Thesis: that the two major world powers, China and Russia staying COMMIE would have been in our best interests!

Why the heck did the USA spend a half century or more fighting HOW THINGS were with Russia and China when how dice fall is always the HOLY TAO, God's will. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Two big hugemungus countries took a turn LEFT in 1917 and 1949 and wanted to be COMMIE. It's like your kid wanting to be gay. How hard is that? You LETTUM! It's a no brainer! Who NEEDED to fight how it was, all those costly wars, expensive CIA pranks undercutting their leaders until they both hated our guts! We beat them with a rubber hose for almost a century until we turned them both into what we were. Straight,  CAPITALISTS BUT PSYCHO!

Staying commie, being 'tight little islands' without commerce or trade, self sufficient, loving us and staying all sweet and folklorico, so that we could fly there on a tourist card and spend dollars ... take in the Moscow Ballet, The China Acrobat troups, eat Peking Duck. That would have been best US interests. Like having neighbors who (though out of REAL jobs) were humble, sweet, hippie carpenters who raised organic chickens, Nice chickens with big orange yolk eggs, stuff that you and I  NEEDED, That's the kind of neighbor I want, not one that comes over to my office in my skyscraper and applies for MY damn JOB and gets it and makes beads of sweat burst out of my forehead and tears emerge from my mate and children's eyes while we're starving!

These two, the bear and the tiger, displaced a lot of water when they both climbed into the swimming pool at the same time. There's now competition for space. For AIR. A lot of our crisis here, now, is having them as CAPITALISTS in competition with us. Russian Oil, Chinese hybrid cars and both underpricing the marketplace.

Not to mention the fact that manufacturing cheap cars that they all want to drive makes them spend all their money on their own machines, not OURS. WHO DROVE them to all that? The demented strategies of our leaders!

Capitalism also makes them into polluters we didn't have before. Not to mention that their needing gasoline makes ours go up in cost. Not to mention that their buying imported rice and wheat all over the planet makes OURS double in cost. Hey, CAPITALISM was a great thing. We had it. Share it, you have less. Now there's not enough to go around. WHAT WERE THE BIG BOYS THINKING OF?

You tell me why we applauded ICH BEIN EIN BERLINER in the sixties, and LET that WALL FALL in the eighties? Huh? WHAT demented BACKWARDS AGENDA WAS THAT ABOUT? I think our American presidents can't keep it in their pants. It's a case of Don't just do something, STAND THERE!

You remember all that Righteous wrath about Godless commies and how God meant us all to have the freemarket system and with that CLAP TRAP, we spent a century scurrying around busily after Communism's Butt and shot ourselves in both feet!

All that came to me today as I set eyes on this headine:  "The explosive rise of Chinese capitalism over the past two decades is profoundly altering the political and strategic equation in every part of the globe. China’s huge and growing demands for energy, raw materials and components are bringing it into collision with the existing powers around the world. American, Japanese and European corporations are dependent on China as a gigantic cheap labour platform and are relying on the police-state regime to suppress the opposition of workers to low wages and appalling working conditions. At the same time, China’s rivals—with the United States in first place—are preoccupied with the long-term strategic and economic threat posed to their own ambitions and plans for world dominance." And who made them into repressive, paranoid madmen with full jails? WE DID!

Russia's no better than CHINA. The two ex leftist countries with their huge, rural, folksy, agrarian populations HAVE TURNED INTO SOME NEW KIND OF MIGRAINE HEADACHE for themselves and for us. We have created their becoming a torture-jail-cancer like we are. Our own disease is spreading to gentle, bucolic agrarian socialist societies everywhere. Somebody STOP THIS TREND! Don't just DO SOMETHING! STAND THERE and admire the beauty of backwards countries. Maybe time and evolution are turned around and we don't know it. We started out in absolute PERFECTION and are overthinking it, ergo rotting, eroding! The mind may be a retrovirus that can only end up destroying the host. Humans inherited a perfect body and world, were given the Classic Coke Formula and we had to muck with it! I loathe and detest Jean Jacques Rousseau, but maybe the guy was right! NATURAL IS BETTER!

So now at the Millenium, America faces having to socialize everything to survive. And those we trained to be Capitalists will become what we once were, maybe. Money mad, devious, greedy and suppressive, out of tune with the rhythms of nature. And you and I will have to leave the city, live in the boonies and learn carpentry and grow chickens and grapes.