Malibu, be on the look out? CARMEL? Connecticut? Long Island?
Wherever there is valuable beach front land. THEY WILL DESTROY OTHER CITIES
                                                      by anita sands hernandez
GOV BOZOS sabotaged the levee at night so it would not hold; So the coming weather would destroy the black owned properties, now on valuable land. Then, they gave the victims a campaign of slander, allegations of men raping babies, shooting at copters outside SUPER DOME and shooting bullets into the night – and shooting at Contractors fixing the levee, is what we all heard. This smells like engineered P.R. and is  no accident.

 POST KATRINA, a NEGATIVE VIEW of how blacks handle themselves enables public opinion to write off  the fate of Katrina victims. Note that RIVERSIDE houses and factories are mysteriously being burned down? That is no accident. A MYSTERIOUS NEW LAW got PASSED, which allowed the City or any BIG DEVELOPER to buy the potentially posh riverside land at bottom dollar and turn it into a NEW VENICE!

      Note that no Federal or State aid came for five long, miserable days, triggering
      tempers, so that on camera; the victims seemed hysterical and demanding. This
      was deliberate, intended to create HYSTERIA in the victims, then public antipathy
      and a climate where the officials can move folks with burnt homes or shattered, wet
      homes OUTTA TOWN on the next bus. Permanently.

      BET ON IT, a second shoe will drop. A tidal wave of RICH real estate
      moguls will BID on all the land in the historic French Quarter, (grand fathered in
      stuff), and use the treacherous, brand new EMINENT DOMAIN law to EVICT
      its owners, buy ‘em out cheap.

      The Developers will grab up the desirable part of the city, the historical French
      Quarter that is a guaranteed tourism attraction. They will build an incredible RITZY
      DISNEYLAND, full of posh Creole hotels, a faux antique jewel of a city stepping
      right out of 1715, a NEW, New Orleans that will be a veritable tourism
      magnet. A hotel room that was once a slum dwelling will cost 300$ a night two
      years from now and its former owner will be a room service waiter. If he’s lucky.

      Frankly until today, I never thought of any of this. I watched the televised storm
      and the demise of a piece of inhabited land the SIZE OF MICHIGAN with an
      interested eye but not until an African American galpal of mine wrote, complaining
      that New Orleans blacks were being slandered in the media, did I pay heed.
      “CASSANDRA:”she wrote me, “It is pathetic that blacks are being slandered as
      they panic in N.O.L.A. THIS is how the POWERS THAT BE keep the walls up
      between the races, the racial hatreds going, so that the much feared RAINBOW
      COALITION never occurs. THE MEDIA bias of a few is behind a movement to
      divide the people using times of crisis. “

      My jaundiced response: “Well, the media are like bugs that will pick up any
      crumbs left around.. That’s life.”

      She wrote me another email. “I wonder though, if someone isn’t directing the
      media a little, handling them. The crowds of homeless blacks are real photogenic
      screaming about hunger, no water, too much sun and dead stinking bodies all
      around them.”

      “Yep I answered. And some black kid stole a school bus and drove fifty of his
      relatives to Texas. Is that a hoot? It has drama the bugs like. “

      Yes, she said, “but don’t you see? If they don’t settle down, their fate could get a
      lot worse.  They were told to leave. Isn’t that odd? Before the storm, asked to
      leave town. I suppose that’s normal in a storm, but maybe not.I fear the thinking is,
      that If their homes are blown down, why would they even come back?“
      RIGHT. They won’t come back. SO?”

      She immediately shot me a BLOG of a black writer ONLINE: “Those who really
      know me KNOW that I try to take a fair and objective stance on most issues. I
      can be very critical regarding the behavior of blacks when “WE” are wrong.
      However, the media’s coverage of the tragedy in New Orleans, Louisiana
      (NOLA) has been slanted and disparaging to the African Americans stuck there.
      Most of the people there are poor, uneducated, and lack resources (cars, money,
      credit) that would have allowed them to leave NOLA with the more...”affluent”
      people. They have been stuck in NOLA for the past 4 days with no electricity, no
      fresh water, and no food. They’re pissed. Maybe anger displaced, primary target
      fate and Mother Nature, secondary is authorities. Whatever the cause, they’ve
      reverted to “crisis mode”.

