2 month long Fever, swollen glands in
entire body, but incubation only one day?

Incubation time is an indicator of which fever it is

This ain't MONO!


Your Poster Anita got a mystery disease, as I wrote to the CDC. "I got a foreign germ! 65 year old bozo who just came over border had something similar to mononucleosis. Contractor hired him off a street corner to cut down my garden so landlady could revenge herself on me, as I was the dear friend of her ancient father the original landlord. I was out in garden saying 'no, don't kill this," and whack, down they'd hack it! And maybe when I read his palm, maybe when I drank from my bottle of citrus soda which HE HAD DRUNK FROM. in a short 24 hours, I had fever and hugely sore throat.  I wanted to sue my landlady for illegal workers. She hired the HAPPY VALLEY contractor to flatten my ancient garden. That contractor picked up 3 street corner HOME DEPOT mexicans who were to spend 7 days cutting down my ancient garden and loading it into three dumpsters the giagnormous 10x20 foot kind, 8 feet deep. I worked with them so I could lift and repot the really valuable plants. One of the men had just crossed the border as a wetback and was living under bridges and he was the one who had totally red eyes which in fortunetelling iridology means massively ILL. I read his palm took one look at his eyes and told him that he 'had something bad.' Next day I was sicker than a dog. I had a  fever, sore throat, stiffness of neck, sensation cayenne was under skin of face -- fits of chills and shaking, and as I write this it's FIFTY DAYS OF IT.  That's no American flu!(YRS LATER I REWRITE THIS, I get this same 50 day fever annually when my immune sys is whacked, in fall/ winter.)

     Fever, which may range from 101 °F (38.3 °C) to 104 °F (40 °C), and chills.
     Sore throat, often with white patches on the tonsils (which may look like strep throat).
     Swollen lymph nodes all over the body, especially the lymph nodes in the neck .
     Swollen tonsils.
     Headache or body aches.
     Fatigue and a lack of energy.
     Loss of appetite.
     Pain in the upper left part of the abdomen, which may mean that thespleen  has become   enlarged.
     INCUBATION 14 days. SO NO, IT IS NOT!

My pal the sage of the NORTH WEST said: "cure yourself with Oil of Oregano. 10,000mg of Vitamin C, 5000IU of Vitamin D3,  Acidophilus, Krill Oil 500mg and Colloidal Silver. I had a form of what  you had only mine only lasted a month. Drink lots of water and green tea. Also get alot of rest."

My pal the HOLISTIC NUT said take olive leaves : "Anita, you have several options. The easiest and fastest is to wash the fresh leaves and then boil in water to make tea. For long-term storage, one can oven dry the leaves after washing.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Olive Leaf and How to Make Your Own
Olive Leaf Extract

How to make olive leaf tincture

How to: Make Olive Leaf Tea

On this (above) page, the lady mentions that she rinses the dried leaves before making a stronger olive leaf tea. That seems ridiculous. If the leaves are washed before drying, that shouldn't be necessary.. I recommend  that you ignore it and pay attention to the section called "Make your own Olive Leaf Tea leaves," as well as the part that comes before it.

Topic: olive leaf tea

There's some interesting discussion and info on the above web page.Unfort it's about 14 day incubation-MONO. Not the mystery bug I HAVE!

"Nobody knows they've got MONO when this hits. You think it's a flu or strep throat. But when it doesn't go away after two months, you  know it's the Mononucleosis virush causing fever, sore throat, and swollen lymph glands, especially in the neck. But truly I was inviting it with a sudden onset total IMMUNE SYSTEM failure, triggered by SHOCK of a landlady threatening to evict me from home I rented from her father for 16 yrs and sending in 3 workers for a week of tearing down my 16 years of costly gardening, my Balinese forest -- also my kitchen garden of pumpkins arugula, salad, tomatoes, all viciously torn out. .

It was the stress of seeing a really cruel spinster hate me nakedly, knowing eviction was ahead for me and my cats. I'd have to live under bridges or buy a double wide or take my own life or something. But what would Sparkey do without me? And the double wide costing 2k is in coyote territory Palm Springs. EEK!

DESPAIR accelerates the DISEASE. It's really been 50 days of horrid emotional torture. Death stretched out. Heart pounding all the time, Depression engulfing.

