The 60's were about achieving consciousness and weltzschmerz, the seventies were about DOING something out of that ethos, -- organizing to help our starving, humble 3rd world brothers up the ladder of lifestyle and evolution --a ladder we'd all gone up in the first world

Liberation Theology  was admittedly quasi MARXIST. It had a lot of joining hands and tried to be a BRANCH aimed at the spokes of Latin America's Capitalism's Fortune 500 but it was more like A TIREIRON. The rich fought back.. The CHURCH even fought back. Liberation Theology  was like a priestly OCCUPY GROUP, initiated by a lot of sharp guys who had no wives or kids who were real real handy at community organization --the most likely candidates to ever bring GOODNESS to the planet, career priests who spend all their waking hours either creating or joining progressive, community groups.

You'd think that coming out for the welfare of the people would be cherished by the Vatican, that priests would lead starving villagers into linking up in agriculture, trade unions or community organizations and that the Vatican would be so proud. Didn't happen folks. A veritable PRIEST hunting Spanish Inquisition began. The Vatican got out their crow shooters and ONE BY ONE defrocked those humanitarian priests because THAT CHRISTIAN the Vat-of-gin isn't  going to BE!

Today's theme isn't a bitch about the Inquisition, not a rehash. It's this:  POPE RAT was the most devoted defrocker of his priestly brothers that ever wore skirts. He was a one man MC CARTHY COMMITTEE. Just read Father MATTHEW FOX's scribblings.   Fox is a priest who was active in the Lib Thee community back then, in Liberation theology and who was defrocked by RATZ personally. And survived to write about it.

Oddly it was the much cherished Pope John --who was in the red shoes then, who actually gave the order to defrock all priests involved in community organization. He did it because he needed something from the Church Conclave. He needed LECH WALENSA to have a permanent life time HALL PASS. John  was bent on securing POLAND's WELFARE and he traded that for the rest of the world's welfare going down the drain.

LOOSING THE HOUNDS of HELL on LIB THEE was a trading chip. I know it sounds like a bad Ludlum novel but would you believe ALL THE PRESIDENT's MEN reporter CARL BERNSTEIN on this? He was there, snooping just as he did to nail Nixon in Watergate http://www.carlbernstein.com/magazine_holy_alliance.php

I was so much fun and so well liked, I could get away with murder.
Literally. Starvation in Latin America killed more people than Hitler.

I can only kick at titans and write about all this now (and you can only read it now ) because for a few, brief days  Planet Earth doesn't have a POPE. Vatican. Blank. Empty.  Throne of God, Janitor mopping up all night sat there last night.  It's POPE HUNTING OPEN SEASON. We have a brief few hours to enjoy life without a  SPIRITUAL LEADER and no tit for tat if we slam 'em, speak behind their back, thumb our noses.

So here it is... The little stuff first: Ratz was the first POPE to retire from the job. EVER. Six hundred  years ago it happened only cuz there were 3 popes at the same time. That doesn't count. Well, there wasn't an internet then or newspapers. POPES were sinners, priests too, rape, child abuse, and the lesser crimes: Love, marriage and kids. Oh and the really lesser crimes, greed and accumulating a fortune. And nobody busted them on their stuff.  Not on this scale. Maybe a few DUKES knew something but not the whole city. But NOBODY QUIT. Ratz has done the most UNICO cosa ever done by a POPE.

Cuz hey, On POPE RAT's watch, he sanctioned the worst crime a man can do, child abuse, done by hundreds of priests. In fact, a few days ago, a report on the CANADIAN SCHOOLS, appeared on his desk. And news of a final DISPOSTION in WORLD COURTS  huge cash settlement for all those priests kidnapping Indian children from their parents and tribes, keeping them starving in icy schools, huge numbers dying, huge numbers raped. Runaways freezing to death in the snow. A settlement was night and exposure for that, plus the ongoing abusing across the world. All of it was given him and that's when he got up and said include me out, took the red shoes off and left. That day, that hour. The half read report on his desk, he reportedly said 'let the next Pope deal with it' and helicoptered off to the Castello to lie low while they pick the next fraud and then he has to live in a CONVENT and write his memoirs. No more Swiss guard.

So he will not be prosecuted for the serious crime of allowing priest abuse or for the really way more SERIOUS CRIME of running an INQUISITION against his priest brothers.

In those days with the world on the verge of crisis, the Vatican made any priestly embrace of LIBERATION THEOLOGY a bad thing. Bad like like maybe ABUSING A CHILD. Only this was a jobless Latin America, starvation, landlessness, no schools, shoes. Barely out of slavery and run by the major corporations, the Simon Legrees (we know that today) But HELPING the starving populace was. PUNISHABLE by the Vatican with DEFROCKING.

There will be trickle down to take care of the poor.
Just not from US.

Read this acutely bitter testimony written by a Brazilian critic of Benedict during his 'reign of terror' so he has a lot more nerve than I DO..

 "THE IRONY of Pope Rat In Brazil" by a PHD SOCIOLOGIST.

"It's time to talk a bit about Pope Rat. Yeah, he's over in Brazil right now at this huge
Conference of Latinamerican Bishops, an event that has been put together
specifically to address one particular issue: the frighteningly rapid
loss of followers in Latin America, abandoning their traditional
catholicism in favour of  evangelical churches.

This is a big &@(*+& deal for the Roman Catholic Church (A.k.a. Pope
Rat's Cavalcade of Archaic Retards), because they've already essentially
already lost the first world. The third world is their breadbasket now, their
main money-pot, especially latinamerica. If they start losing the third
world, they will lose their major source of income, and the Pope might
have to start shitting on regular toilets instead of golden ones. So you
can understand why The Rat would be rather troubled by this prospect.