      “Help me understand why they are being referred to as...”looters”...and
      “thieves”...and “criminals” for seeking out food, diapers and dry clothes? Raw
      sewage, dead bodies, dead animals, and chemicals are floating in the street. It is 95
      degrees in NOLA.80% of the city is flooded. There are no facilities to bathe or
      even use the bathroom. The air inside the SUPERDOME is stench, as toilets do
      not work yet the people are not allowed outside.

      “Many of the people in the streets have babies and sick elderly relatives stuck in
      the city with them. For several days, no communication from the outside world was
      getting through.... people didn’t know what to do or where to go. What are they
      expected to do? Admittedly there are several knuckle heads there who are stealing
      beer and stereos and who’re shooting...but they are in the minority. Most of these
      people are just trying to survive. Yet the media sees blacks and says’ they are
      looting,’ sees whites doing it, says they are searching for food. Most people are
      only taking diapers, medicine, food and dry clothes. One would have to have a
      lobotomy not to grab this, in these conditions. Then their consumer rage against
      nature for tearing down homes, floating treasured big screen TV sets ….carrying
      them off into the sea. Whole wardrobes lying there rotting in sewage. MAN.
      THAT IS UGLY! I’d be in street, by end of first day weeping and hysterical TOO!

      I thought about that.EVICTED from New Orleans by some edict. Indicted by the
      press. What was that about? Why? The words “CUI BONUM” came to mind.
      WHO WOULD BENEFIT? That’s what you’re supposed to do in the detective
      business. Think who could benefit by a town being vacated by all its poor
      slandered citizenry.

      A piece of the puzzle fell from heaven. I remembered out of nowhere thisbrand
      new “EMINENT DOMAINE” law, which the SUPREME COURT passed last
      month. It allows real estate moguls to buy homes at any time and throw families
      out, if the money the moguls wold pay the city in taxes was more than the poor
      home owner could pay. Maybe it was a deliberate brutal eviction kind of like Stalin
      evicting the Kulaks from their farms. (Stalin killed the evicted farmers
      though,30million people got erased.)

      Well, they change the way the media reports it but they don’t change the news
      itself do they? The thought of that started me thinking. The citizens of only one
      area, New Orleans, were asked to leave the city, get out of Dodge, they were
      told.MOVE, GET OUT. Nobody told BILOXI or Gulfport or Slidell to
      evacuate! Did somebody want the jewel of the south NEW ORLEANS
      vacated for a reason? Was the government just waiting for a category four
      storm to come? OR could they --control --the weather?

      I’d heard for years that there was a secret project, the HAARP project that could
      do it. And then a vision came before me. I saw that THE CITY WILL BE
      TAKEN OVER first by National Guard and then when things simmer
      down, by real estate developers. All the locals who were “in the way”,
      grand fathered in, would be conveniently evict able now, the
      rationaletheir bad behavior. TV footage of raging pillaging, looting blacks
      would prevent the public standing up for them. It would be a clean sweep.
      Like when NERO BURNED DOWN ROME, in a way.
                       You want the serfs out? Burn 'em out! Hey it worked for ME!