I tried to act responsibly. I went to my clinic and Doc had a throat culture done --about two weeks into the malady. He saw it was not a germ or strep or bacteria, leaving only a VIRUS. No medical cure possible, he said but also no way to I.D. it. Just take it easy until it goes away. Take it easy packing up 73 years of furniture, books. Weeping while you hold your cats. Black cloud over your body and psyche. The classic MONO NECK STIFFENING into a quadrophonic crick?

Well, I have not been taking it easy these last 50 days I have had high blood pressure going through the roof, heart beats of 100 a minute. HAMMERING heart sessions lasting all day and night.

 I'm heading for eighty yrs of age have a broken aortic valve needing surgery and I don't think so good. I pack a few books away a day. I carry 100 videos to curb but nobody wants them. I RUE AS I REMEMBER --working with the 3 Mex workers, reading the Bozo's huge, fat, old, gnarled homeless hand, talking with him, my college spanish and 7 yrs living in Mexico with hubby Mr. Hernandez, helped as I speak Spanish well. I said "Senor, YOU ARE VERY SICK"  He nodded..Next day mega fever/ sore throat! VERY NEXT DAY! What incubates like a lightning bolt? What has that fast incubation?

This MAN  was very obviously sick.. Old guy, black dyed hair, worst bloodshot EYES ever seen.  I read his palm and did a little iridology on his eyes, an IRIDOLOGY reading on the places where the worst red veins landed on IRIS. Liver, Lungs. told him so. A day later not even 24 hours, I HAVE HIS DISEASE.

So now I've got the BOZO's CHRONIC NEO-MONONUCLEOSIS. The other workers said he'd just come into USA was still living under bridges! They even asked me if he could SLEEP on my chaise lounge in my garden! I said my son would object. I haven't seen any of my 3 sons in yrs. but it seemed to be something Latino men understood.

So I GOOGLE symtoms and  see that Dr David OVERTON from suggests I REALLY HAVE Cytomegalovirus (CMV) "a parasite that only grows in human cells. It’s also known as herpes type 5 or CMV. It’s implicated in immune dysfunction, inflammation, fatigue, viral infections, “candida”, “fungal infections”, congenital problems, genetic damage, circulation problems, cardiovascular diseases, clotting problems, fibromyalgia, musculoskeletal problems, chronic pain, neurological problems, gynecological infections and problems and more.

In fact, viral infections such as CMV are the #1 cause of enlarged hearts (seen on cardiac ultrasounds and sometimes with an ECG). Man, I'm dead. I already have a big fat aortic heart murmur which needs open heart surgery. And high blood pressure. This is it. Death is knocking at my door. Sparkey where can we put you while Momma dies?

Doc goes on: "I got into testing and treatments of CMV and other infections for circulation problems and heart disease, but saw the patterns, found the research and treatments about other infection problems. CMV and other viruses (see my articles on the website) can produce a wide variety of problems, especially if your immune system is not optimal. CMV and other infections may infect white blood cells (lymphocytes, monocytes, macrophages, others) and can suppress immune responses. CMV infection initially causes “cold” symptoms, sore throats or mononucleosis like symptoms than can be minor or more significant. It may clear up or become dormant and cause subtle problems later.

CMV is transmitted in saliva, respiratory droplets, urine, stools,
vaginal secretions, semen, breast milk, infected blood and other
secretions. It’s a common, widespread and easily caught infection. 2.5%
of children have CMV in the neonatal period, with classic or not so
obvious symptoms.

The initial infection can be severe but is commonly quite mild and may
induce immune suppression by infecting the white blood cells. It can
either resolve or progress slowly over time. Like other infections, CMV
can avoid immune system responses by:

• infecting white blood cell, stem cells or bone marrow cells
• down regulating (turning off or down) immune defenses, such as the cytokines (interleukins) or tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and other immune signals.
Like other viruses, CMV can either activate (cause problems) or avoid immune detection by:
• lymphocytes (natural killer cells, antibody producing cells)
• monocytes (white blood cells that fight or suppress infections and mop up inflammation)
• eosinophils (specialized white blood cells that predominate if tissues are invaded)
• macrophages (have functions similar to lymphocytes and monocytes)
• dendritic cells (specialized white blood cells imbedded in many tissues, such as the digestive tract, nervous system, others)
This means CMV can hide from immune defenses and actively suppress immune responses. If so, you may not develop classic symptoms or have only mild symptoms that can come and go. Once a person is infected, the virus remains latent (dormant) in the white blood cells or other cells. CMV, like other infections can reactivate from time to time. Since it can turn down immune responses, the symptoms may not be obvious, unless the clinician is trained to consider them and/or tests are done to diagnose and manage the infection.

