HOROSCOPE READING FOR JESUS - You may believe that Jesus was born on Christmas day but like many of our beliefs, just the opposite was true. Jesus Christ was born l7 June in 2 BC. Yes, this is Christ's true birthday, a late Spring, nearly summer night in the year -2 BC, or -1 BC GREGORIAN CALENDAR.

A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER SEARCHED ASTRONOMY DATA & CAME UP WITH THIS, and VERIFIED WITH ASTRONOMERS. The Star of Bethlehem is seen as VEN/JUP in 7th house, setting. But still high above the SUNSET. SUN as you can see is well beneath the horizon in the WEST. The STAR OF BETHELEHM was not a nova or Mar/Jup/Saturn which ocurred five years later. It was a Ven/Jup conjunction setting in the west which 7th house is. THE HOUSE of the 'public' one's audience.

Note that Capricorn rises and hence SATURN becomes the CHART RULER in 28 TAURUS a very sweet sign, indicating much forebearance, as it's VENUS RULED. BUT THE FIXED STAR GROUPING "THE PLEIADES" happens to be right there. This star is said to have a tragedy fated and the warning is "SOMETHING TO WEEP ABOUT." The Pleiades are the WEEPING SISTERS.

TAURUS rules are slow to get angry but when angry, like a BULL. (Tossing the moneychangers' gold in the Temple?) A TAURUS ruling planet? For a non-material guy like that? Well, he had certain TAUREAN TRAITS. He was always feeding everybody, bread, wine, fish and then the last Supper.

He spoke of a TAURUS KEYWORD, one's "talents," burying your talents, and talents in those days were gold coins -- ROMAN coins. He spilled the gold in the Temple.

Saturn is ruler of the chart so it's HIM in this mandala and it sits between two  fixed star groupings, CAPOT AND ALGOT of  "losing one's head,"  on one side in 24 TAURUS and the PLEIADES on the other side, 7 sisters, stars 28 and 29 TAURUS, both groupings within a few degrees of him. The two, saddest star groupings in all astrology.

Another tribulation is that the people who listened to him were a sadsack group shown by the Moon which is in its fall when it is in CAPRICORN ... it doesn't rule JESUS. It rules the HOUSE OF OTHERS, lord of the 7th house indicating that.'JESUS' PUBLIC' -- those he addressed  --- were weak by sign. Moon gets SHUT OFF in CAPRICORN. Jesus saw OTHERS as being without enough familial depth of tender feelings. They seemed existence-concerned, turned off, just into survival consciousness. His audience.

The good part of CAPRICORN is that they are shown as WANTING TO PERFECT THEMSELVES, a Capricorn note. Wanting to develop. Knowng they were flawed. Now, they came walking all that way to hear him as he was PLUTO IN VIRGO a famous HEALER. MOON is trine to Pluto (HEALING powers, so they'd come to be healed of their illnesses.) Also, they were Sextile to Planet Neptune. The OCCULT, THE HIDDEN, the MYSTICAL. That's what they wanted --- a MAGICIAN. Nep/Plut in combo is always 'the supernatural.' A planet and especially a chart ruler linking to PLUT NEP gives is listeners supernatural powers. He lifted them into that realm.

And what's more, it's totally 100% FREE!

HE was born with the MOON RISING, a sign of one who LISTENS to others. Moon near the rising point also means that whatever MOON RULES comes right to you. MOON RULES THE 7th, the HOUSE OF OTHERS, meaning his listeners, his audience, his FANS. Mars is there too, the male brothers. Note that MARS is exactly on the horizon meaning VERY close to you. The only closer place would be what was exactly on the ascending point.. Mars was setting in the west and rules the "sibling" figure , as it's lord of the third house and rules ARIES, the sign INSIDE  THE THIRD (though NEP rules the actual 3rd cusp, but Hindu astrologers insist that two signs on and in a house give dual rulership) so he may have had a lot of brothers, Mars being male and right on descendent, they were his partners to an extent. And the Disciples were LIKE BROTHERS, so he traveled with a cohort of brothers. Mars on horizon. A band of males. Some actually could have been his real brothers.

