SCIENCE is about clocking stuff, knowing stuff, taking exact measurement while METAPHYSICS is like a blind man. He HAS HUNCHES like he has a tapping cane and he and a dozen other blind men are feeling this elephant in ten different places, the ELEPHANT OF LOVE....

In the 15th century, European explorers sailed off to map an unknown world, blind. Well, they weren't exactly blind. They sailed west toward rumor, seeking the east coast of Hunch, daring to enter the isthmus of Curiosity only to find the harbor of Not what they Expected and the Tribe of No Easy Answers.

     It's got to be around here SOMEWHERE!

The charts they made of that three thousand mile coastline which they all kept bumping into, no matter what latitude they sailed in.....only got funded as the entire New World-FULL-OF -GOLD-AND-DIAMONDS concept fascinated Queens, Kings, treasurers, royalty, intellectuals, scientists and the Church equally. IT was a case of the known world fascinated by the unknown possibilities of the known gems and sparkling minerals appearing in new places.

The dark continents were enigma enshrouded in mystery. Darkness throbbing with magical Potential. Maybe Gold and diamond or ruby mines. Maybe a vehicle better than the horse? Maybe savage aliens who needed to know Christ and become humans or know the whip and become slaves to humans. Either was fine.

As long as the Dark continent and its riches and peoples were unknown they could be anything you believed they were --anything you needed them to be.

They actually found everything they expected. Slaves, gold, diamonds and converts to Christ and ultimately in a place called Detroit, the horseless carriage. Better than a horse.

Well, Love is like that  very same dark continent perhaps even FULLER with rich, colorful and often UNKNOWN phenomena than we dream. But we, poor boobies, live in Love's dark age, a pre Colonial time of pre conquest, pre exploration. We live chartless, intrigued, ready to be astonished but like amateurs on stage, not much ability or talent, not practice, not expertise. We are AMATEURS! All we know is some dreary movie that our moms and dads lived. UGH! So we haven't a clue what magic exists out there in the OCEANS of true love where the GREEN SHORES of GREAT MARRIAGES THRIVE.

The hunch, the rumors and a few bodily hungers......have us going. WHAT IS LOVE ABOUT? How can we really enjoy it, build a bonfire out of it to warm our lives. How can we control it, make it work for us? How can we dive in and really enjoy it? And if LOVE is the primary motor of the whole LIVING thing, how can we tether this motor and get a better world?

Chart makers have not begun to map the nether regions of the dark continent of love. There are sexual scientists who describe features and facets. They first mention the lofty mountain tops, the processes of identification, Imago, persona and  anima/ animus archetypes. These get mentioned by psychiatrist a lot. What makes you pick THIS weirdo over some sane person who'd be good to you.

Anatomists mention tumescence and can tell you mechanical things to do to have tumescence better and longer. Chemists make up batches of it every day.

Sociologists allude to a whiff of class struggle appearing in sexual passion. Women are aroused and marry up, men are aroused by/ and marry down.

But nobody has his hands on every part of the elephant because the elephant is too big to cover with any one specialist's hands. Least of all a scientist bound to fact and statistic.

What are the mysteries? Try this: The bonds that form between lovers, the humbling degree of obsession and passion, the magic ego humbling 'pink lights' that Neitzche described which would make a sane man volunteer to tread a ridiculous unsteady stage which he full knew could biologically level him and make him self immolate in a MATING dance that would make end his youth and vigor as surely as a salmon dies exhausted after going up stream to mate. That degree of obsession, that death of the ego, through love,  transmutation of self love into love of another and finally self immolation, that death of the hard carapace of the heart revealing its molten all consuming core. There are only a few drugs that will do that! Yet on the natch, men gone mad. Mysterious but real intoxication. Measurable skin temperatures and galvanic,electric response in the extremities, all from the mating dance. The banal and trivial and stuporous lit up into psychedelic meaningfulness.

Then there is the electric subcontinent of the simultaneous mutual orgasm. Uncharted. A heart of darkness on a dark continent with implications of addiction and mankind helpless in the grip of the gonads.

How about sociological, psychological notions related to that intense emotional tie, the ultimate dependence. Throw that into discussion. Jealousy, attachment. Adultery, Polyandry. Revenge. Murder. Woman spurned. Pynitive Divorce and Lawyers. Homicide for love.

In the end, the dual intoxication of the two people is too myriad, cosmic, complex and mysterious in its genesis, in its playing out as courtship, in its enhancement by society and civilization and the fine arts, and in its stage managing by decor travel and food purveyors to be studied by any one discipline.