As if this wasn’t enough, CMV often overlaps with Ebstein Barr Virus, (MONO), other herpes strains, parovirus, coxsackie virus or other infections, such as mycoplasma or Chlamydia pneumonia. See Overton's article on Sore Throats or other infections (on his website) to get the concepts. See my articles on When to Consider Immune Problems or Infections (on the website) to see how we get the clues or put the picture together.

Childhood infections: In 95% of congenital infections there are no symptoms, but the infection may silently progress. Problems that suggest CMV or other viral infections include neonatal illness or infection, small birth weight or size, jaundice, anemia, bleeding or bruising, rashes, pneumonia, failure to thrive or hepatitis. Despite a lack of symptoms, infected children continue to shed the virus in urine or saliva for months to years, potentially infecting parents, other children and child care providers. Hearing problems, intelligence problems and neurological problems can develop.
In young healthy children or adults, CMV is almost always without obvious symptoms and 50-100% of people have antibodies to CMV. CMV overlaps with the common cold, sore throats, sinus problems, mononucleosis and various other infections (see my article on sore throats on the website).

Medical references will invariably say CMV only rarely causes problems in immune compromised individuals but remember, CMV like other viruses and infections may compromise the immune system all by itself. In addition, immune compromise is now defined as being caused by or associated with obesity, a bulging belly, insulin resistance (“blood sugar problems”), high cholesterol, emotional states, a variety of medical conditions, smokers (nicotine and marijuana), a variety of over the counter or prescription drugs, street drug use and other common problems.

CMV can infect the skin (rashes), saliva glands, lymph glands, throat, eyes (pink eye), nose and sinuses, lungs, arteries, heart, digestive tract (colitis), liver, kidneys, testicles, cervix, red blood cells, nervous system, joints and musculoskeletal system. This may cause very subtle or sometimes obvious symptoms that may come and go.
The latest CMV research from Harvard (Associated Press, 5/09) involved injecting CMV into mice. Those mice with high cholesterol developed high rates of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure. Furthermore, CMV caused release of kidney hormones resulting in high blood pressure. We commonly use ACE, ARB drugs or spironaldactone cardiovascular drugs to block these hormones in humans. Perhaps patients taking these drugs have a treatable CMV infection.

How do we diagnose CMV, other viral or subtle or chronic infections?
First, no tests are needed. It is acceptable to just treat symptoms.
Next, various tests are available to help with diagnosis and management
of infections. You may want to read my article Tests to Detect or Manage
Chronic Infections on the website. Some of the best tests check:

• antibodies for infections. Older and newer methods of antibody detection have pluses and minuses. This is critical because antibody tests have not been standardized from lab to lab. IF I ORDER ANTIBODY TESTS, ONLY DO THEM AT THE LAB WE DIRECT YOU TO.
• Activated lymphocyte (white blood cell) panel
• Natural killer cell panel. Natural killer cells kill infections and mutant cells to prevent cancer.

David Overton, PA-C works at Natural Medicines & Family Practice integrating conventional and alternative approaches under the supervision of Dr. Richard Faiola, MD, ABFM.


References: Pathological Basis of Disease, 8th Edition, 2010, Robbins and Cotran.
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GOOGLE COXSACKIE + HOLISTIC  so U have a fighting CHANCE as NO med, NO DOC can cure VIRUSES


GOOGLE also: Infectious mononucleosis (acute CMV infection)CHRONIC MONO VIRUS --IOW

Some doctors say that "the kissing disease" has been trivialized,
hampering the development of new treatments.

