No scent of perspiration. Damn! I'll
just rest here 'til I smell a HUMAN.

Half of the people on the planet are potential targets of a bug that gives out fatal diseases. They breed in standing water. That can be a dozen places you have right now around your home. These are deadly carriers of fatal diseases, even  PERHAPS it is thought, of AIDS. See:
Some scientists deny the possibility. But...? Can you be certain they're right?

It is Time to study the habitat and lifespan of critters that grow on your property, in standing water under pots, in dog dishes. How long does it take for the water to hatch a flying creature? Do you know? From egg laid to flying adult, five days? That means you have to change water often!

Read up on these bugs:

CURE THE ITCH THIS WAY, bathe bite under hot water whenever it itches. AND....