BUSH A MODERN NERO? HMMMMMMM. There would be CLUES….What would the CLUES be?
      A.)Years before, the BUSH admin could have fixed the levees, The Fed Gov has been asked to
          many times -- as they all knew NOLA was vulnerable. The levees were
         intended for a category 3 storm, tops. Bush & the Gov made no move to patch
         them. There is deliberate intent and blame.
      B.) They were real good at telling N.O. citizenry to get the HELL OUTTA
         DODGE a day or two before the storm. They were real efficient there! That
         ‘get out’ may have been as deliberate as not aiding the homeless with water,
         food, during the subsequent post storm five days of blazing heat. That all may
         have been pre-planned.  How to know? Well, watch and see if worse doesn’t

      C.) Head of FEMA is a guy whose only job in life was being head of the
         ARABIAN HORSE BREEDERS’ ASSOC. and he was fired from that!

      D.) CLUES: The City Government announced before KATRINA and after that
         OP they have now is getting folks flown, driven, muled to TEXAS or
         MISSISSSIPPI. Mayor said FED wants the city emptied, all populations
         gone. FUTURE: watch. ALL real estate buildings, apartment buildings,
         brownstones even private HOMES that are grandfathered in – all will be
         considered so much rubbish, razed and sold to corporations for development.
         The US SUPREME COURT just passed a rather amazing NEW LAW a few
         weeks back, called RIGHT OF EMINENT DOMAIN, The right to take your
         land away from you ---not just for roads, as before, but NOW, the NEW
         REASON….if any corporation says it can make more money off it than you
         are providing with taxes. THAT news, that law --was CHUM TO SHARKS!

      E.) The real estate sharks SMELL BLOOD. They will go into a feeding frenzy and
         develop the New Orleans as a money making, tourist-grabbing bodacious
         Acapulco or CANCUN with HISTORICAL BLDGS restored. But also BIG
         GORGEOUS ANTIQUEY LOOKING HOTELS and shops, arcades,
         nothing funky like the NOLA we know. No ghetto blacks invited unless you
         want to be a waiter. ANY GHETTO bldgs that were grand fathered in will be
         restored to be yummy and become yuppie condos for 2 million each.
      All apartment bldgs from the last fifty years, inhabited by thousand of
      families…called HOME, and still standing will be gentrified. Two weeks ago they
      were in the middle of a ghetto, but now they can clean up the area without people
      picketing and screaming.          

                      C’mon, the last bus is leaving for Houston, lady. There's
                      nothing left here for you. NOLA is  toast!
      A month before, incursion by real estate moguls would have been prohibited by
      law, been met with litigation. Now, thanks to this black propaganda campaign
      depicting blacks as shooting and raping like gorillas, all those
      “GRANDFATHERED IN LAWS” will NOW be razed off the books just like the
      homes were razed off the land and the owners will be offered a tenth of their value,
      as hey, the homes are either  flattened or moldy, wet and dinky and everything  will
      be sold to the super rich as vacant land, at top dollar!

      POOR PEOPLE IN NOLA are (by public view since this slanderous campaign--)
      over with. The governments of LOUISIANA and WASHINGTON colluded to
      do this. The gunman who ostensibly shot at a Sikorsky chopper may be a Gov

      Of course nobody needed that gunshot.( There happens to be a new SUPREME
      COURT law made last month that enables the rich to take any house they
      want.Any state that wants to try it can, as the Supremes made it LAW IN THE
      LAND.) The MEDIA however went with the gunshots and the rapes and the
      hysterical screaming blacks. Puzzling as they are usually very liberal except for
      FOX AND ABC. But even a liberal media must report an event that happened, or
      seems to have happened.

      The pictures that are available to viewers now, of unwashed blacks, screaming,
      weeping, going ballistic (with reason,) (FIVE days with no food, lying in the sun or
      in Superdome, no bathrooms,) are going to be used to sway public opinion.The
      courtroom is this week the media. Public Opinion will either provoke pity for these
      victims or, if it continues to show people acting badly under stress, launch the
      callous mega-evictions that seems to be the Official agenda. It will seem obvious
      that these people could NOT have been left in NOLA. It wasn’t good for them.
      The move to a functioning city will be best.

      Lady, get in the #(*%& bus!
      Hey, whattya doin? Let go of that GRANOLA bar!