Mononucleosis, or mono, is often spread by saliva and close contact.
It is known as "the kissing disease," and occurs most often in those
age 15 to 17. However, the infection may develop at any age.

Mono is usually linked to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), but can also
be caused by other organisms such as cytomegalovirus (CMV).

Mono may begin slowly with fatigue, a general ill feeling, headache,
and sore throat. The sore throat slowly gets worse. Your tonsils
become swollen and develop a whitish-yellow covering. The lymph
nodes in the neck are frequently swollen and painful.

A pink, measles-like rash can occur and is more likely if you take
the medicines ampicillin or amoxicillin for a throat infection.
(Antibiotics should NOT be given without a positive Strep test.)


How high is your fever? (99) if it's not very high, try to get it up higher. If you are running a low grade fever for a long time, make the knights stop circling each other and go into battle. Hot bath, hot tub, sauna, electric blankets, heating pad, small room with space heater, wood stove, solar sauna / glassed in sunroom, being in hot car (do you have a van you can park in your yard and take naps in, hang out in? I know the natural temps outside aren't very even in CA right now due to winter), working in sun, lying on beach, etc. take a thermometer with you if you go somewhere to do this, and take temp. Try to get it over 103* for a sustained half an hour at a time or more, up to 104 or 105 I think is the absolute max you can do without death. Being that you are nearing 80 you have to be careful. I don't know if I would do this without company around if you feel lightheaded, etc and you said you have a heart murmur already. May need to up salts and trace minerals, electrolytes to adjust for sweating and avoid heart skips. I would say public sauna at gym etc. to make sure you don't pass out without anyone around, but I don't know if that is ethical because you don't know just how contagious it is. In a dry air environment it might not pass unless direct contact with saliva etc. but in a damp air environment it might be able to spread via air (as we know that ebola does, passes from water vapor in breath, it's not "airborne" per se but neither is a cold or flu, they pass on water vapor droplets in breath and when touches down on a mucous membrane starts replicating). If you are able to do it at home it would be more ethical. Hot bath, electric blanket.

DIET: No sugar or starch, eat paleo - low glycemic greens and proteins and herb teas. take vitamin C and beta carotene pills if you find yourself craving living produce. It's thanksgiving season, find some fresh or frozen whole cranberries and chew/suck on them or make a soup/hot drink, add no sugar, it's very tart but very good and full of the red antioxidants without the sugar found in other fruits. Viruses love sugar and have a hard time replicating when there is less sugar in your blood.

Sweating is very good for you but it can also help the body cool down and you need to have a high fever for a few days, probably. Taking some sage tea (the cooking herb, not the white desert smudging herb) will prevent the body from being able to sweat and thus will increase the temp even more so when feverish. Sweating in general is good for you but if you need to get over that temperature crest to a higher level of fever, this is one thing that may help. Also if your fever treatments are causing you to sweat a LOT and you are starting to feel heart skips etc sign of electrolyte imbalance, it might help to curb sweating a bit to avoid inducing an electrolyte imbalance. This herbalist guy says to take a hot bath including mustard, cayenne and ginger while drinking lots of yarrow tea when trying to kick something that you just cant shake. 

I'm doing some google searches on how to induce fever and coming up with various ideas. What you need is a Travel Diseases doc or Infectious Diseases specialist or one who specializes in healthcare of undocumented workers and recent immigrants from latin america. If you tell one of THOSE docs that you have run a 40 day fever after drinking from water bottle of a homeless sick laborer newly arrived from Latin America, they are the ones who have more info on what it possibly could be. There are diseases that are not common here that are common elsewhere. For example docs in our country will treat people for liver cancer sometimes when it's actually liver parasites, something that docs don't learn to consider because supposedly americans don't get them anymore, they aren't even taught to look for or test for it. Just one example of how first world and developing world medicine differ. Public health clinics may also be interested and help with testing because they try to keep a handle on diseases that can blow through the lower income population. This is why they push hep B shots even tho they have high risk of autoimmune triggering, flu shots, etc. Being that you are in CA there have to be clinics and hospitals that cater to the illegal population and try to keep the south of the border diseases contained and not spread. Those are the docs who are going to be more familiar most likely with what this is and have the knowledge to look beyond what American trained and practicing docs without experience with foreign areas or with foreign populations would even know to consider. Docs who have worked in foreign service, peace corps, military, nonprofits, international red cross, missionaries, WHO, NGOs, INS quarantine center, etc.

