An Activist wrote her Mom & us, (her list chums) I saved it to cache for you to read:
Hey Mom, Gang! I went to an OCCUPY VENICE Meeting last night near the beach & found it to be a VERY POSITIVE thing. It focused on making fascinating placards for the picket or demonstration and the need for an end to Student loans so we can get an education. There was food and punch and chips. They were viewing the ZEITGEIST movie at this meeting. (Required viewing & it was all FREE:  It was a cold night outside but we were cozy in this neat cafe eating and watching this flick. I connected with the amazing guy who brought the zeitgeist movie who looks like Hugh Grant and apparently is associated with the producers of the film.  I gave him a copy of my book & told him of our Nevada group's TRUTH PARTY PROPOSAL, telling him I had ideas to add to his movie, involving direction of where we should go, etc.  He and his team were positive in meeting me & said COOL, GREAT, & welcomed me to come to the next production meeting also the next Occupy meeting (in a week,) and asked me to present  proposal for any and all ideas I may like to contribute. Wow They were so OPEN, and THAT was refreshing, that new consciousness was allowed! And the guy actually seemed to like me. I guess he doesn't meet many brainy, political girls. I know that at the Country Western Bar, I meet no smart, political BOYS.

So I'm sold: Meetings that are like parties, food, movies, gorgeous brainy people. I hadnít seen that before with any political movement. And I've cruised by TeaParty meetings where they frost you if you don't wear cashmere and Gucci and don't have silver at the temples and silver in the purse as they think you're a spy from Acorn. Well in a manner of speaking, I WAS. I totally sided with the poor ACORN CHARITY that got totalled!

I learned this: that in downtown LA at the actual PROTEST, at 7:30 pm each night the occupiers are having GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETINGS where all who come we are allowed to SPEAK & discuss IDEAS about what the occupy movement should Do next. I was supposed to go today, but I had family business in Nevada, HOWEVER, I  Will watch the meeting from the LIVE STREAMING on the WEBSITE, to see what is up!   You can be in Timbuktu and listen in!

 I signed onto their email list and woke up today with occupy emails from their chat people, discussing various issues involved,  etc.  I've noticed that when anything is mentioned about the OCCUPY movement in LA, meaning when I'm out in the market, café/coffee shop, folks respond with great respect for the movement, as they get quiet & listen in, wanting to know everything and anything that is going on with it. It is definitely the happening thing - and people feel it is a great cause to participate in, as they believe in it, support it, and are excited about it.  I can't speak for every 'Occupy' group across the world, but so far the LA movement appears to be a good thing, where I feel optimistic that it could be the place that winds up moving this whole thing forward with the country to the next level. And upgrading my social set from beer-swilling, foul-mouthed jobless jerks to suave Academic types with fabulous jobs.

The occupiers generally appear to be aware people & interested in taxing the super rich, stopping the war and its budget, funding education, protecting social security, (TeaParty wants to privatize the pension,) They're the opposite of the G.O.P. Want entitlements to stand, assuring heat in winter for seniors, disabled and the poor  (Obama it appears cut utility aid to almost nothing.) These are very compassionate, concerned people. So why can't I date one of these guys and quit the BRAWLING BULL BAR set!?

Now I know the OCCUPY WALL STREET made you uneasy but it's funny how the news crews always seem to get pictures of some hairy hippie. There is always going to be a screwball person now and again, but overall the group I saw in West L.A. looked like College students and professors, good vibes, and they all spoke intelligently enough to be a prsidential candidate. I saw at least fifty guys I wanted to date. And they saw me!

Mom, I now you're concerned about 'violence' involved which usually comes from the police trying to bully the people, as the police have guns and the people do not. FURTHER, the government & politicians may be telling some of the police to get rid of the occupy people in some places, because the occupy people are looking to make changes in government, and some of them fear it could affect their pocket book or jobs - so they try to use force against the people sometimes - but ultimately that won't work because the cops work for the people, itís the people's government. I donít know what they are saying on the mainstream news about all this because I donít really watch tv- However in LA, I observe that the occupy people are being allowed to move forward to discuss ideas, educate, and Assemble - people seem to think itís a good thing. If there is occasional violence, well, sometimes violence may need to happen because people are trying to make changes with the country and the government - Who else will straighten out the BANKS & CORPORATIONS?? Who Will fight against them?? Only the occupy movement is doing anything about it - it's far more worthy than any Iraq war ever was, etc? There is a  Cause here. However, there is no need for any violence to happen at all,  and  I donít see it to be the  norm here - further, everyone should simply be joining in to unite with the people this way, to move forward to enforce our human rights which are currently NOT HAPPENING, so to support the occupy  movement. But unfortunately, we have a lot of zone outs in AMERICA who are not joining because they are too mentally blurred to see where current trends are going. (All of us in FEMA camps as slave labor) So little reading is involved, but they are using their computer for something else. I wonder what. They donít seem to want to go to the BEST LIST of ISSUE websites out there and EDUCATE THEMSELVES because it's too much work for them!! What they don't see is when Hugh Grant wants a date with you and it's time to sit in a cafe, eat drink wine and talk, what is your CoNVERSATION going to be like if you're from BoneJerk IDIOTSVILLE?  I hear stupidity is a big problem in America. Pentagon found that only 25% of men could enter the armed forces, the rest were doped, stupid, uneducated, fat or had criminal records. Those five things. So it seems to me that if you go to the OCCUPY group meetings or pickets, you're going to meet educated geniuses who are caring and don't have those FIVE ATTRIBUTES. Go to a CW bar you find the jerks who have those 5 problems.  When we date,  marry and have families with the good guys we make jerks obsolete. Darwinian die-out. Right now the infected five cause mental mold and cultural decay in our important government structures, causing us to hold onto old dysfunctional ways that are destroying everyone, and keeping us from fixing the problems to make for a far better world for  all.

Like I told Mom, regarding the constipated, uppity TEAPARTY movement - they are a disaster not because they're doped or fat or criminal, but because they donít allow anyone to share new ideas, or to discuss new thoughts or any new proposals to implement. Basically, they refuse any change. They worship a dysfunctional stagnant & disastrous government. So if the tea party comes into office, that is what we will get everywhere. Judgemental constipation. (So Turn off the news - it's government propaganda.) I know about the tea party from experience - as you may remember, when I went last time, a teaparty croney told me not to come to their meeting because he said he didnít want to hear any new ideas I had for them. I was NOT welcome. It was literally impossible for me to participate - they wouldnít let me, as they refused any consciousness to flow their meetings.  So far, I feel happy with the OCCUPY movement, because it seems they have invited to hear my ideas and invited my participation. :) So we'll see, but I plan to move forward with OCCUPY when I return, and will report back about what happens. Like if Hugh Grant still wants to date me!

Signed M.