MERCURY in MOONCHILD is close to that MARS. MERCURY is exactly opposed to the MOON in CAPRICORN the sign of the FATHER. Merc/Moon means 'authors.' Writers. They were disciples certainly, most all were writers. MOON was attached to Mercury Moon in Capricorn ergo taking on a SATURN tone. DISCIPLE is a Saturn WORD from the root DISCIPLINE. As Moon links with Mercury I would have thought that his audiences would have written him up or talked him up a lot. Merc/Moon link symbolizes a born writer. His group all wrote about him, at length. So the GOSPELS must have to do with 19-20 Cancer/Capricorn polarity.

SATURN was Jesus ruler and depending on the exact minute of birth was in fourth or fifth house. Rectification could be done, it's not my area of expertise. Haven't the patience or math skills for it. SATURN IN THE 5th house of love, puts the MASTER, the SATURN person in the house of LOVE in TAURUS of food. He fed the multitudes. Most famous painting of him feature him  eating a meal. The last Supper. And he fished and fed people

If SATURN were in  THE FOURTH, he'd cause his own end. Which he did, going to Jerusalem just when they were looking for him.

This birth chart has the feature that astronomers and historians agree on, that hallmark Bethelem star, which wasn't a star. It was VENUS EXACTLY CONJUNCT /JUPITER  conjunct in the sign of the heart, of love, LEO. That conjunction is spoken of by actual astronomers (not astrologers,) but is verified by biblical historians triangulating off Herod's death, as the clear indication of the 2 BC birth date. The keystone being the STAR OF
THE MAGI. They all mention this date. I just watched a brand new documentary. Went from the tv to astro.com to calculate chart. Gratified to see this fine chart casting website relates to BC charts!!

JUPITER rules his friends. ANYONE with VEN/JUP linked is loving, popular. Kind. VEN/JUP are the
sweetest of sweet aspects. To know them is to love them. And in the 7th house, the house of the PUBLIC, means popularity. Means the PEOPLE ADORE YOU. And this LEO AREA rules the heart. As 'he struck the hearts of all.'

Merc mars both in sentimental cancer sign of the FAMILY. Cancer or Moonchild looks thru the words to the connections underneath, to feelings, so he could take the left brained idea/word/language system and attach words to feelings that were LIKE the words. He could speak in parables. VEN/JUP are semisquare SUN so the three become as if one. I frankly never met anyone with ven/jup exactly conj semisquare SUN. it's the stuff myth is made of.

Sun in GEMINI is one who talks a lot, converses, speaks and especially reads, and the Dead Sea Scrolls and  the Nag Hamadhi texts were circulating among wealthy Judean families then, published by that Kinkos by the Sea, the Essene brotherhood, all men, monks who lived by the ocean and did nothing but fill clay jars with sheepskin parchment copies of ancient Hebraic texts, certainly gave him a lifetime of very fine reading.

You can find those texts WHICH JESUS READ AS A BOY, the dead sea scrolls at ABE BOOKS USED. Edmund Wilson's take on them is very interesting, It was published in the NEW YORKER in the late 40's. CLICK on the URL or LIVE LINK HERE ^ and you can read Wilson's tale free.

That 24 degrees of GEMINI Sun is why the GOOD BOOK was his final legacy. SUN is what we do that we really get known for.. Sun is  exactly conjunct two fixed stars, THE FIXED STAR WEBSITE SAYS that area of GEMINI has 1.) Alnilam which gives  Brief fame, quick temper, scandal  and he attracted scandal. It's 23 Gemini 49  and is Fortunate  in nature and has the flavor of Jupiter/ Saturn and 1.) Al Hecka  which gives  Honours, wealth, power, greed, aggression  24 Gemini 42  Fortunate  and has the nature of Mars.(Arabs named the fixed stars so don't blame me for those names!)

While I'm at the website on fixed stars, His RULER SATURN is conjunct CAPOT ALGOT at 26 and THE PLEIADES at 29, equidistant from them. So he was on a great mission which would really take the stuffing out of him.  But, more happily, SUN IN GEMINI is exactly semisquare the VEN/JUP JUP rules house of friends, conj VENUS in LEO they were LEO playboys, party-ers who adored him. It was the path of love for them. JUP ruling house of friends --the club, and this was a jolly bunch, as JUP IN LEO is that. But when you think of JUPITER as a wise friend, note that JUP is in its own 9th house so it loves the teacher. SO JUP IN LEO shows his friends adored the teacher figure. ANYBODY with JUPITER as a ruler in LEO adores wisdom. They are the God-intoxicated. Must have been a fun bunch around a campfire at night.