      THE NEXT city they will do this to? ANY IDEAS. It will have to be glamorous,
      good weather. WHO KNOWS, maybe they aim these tropical storms anywhere
      they want, just send in the satellites, heat the ocean up. Like Emperor Nero. Burn
      their shanties down, let’s have a NEW ROME!

      Count on it, BUSH stole their homes. What we should do is a.) publicize our
      suspicions, wave pickets when they condemn real estate, demand owners fix, and
      then confiscate. We must rattle cage bars and make noise, and B.) take a NOLA
      teen into our home and send him/her to school in our town and raise him as our
      own giving him frequent bus visits to his parents in Houston.Instead of patrolling the
      streets, these strong men should be hired to pick up litter as streets in the French
      Quarter where photo below was shot, have just dried out. SOME housing, tents
      and jobs must be provided by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. Look at photo
      below, is this our tax dollars at work? There would seem to be some deliberate
      government heads turned away, no? CUI BONUM? What reason would they

      That body has been layin' there fer a freakin’ 5 days!
         It ain't edible, dude, so keep on truckin'!

      There is historical precedent for deliberate city burning. The Emperor NERO did it
      to get the serfs out of Rome so he could gentrify the areas that had gone up in
      value. Today, Tesla/ Haarp technology exists to aim storms. (see TESLA FILE)
      It is well known that the Gov has a weather project which can create
      category 4 or 5 storms anywhere over an ocean. There have only been ten
      murderous storms in the last hundred years. Maybe the faster pace of ten
      tornados a year (during the last decade ) are just shooting practice for
      mad scientists paid for by some real estate grabbing coven of Trump types.

      Google “NERO + burns + Rome”, find some glorious pages on ROME's being
      burnt, ancient graphics, beautiful paintings. Stuff to show the kiddies. Then google
      up “Stalin and the Kulaks”. Keywords. That you cannot show the kids. 30 million
      kulaks were murdered so Stalin could get the land. Then let them watch what
      happens next in LOUISIANA.Cuz what's happening now, ain't pretty. And the
      thought has to cross their minds, OUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK? NOBODY
      GETS HELPED? LET us drown, STEW AND DIE?  What will this do to citizen
      BUT it is not going to clean them out of GALL, NOT RAGE, not BILE! One can
      stroke from anger. One can dream of better governments when one is delusional
      and faint with hunger! And a lot of people are NOT going to forget this!

        MONDAY 5th SEPTEMBER, the day after NEWS  PROVES this
       THESIS: CNN NEWS: NITE SUNDAY 4th, in an interview on CNN, the
        Directer of the Red Cross said that they were not allowed into New
        Orleans by orders of FEMA. She said that FEMA told them to stay out,
        because if they started feeding the people,they would not leave the city.

The Red Cross  had vehicles lined up along the highways for miles outside of New Orleans for that past 4 days and were not allowed in by FEMA.
        There were tractor trailors full of millions of gallons of water sitting outside New
        Orleans on I-10 for days which have not been allowed to go in and give water to the
        people who are dying of heat, dehydration and starvation. The Red Cross is not the
        only organization which is being told not to go in and help. Many others who want to
        help have been turned away and told they can not go in there to help the victims.
        Also, if you pay close attention, you will notice that there has been a news blackout
        of live feed and video from inside New Orleans ever since the Military rolled in there
        yesterday. Live video footage is being very tightly controlled.  Instead of live aireal
        shots and video, they have now gone to rerunning older film and older stories....or
        stories from survivors in other cities. Or, they have moved into Mississippi to shoot
        live film footage. The National News Media who say they are incensed about what is
        happening, are NOT even telling you that there has been a news blackout for live
        video in New Orleans. Why ? What’s this about? Well, you can’t tear down bldgs
        and rebuild with the citizenry picketing and screaming. KEEP AN EYE PEELED!