorn) in developed and developing countries as become a major source of carbon emissions which threaten the survival of life on earth. The Catholic Church (Capricorn), rocked by sex scandals, is struggling for survival. The very way we do business (Capricorn) is being forever changed by the globalization of politics and the economy.

Pluto will be enter Capricorn for the first time January 25, 2008 and will retrograde back into Sagittarius one final time on June 14. It will journey back into Capricorn on November 26, 2008 and remain there until January 21, 2024. For sixteen years, Pluto will engage in a process of breaking down and then rebuilding the structures on which we depend for a successful experience in the material world.

There is a natural evolution to the path of the planets through the zodiacal signs as each sign offers a completely different experience than the sign before. In Sagittarius, Pluto has been compulsively expansive and optimistic, intensifying religious fervor - all qualities of Sagittarius. In Capricorn, Pluto seeks to contract and solidify and build solid structures for society. In the process, the structures that already exist are broken down and irrevocably transformed

Pluto was last in Capricorn from November 1762 until December 1, 1778. Pluto deals with transformation of the political and economic realities of our world, and its entry into Capricorn marked the end of the Seven Years' War in which France ceded Canada to Britain, but political unrest was felt throughout Europe as well as in the Colonies and this period marked a reconfiguration of many of the nations in the world. Catherine the Great acceded to the throne after the murder of her husband, perhaps at her own hand, and presided over wars with the Ottoman Empire that resulted in Russian acquisition of much of the Turkish lands. The first partition in Poland occurred during this period which split Poland into three sections owned by Russia, Prussia and Austria. Britain traded Cuba to Spain in exchange for Florida; Parliament passed the Stamp Act to pay for the wars that began the Colonial rebellion that resulted in the American Revolution.

The thirst for revolution in France, England and Russia of the Pluto in Aquarius period that generated an obsession (Pluto) with liberty and equality (Aquarius) stemmed from a reaction to the breakup and reconfiguration of world nations (Capricorn) that followed the colonial expansion (Sagittarius) that preceded it. Pluto's previous passage through Capricorn back in 1516-1533 c.e. was preceded by the original exploration of the New World that gave rise to the later Colonial ideals. Once the original explorers had returned to the courts of Europe, under Pluto in Capricorn those countries set out to conquer the New World and create new colonies that were subservient to the European rulers. The rise of anti-Catholic sentiment that brought about the rise of Protestants under Pluto in Sagittarius gave way to Martin Luther's formalizing his revolt with his nailing his Thesis to the door of the Church in 1517 under Pluto in Capricorn, founding a new structure of worship, the Lutheran Church.

Although Pluto will enter Capricorn for the first time in January, it will retrograde back into the late degrees in Sagittarius in June 2008 where it will make one final sweep through the Sagittarian issues of religion, philosophy, travel, ideology, journalism, optimism, and general expansion. Throughout 2008 it will be virtually stationary, traveling less than three degrees during this period, from 1 degree Capricorn back through 28 degrees Sagittarius. Because it will be stationary for so long, where its influence is the most powerful, I would expect a great deal of intensity and forced transformation during this period. This will be particularly intense for those of us who have planets in the late degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, Gemini) or the early degrees of the cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries Libra).

Pluto causes endings and new beginnings - it forces us to surrender as it rebuilds us from the inside out. I suspect that throughout next year the intense optimism of Pluto in Sagittarius will battle with the necessity for realism of Pluto in Capricorn, and it will be a while before the economic problems really hit home. Mars will oppose Pluto in early March, which will create some fireworks of aggression and confrontation, and Saturn will make its second trine to Pluto in April which will ease the challenge of the new requirements of Capricorn Pluto which wants to tear down and rebuild the structures of our life and planet and intensify the power bases that govern society.

Once Pluto is firmly entrenched in Capricorn beginning in December 2008, we will begin to really see it at work. This of course will follow the US presidential election in November 2008. Pluto seeks to focus and intensify as well as break down and regenerate. The structures of our world keep societies in order and functioning: churches, governments, buildings - all of these are ruled by Capricorn. But so are bridges and tunnels, and the entire infrastructure upon which we live, particularly in urban areas, are likely to experience a severe breakdown while Pluto travels through Capricorn. Underground transportation, under the domain of the god of the underworld, could become a battleground as Pluto often brings warfare or death in the areas of the sign through which it passes (such as September 11th during Pluto in Sagittarius, where air travel became a conveyance of death and total world transformation).

During the passage of Pluto, we see extremes and compulsions in the area of life associated with the sign through which Pluto travels, and with the Capricornian association with governments and government buildings I would expect a worldwide attempt to solidify a global government and minimize individual liberties. Pluto deals with issues of power - on a personal level such as personal empowerment as well as with the power structures that govern all of humanity that fall under the rubric of the Capricorn theme. When Uranus enters Aries in 2010-2011, there will be a fervor as the pendulum swings back towards individual liberties. By the time Uranus forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn in 2012-2013 there will be tremendous cultural, social and political upheaval which will further transform governments and political structures.

Pluto's reach will extend beyond governments, however. Capricorn also rules the elderly and end of life issues, and Pluto's passage through Capricorn could transform the way we view the entire process of death and dying, including the disposal of the body after death.

Often Pluto's passage through one sign is a reaction to Pluto's passage through the previous sign, and in Capricorn there may be a reaction of the practical and materialistic Capricorn against the ideological idealism of Pluto's travel through Sagittarius. An overdose of pragmatism could lead to the negativity and depression with which Capricorn is sometimes associated. Capricorn is associated with achievement and can be ruthless in its efforts to climb to the top, and we could see an increased obsession (Pluto) with climbing the ladder of success that leads to a breakdown in certain segments of society.

There is always a side to Pluto cycles, and in Capricorn we are likely to see an increase in stability and a more practical approach to economics and business than we saw under the Sagittarian influence. The inflated (Sag) bonuses for CEOs that we saw in recent years are likely a sign of the past as businesses and corporations become more concerned with Capricornian fundamentals than with Sagittarian appearance and image. Capricorn is essentially practical and prizes achievement above all else, which means achievement of real goals and objectives. Although Pluto in Capricorn will bring out secrets (Pluto) of governments and other political entities (Cap), there will be an increased focus on proficiency, skill, and a successful outcome rather than spin and propaganda of the Sagittarian era.

I don't know about you, but all of that sounds to me like a great improvement and to which I am looking forward!