Honestly I would walk into the nearest ER and tell them you have run a 40 day fever after contact with a sick foreign homeless HOME DEPOT parking lot worker.
 I don't know if the better ER to choose would be one that is full of rich white folks afraid of Latin diseases (tell them how you got it and watch them run every test under the sun) or one that caters to the Latin population and tries to keep incoming diseases under control, with government public health money, maybe even a Catholic hospital that caters to the Latin population incl. undocumented and try to keep them healthy, they tend to be good with writing off expenses beyond what a person's insurance will pay. A university hospital is by far the best because they have young ambitious smart docs and are doing a lot of medical research, studying the literature, and staying cutting edge. I would say go to all of the ERs in the area if you are not able to get a cure from the first one. Each hospital has its own lab, and different ones work with different labs offsite as well. I know the first doc wasn't able to find anything that a lab could test for, however he may not have run enough tests or thought of enough possibilities to test for. And some labs are definitely better than others. Some viruses can be tested for. And also there is the knowledge of clinical diagnosis for the virus that depends on the intelligence and experience of the doctor. There are diagnostic softwares being used now that i have a lot more faith in than the brain of a busy doc, but I don't know how to find out what hospitals etc are using them and which are still old fashioned, without asking each hospital. if you hit the different ERs, who knows you could get a smart young doc doing their residency in the ER who has done work in latin America who recognizes this. Go to every ER in the area.  'we don't know' is not a good enough answer when you are running a 40 day fever. Local public health clinic is another place, on that focuses on prevention of communicable disease among low income, undocumented, find out which clinic treats the farm workers and undocumented folks, etc. they have a vested interest in identifying communicable disease threats in the population.

Fever plus stiff neck is the kind of thing you get with diseases with a neurological component such as meningitis. Google "fever + stiff neck".

There are sites where people go to get things diagnosed via posting "I have xxx symptoms what is it?"  when they cant get a clear answer from docs. you would be amazed what the power of shared knowledge can do. 'crowd med' and 'whats my diagnosis' are two that are free. 'diagnose me' costs. you could look at reviews of what people say about their experience using the different sites. some people say that they saved years of suffering by using these sites. i wish i had used one to realize I had lyme MS and babesia, not just autoimmune MS. --and even for just standard MS, that diagnosis took too long, I didn't know enough to ask for a spinal tap, when I finally learned that was an important diagnostic test for MS and asked for it and got it done, it sealed the diagnosis that should have been made years prior. I learned that i had lyme and babesia through my own research but someone else could have told me immediately if they heard the symptom combination (is it possible you were bit by a tick or other lyme bearing insect while working in the yard? I don't know if your symptoms line up. I think its more likely the water bottle tho. babesia never made me run much of a fever but it made me sweat night and day, horrible night sweats. Babesia is related to malaria and causes similar symptoms. some docs say that lyme can be picked up via saliva. even tho its a bacteria it is notoriously hard to see on tests for antibodies etc. however i'm not sure about babesia if it can be spread via saliva, I don't think so. the tests for lyme are notoriously poor and need a good one at a good lab with an antibiotic challenge prior --to get a reading). docs are lazy and don't always want to do their jobs. as long as doctoring is a money making business in our country we will continue to have people who have no interest or talent in the profession to get into it to make $. 15 minute appointments for $200 they run dozens of people through their offices every day, 35 patients a day per doc was standard. believe me my ex was an MA  and they ran back to back appointments at a breakneck pace, that is industry standard.


All these possibilities tear both at my soul and my body. Age 77, I'm NOT READY TO LEAVE ! First there are my 8 cats, especially Sparkey, my fur-son. Then, my six grandchildren who need guiding, teaching, last MY UNPUBLISHED NOVELS
But after 50 days of this torture, sore glands in my throat, glands on entire body pinging, swollen, neck immobilized by pain, sweating and chills and heart pounding and super high blood pressure, I want out! YR LATER: Shocking aging, soft, withered flesh, hair thinned out. Cannot walk fast any more. 


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