Economists point to love's myriad economic ramifications in a capitalist society where coincidentally the most ardent consumers are always in their mating years, and statisticians point to the acknowledged stability and bankability of a home with 2.3 children and a mortgage.The insurance adjuster can prove that people live longer with a mate, kids and a mortgage. Doctors haven't a clue why. Must be that nobody wants to check out of that scene.

All human services: art, beauty, recreations that make up the marketplace --seem to target lovers or is it the other way around? DO the lovers target all those things to enhance the dance? Well, they SHOULD fergawdsakes.

If some molten honey sweet fondue is at the center of all culture, all civilization, all family life, anything we can do to keep it volcanic, to nurse the flame, -- makes sense.THROW DOLLAR BILLS AT IT! Throw man-hours.

Then, extrapolating  -- let's "fast forward" to the final chapter. Count into the quotient of sons and daughters engendered and raised by these two humans who are locked into this PASSIONATE obsession for one another which energizes them, animates them for good or evil. Start charting the matrix that forms the character of offspring.

There are all kinds of marriages and unions. NOT all are mutual, perfect passion. Crockery is getting thrown in a lot of unions. Droves of lemming children are sniffing glue and powders, playing chicken in 8 cylinder cars while parents sleep. So romance can go seriously haywire.

All this must be taken into account if we're going to MAP the metaphysics of love, as crockery leaves dents on the next generation who will go willy nilly into the same time of passionate estrus, doing it with his or her unique style --bred into him/her by the original parental symbiosis.

So is love a whirling, engendering wheel like a galaxy? Spinning live protons of sperm and ova across time into the maw of evolution, in noisy, careless randomity or in perfect harmony? Who knows? Time was invented to make stuff hard to see. God' way of keeping it all from happening at once prevents us from seeing ourselves in a reliable mirror in a freeze frame.

THE PARENTAL GESTALT is made up of subtle, almost indescribable metaphysical energies. The fiery stuff that religious paroxysms are made of at best: loyalty, vows, promises, service, sacrifice. Gee, Monks rarely have all that when they sign up for the monastery yet your average two lover/ parents have it in spades.

We suspect all these whirling, evolving, fire based things are attached to the love phenomenon. We don't know because nobody can put love under a microscope. But frequently good scientists are intuitives.

Freud uncovered an internal dimension, an inner world. He was led not by scientific experimentation but by his nose. He could intuit, sniff, sense and even describe the unchartable regions of the unconscious, id, super conscious. HE mapped stuff nobody could see. Compartments, drives, thrusts as certainly placed where he said they were as pistons and carburetors in a motor are where an engineer predicts they must be.

They tried to lynch Freud when he lived. Today, even stodgy doctors cite him as chapter and verse. No measurements, computations or statistical analysis were done on his perceptions. We just all knew that it rang true. Babies DID have oral violence. They were dependent on the teat and frequently it frustrated them, or mother did they might indeed feel like biting.

And if they felt like biting and didn't actually let loose and LAND ONE, then they had "cathected" energy. That charge had to go somewhere. The kid grew up to shoot squirrels and then become a serial murderer. REPRESSED oral aggression explained hostile, anti-social character well enough. We accepted that it MIGHT --- though it was just Freud's intuition that mapped that dark region and said the roots of a Jeffrey Daumer were his inability to bite Mom on the tit --- coming back to bite society on its tit!

So bottom line, METAPHYSICS may be accurate but is not physics and it's not science. When we approach the study of passion, we're going without a clearly printed  ticket to a certain location or a stamped passport......we're going without even a suitcase. WE go to the continent of love naked, totally visible to this other, unknown person, we go on trust. We go intuitively (unless we once had a passion and have some coal bright memories in our breast. Then maybe we know where we're going and probably would pay any price to get back into that theater!)

As we tread the "wilder shores of love," we probably ask: does this feel right? Is passion this? Is sexual transactionalism the other? Is alienation and cutoffness like this? And we can ponder and process. Then we can judge, does the following feel true?

Dive in to a book on the metaphysics of love. See what you come up with. If you're a fairly good psychologist when you read this, you'll read the words and feel them as true or not. They will make you feel things. That's when you know the words are true. Or false. And if you can do that with WRITINGS ABOUT LOVE, you can do the same thing with guys who are TALKING ABOUT LOVE. And finally you can do it with LOVE ITSELF. Sheila, I really like you
so, Sheila. Uhhh. Can we?
You just don't seem that enthusiastic--

I like you Charlie. But I don't
love you. So I'm going to put
my clothes back on and go home.
Don't fret. It may change later.
Who knows? Love is a mystery.
But we'll know it when we see it,
won't we?

*      *      *       *      *       *      *      *       *       *       *
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