JUPITER also rules the front part of the 12th house of charity. What is it conjunct? Venus  lord of the 9th, the teacher you channel, your guru, so HIS GURU was a VEN/JUP SUN kinda guy. Big hearted. So Jesus was charitable enough to spend a lot of time talking to us and his students wrote it all down. OR somebody did. Could they carry pens with them on the road like that? Did they conscript a few Essence from that seashore monastery to scribble as they went?

Jesus traveled in a pack but was the ultimate LONER. His ruler is solitary in TAURUS aspecting nothing .. nobody. No important house ruler aspects him! Uranus rules the house of money so it doesn't count as a person. It is LIVING OFF THE CHARITY OF OTHERS. Uranus in its own money house, its own second house. I'm betting wherever they went they were fed and given money and rooms. He had been traveling since birth, he was 'on the road' as Mars lord of the third in Moonchild and setting in the west symbolizes. Cardinal sign. Mars a cardinal planet. The Horizon ruling where we are found. He travelled in a group, but he was still a loner. You'd hope to see somebody's ruler, anybody's --but especially someone nice and kind, SEXTILE the 7th HOUSE OF the MARRIAGE RULER or conjunct a LOVE planet like VENUS which his Saturn is not. Or TRINE THE 5th the LOVE HOUSE RULER. No way Jose. Poor Jesus had a subtle sextile to URANUS -- brilliant when in PISCES on the soul level, superb on the charitable handout level showing whither he goest he does not have to toil nor spin, someone would FEED him but not showing contact with a person. However, having your ruler sextile URANUS probably points to the shape of a past lifetime as it's past degree being about 26 PISCES...by an odd coincidence, right where it is as I write this.  We are in the URAPIS era. Well all the celebs are working for charities. That's a new trend.

Uranus in Sextile to his ruler Saturn gave him a year of good transits after his birth....a great INFANCY --as for a year or so it was bringing 'all and everything' typical of PISCES ---to him. One is to be hidden. Pisces is hidden as HEROD knew the King of The Jews had been born on the date of that conjunction. So they moved around and weren't found. They went to EGYPT, an ancient and mystical place. How'd ya like to see that movie? JOSEPH AND MARY LIVE IN ALEXANDRIA with a library card. And maybe PISCES URANUS on the astral plane which PISCES is, there were powerful transits to his ruler. Perhaps angels were educating him in the crib. He was an INDIGO child. URAN PIS is cosmic. But with Uranus  lord of the second house of money.
you'd ha thought he'd h' got his own BOOK RIGHTS! He'd have made more money than Harry Potter.

Oh and the one thing you'd really expect to see in the nativity of the Messiah.. This date was a harmonic convergence an almost perfect six pointed star. All occult studies concur that this geometric shape
is the ultimate sign of HARMONY.

1) SATURN his ruler in TAURUS of FEEDING, nourishing. wealth, abundance.
"be like the lillies of the field, neither do they toil nor spin,'and here
have some fish, bread and wine on me. No fish in the Sea today? Here, let me.

Saturn his ruler conj. the fixed star grouping "The Pleiades", he wept for
humanity I'll bet. And ever since, we weep for him.

Saturn is a very mature planet to have as a ruler.
And in an advanced degree, really ages one.
He was 33 but somehow he was l00.

HIS RULER Saturn IN TAURUS is linked into a mandala, a six pointed star made up of all yin signs,
2) URAN PIS the cosmic consciousness, fishes, a fisher of souls. Soul Fisherman.
3.) Merc Cancer sentimental, familial
4.) Moon in Capricorn, mature responsible a disciple
5.) Nep Scorp the psychiatrist
6.) Pluto in Virgo, ESSENE, no meat or low meat, a
grain based diet. And 'a healer. a supernatural healer which VIRGO is.
Pluto in its own solar 11th, belonging to a holistic club or group of friends, or
community, brotherhood. 11th is the Aquarius house. Rules politics too and I'm betting he was interested in rebelling against ROME in his earlier days.

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