Mozilla Browser can import data directly from other popular Internet clients
such as Netscape Communicator, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft
Outlook or Outlook Express, and Eudora. Mozilla can also import data in
several standard file formats, so migrating from other client software
is also possible.

Mozilla co-exists well with other Internet programs, so uninstalling
them is unnecessary.

Migrating from Netscape Communicator
If you have Netscape Communicator 4.5 or later installed, Mozilla
automatically converts the default profile ( except for address
books) for use with Mozilla.

Note: converting Communicator profiles requires that Communicator is
still installed on your computer. IT IS If you have already uninstalled
Communicator, reinstall it again so you can convert your old profiles.
After you have converted your old profiles, you can uninstall
Communicator. Importing address book

To import your address book from your Communicator profile, first export
it in the LDIF format. To do this:

1. Open Address Book in Communicator.
2. In Address Book, open the File menu and choose Export.
3. In the Export dialog, choose type LDIF (*.ldif) . DID THIS WITH EASE

Type in an identifiable filename that will be used as the address book's
name upon import. Save the file.

4. Close Netscape Communicator.

To import the LDIF file to Mozilla, follow these steps:

1. In Mozilla, open the Windows menu and choose Address Book NO WINDOWSMENU
2. In Address Book, open the Tools menu and choose Import... .
3. In the Import dialog, select Address Books and click Next.
4. Select Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) and click Next.
5. In the file picker dialog, choose the LDIF file you just
6. You should now see the Address successfully imported from Text
file message.

Converting additional profiles

To convert an additional Communicator profile for use with Mozilla,
first open the Profile Manager. If Mozilla is already running, open the
Tools menu and choose Switch Profiles...; otherwise:

* On Windows, open the Start Menu, select Programs, select Mozilla,
and choose Profile Manager.
* On Mac OS, hold down the Option key and open Mozilla from the Finder
or the Dock.
* On Linux, run the ./mozilla -profilemanager command.
In the Profile Manager dialog, select the profile you want to convert and
click Use Profile. A dialog will walk you through the conversion process.

To convert your address books, follow the instructions described in the
previous section. Deleting old profiles

Netscape Communicator's uninstaller does not remove your old profiles. On
Windows and Linux, to remove your old profiles, delete the users
sub-directory in Communicator's original install directory.
Migrating from Netscape 6 or 7

Your Netscape 6 or 7 profiles will be available to Mozilla. However,
sharing profiles between Netscape 6 or 7 and Mozilla can cause problems.

Mozilla automatically uses your Netscape profile unless you have
multiple profiles, in which case Mozilla prompts you to choose a
profile. To avoid accidentally opening Mozilla with your Netscape
profile, create a new, extra profile using your Netscape's Profile
Manager before installing Mozilla.

It is worth repeating that you should not share profiles between Mozilla
and Netscape 6 or 7. AOL Mail and Netscape WebMail

You can use Mozilla's mail client to access AOL Mail. To set up your AOL
account on Mozilla Mail & Newsgroups, create a IMAP mail account, set
the incoming server to, and set the outgoing server to For accounts with AOL outside of U.S. and CompuServe 2000,
see for server
addresses. For instructions on how to set up an IMAP account, consult
Mozilla's on-screen Help.