So they will all get together, and talk, and talk, and talk, and talk
about "solutions" to their business competition (the Evangelicals), and
in the end they will do nothing. Why? Because in its current state, the
Catholic Church is so fucked up that they can't even make meaningful
changes for the sake of their own survival.

Let's see why it might be that the Evangelicals, despicable #*$&( to a
man, are making such inroads, shall we? About 20 years ago in
latinamerica, Catholicism was the absolute spiritual authority, and it
was witnessing a transformation, a movement inside of its own structure
that could have transformed all of Catholicism forever. This was
Liberation Theology. Catholic priests and laymen who were rejecting the
way Catholicism had operated in latinamerica for the last several
centuries, where it had been the great backup of totalitarian fuckwits
and the oligarchy at every turn, supporting them and helping to keep the
uppity peasants down in exchange for preferred status in society and
business. Liberation Theology quite rightly realized that if the church
was going to continue to thrive in latinamerica, that had to stop, and
the church had to put itself right in supporting the people, the poor,
in their struggle for social justice. You know, the poor? Those dirty
uneducated buggers that guy Jesus used to always hang out with?

Liberation Theology was the Latinamerican Church trying to respond the
actual needs of the common man in the third world, rather than serve as
an instrument of his ongoing repression in favour of the handful of
wealthy families who ran everything in those countries. Sounds good,

Only along comes John Paul II, fresh out of Soviet Poland, and all he
can see is dirty commies. He looks at Liberation Theology, and instead
of realizing that these people are fighting the same struggle against
oppression that his own countrymen were fighting against the Soviets, he
can only see ideology and when he looks at Liberation Theology he can
only see the Soviet Union.

So he dedicates pretty well the rest of his life to utterly destroying
the Liberation Theology movement. He excommunicates priests and
laypeople who support that movement, and in their place he puts in a
whole cadre of ultraconservative bishops who are in the pockets of the
dictators and the oligarchs. One of far too many shortsighted failures
of his miserable career.

Meanwhile, then-Cardinal Rat, before becoming Pope, was head of the Holy
Inquisition (I kid you not; they've changed the name now, but its
exactly the same organization otherwise). And he's one of the main
players in actually putting these purges of liberal clergy into play. So
big surprise that now that he's Pope, he's going along with the same old

What's the end result? A Catholicism in latinamerica that is utterly
disconnected from the real needs of the people. Here's Pope Rat, telling
people in Brazil that what they really need is to avoid pre-marital sex,
in the face of crushing poverty and violence. Yes, he warns drug dealers
that they'll be going to hell too, but that's no surprise and it really
does nothing to help the situation.

To the average poor latinamerican, the Catholic church offers nothing
but tired ritual and moral proverbs. On the other hand, Evangelical
churches are full of vibrant ecstatic devotion, and selling solutions to
their problems. Of course, a lot of these "solutions" are really
snake-oil, sometimes literally: they'll sell you "cleansing miracle
soap" that will wash away your sins, magical blankets that will bring
you financial prosperity, hold prayer "blessing meetings" that are
supposed to miraculously remove your debts, all that junk. But to the
average uneducated dirt-poor in-debt-up-to-his-elbows peasant, this is
powerful stuff. They want magic. They want miracles. They want stuff
that addresses their real everyday problems. They don't want lectures
about chastity or diatribes about the dangers of humanism. They want
magic soap.

But its not just magic soap. The Evangelicals sell community, in a way
the Catholic Church cannot possibly do without massive change. If you
join an evangelical church, they will give you a job, they will give you
daycare for your kids, they will give you food, networking. The catholic
church has networking too down here, its called Opus Dei, and its only
open to people who are middle-class and up, and requires that you be a
masochistic nutjob.

In general, the Evangelicals just do a better job at every turn of
addressing people's actual concerns. The Catholic church, mired in
tradition, cannot do that.

And Pope Rat, a hardcore german intellectual and ultraconservative
catholic fanatic, certainly can't be the man to change that. He's far
too caught up in trying to solve semantic riddles about the balance of
rationality and faith or the dangers of relativism to be able to think
like a prole. At least JPII had actually experienced the concept of
social struggle; of course, his personal mt.everest was the fact that
this had warped all of his perceptions about the rest of the world. JPII
could never stop fighting the cold war, and so in most of the world
(outside eastern europe) he ended up backing the wrong side. But Pope
Rat, he's not even able to conceive of these sorts of things.

What the Catholic Church desperately needs is another John XXIII. But we
all know that guy just got in by accident, and now the
increasingly-powerful cabal of ultraright nutbars (with Opus Dei in the
forefront) are running the show, determined that not only will there
never be another reformer of his kind in the Roman Throne, but that also
bit-by-bit as many of old John's reforms will be turned back. These are
the guys running the Catholic church today, and many of them think the
fact that the Mass isn't said in Latin anymore is the greatest problem
facing the church, if not the world, today.

So the bishops will talk and lament, and eventually lay the blame on
godless humanists, or commies, or the poor themselves. The one thing
they won't do is actually change anything.

The Evangelicals will keep rising in power. And sadly, this is a case of
going from the frying pan into the fire. Sure, the old fuckheads in
their golden palaces in Rome are a gang of hypocrites, but they ain't
got nothing on the biggest, newest Multinational corporation run out of
the Southern US, a vast moneymaking operation masquerading as a bunch of
little protestant missionary churches." http://rpgpundit.xanga.com/590782193/item/

Isn't THIS EXCITING. For a few hours we are FREE of this entire rigamarole.
When the next POPE comes around with his tamborine and begging bowl
in his Holy HALLOWEEN costume and red DOROTHY SHOES, SPIT!