GREAT IDEAS FOR SCRIPTS, fun sci fi thriller FLICKS.

You know there's a way to MAKE A MILLION BUCKS off a few months work and this is more certain than a LOTTERY TICKET. Get a high concept idea for a film, and do it as a novel or short story first. That serves as an outline, the best thing to work with... before you start the script.

Show both to the publisher or agent so they'll know they are going to make extra money from the mileage a FILM gives them in BOOK SALES as well as huge DUAL SALE fees and  studio film royalties and a percentage of the gross. It's a waterfall of money.

Why not attempt a Ludlum or Grisham type big money thriller script that is TRUTH pulled from today's headlines but set in the style of FUTURISTIC POLITICAL SCIENCE FICTION?
LIKE ok, the USA rounds up the gelt from all the criminal banksters and billionaires.

Read the VESPASIAN SOLUTION. Our gov should try this manuever!

There are all kinds of thrillers so study the structure of the best ones. PELICAN BRIEF, THE FIRM, BOURNE SUPREMACY. Always a Young male hero in prime reproductive years placed in middle of some horrible conspiracy... and there's a girl entangled in the plot, maybe she is a whistleblower.

GRISHAM has done some of the really great plots, being a lawyer in his early days. He saw stuff nobody saw. Read everything he had ever written before you start.

Imagine covering the BILLIONS that the BANKSTERS stuck in the CAYMANS
...and a government JUSTICE DEPT team sent to get it back.


I CAN IMAGINE THIS SCENE, fiancee makes dinner, parents come
it's like the FOCKERS, that movie where streisand and Dustin are total
hippies, geriatric hippies. Pal wrote me:

"Decades ago i married my first wife, who'd been a red diaper baby.
the weekend before we got married, some of her father's friends came
out to visit and stay for the wedding. they'd all been lefties in the
thirties, many of them had eaten it in the fifties (including my
fiancee's father.)

I'll never forget a meal we all had that saturday nite ... these
tottering old folks declaiming on and on about Reagan ... and how us
young'uns had no idea what these right-wing types had in store for
us .... everything old is new, huh." Well, THIRTIES LEFTIES

IDEA #3 - UFO LANDS IN ARAB WORLD. Fresh comedy on Arabs
aliens land in afghanistan
 which gives the narrative a chance to investigate
 Arabic people from a neutral standpoint. Fresh.

 A smart writer pal told me they aren't making political
 films any more so tho it's film script, now, 'twould
 end up being changed, and become
 a short story for teen harry potter market, insightful
 on islamo fascism, the pathetic side.

 Their arabic philosophy is "i am pure perfect and so is my
 wife so you better be too mister or i slit
 yer throat. And if she strays I slit hers."
 As they kill a sheep every week, these people are
 quick with knives, familiar with death. That ethos.
 Want to describe it in terms a kiddie could understand.
 hey at my age every senior needs a project.
 life slips away from the project-less. God
 gives up on us if he finds no enthusiasm or
 passion surging in our blood.
SWITCH: alien dna story "temporarily human"
Soul comes to earth, finds drunken pot smoking stoner
he's only guy blitzed enuf for a climb in.
soul climbs in. Like STARMAN, actually.

#4  A homeless man uses an ONLINE list .. Craigs list as an important
story element.. An Earth Girl wants to get impregnated by an Alien, so
she puts an ad at Craigs list which a real alien spots. It's a comedy.
When you write this story, you need a very specific and nasty villain
(so maybe the alien's commandant, a real by-the-book guy) A villain must
be a "unified force," a character as pungent as Jack Nicholson playing
the LEERING man in Batman, as Precise as DR. NO, And dangerous as
Hitler. Or the alien in ALIEN INVASION...

Then, your hero. Well, imagine Jim Carrey as an earthman who also reads the
ad. He goes thru an elaborate ruse to convince her he's an alien. He's
competing with the very handsome REAL ALIEN who won't be on earth long,
audience knows he can't stick around to father the child. Raise him. But
there's romance in her for both men. She has to choose a suitor. So that's
the premise.

 has there ever been a flick called "CREEPS?

This would have a 'serial rapist/ murder/pedophile of TOMORROW."
or a string of them, caught, rounded up by some ultra new
science of tomorrow. Or some mad scientist. or the CIA who wants
squadrons of ruthless killers, bred like robots, thousands of them,
mercenary armies who'd pay to kill people if they could.
So the CIA gets them by profiling 16 yr olds in tests at in high schls.
Script is FULL of factoids like one in 136 boys has fantasies of
rape and murder. (not verified, just a 'ferexample'.)

Then imagine sending in a new kind of very beautiful
therapist only she looks like a playboy bunny and
she psychs out the kids that go thru THE TESTING FIRST
to isolate a few weirdos, then a personal meeting
with the testing doctor to give them a space to just
hang out and talk. But not related to the tests, the kids
do not know that the testing .....something so it's just
like they're meeting with the school nurse to check
teeth. Only she gets them to talk about their ?..
weird creepy fantasies

Tone would not be comic like title sounds. more like the spielberg flick
where cruise is accused beforehand, before doing the crime. That film
from 2006 It bombed. Throw in a medium like patricia arquette. In a
school nurse outfit, .....Dija know you get 35k just for selling that to
an hr tv show producer. Hit show prob pays more.


A star client told me of her daughter, grown now, but bizarre beyond belief.
Cannot remember details. I saw a story in it, for a movie. DEMON
DAUGHTER I read the girl's horoscope. TWISTED. She wrote me:
 "Thank you for enlightening me on this subject for i have
suffered so long over her! Why she came to me? And what is she doing in
my life that connects to hers?You answered all my questions,


 she has no karma with you.
 she is an evil spirit who as you say bypassed an iud
 got here, and is the bloodline of the father.
 you were an unfort. victim, USED by them both.
 His deviltry continues thru her.

 NOW what you can do is pray to the planet and its
 guides that she be LIMITED for the planet's good.
 Dear God, Dear Mary, I was used to give birth to
 a destructive force. It was not my will or vision.
 I believed she was being raised by responsible
 adults. I do not know what happened to her after
 she left me, but I believe she is capable of
 the same destruction as her father. PLEASE
 be aware of her, contain her, help her evolve.
 amen."  Or do a SON. DEMON SEED.

#7 Funny Uncle
as a short story written for literary mag
or even ladies mag.
tell ya, it'll get ya an agent.

Read gatsby greatest first person narrative
Read Truman CAPOTE, to hear a fine voice
of someone remembering his childhood,
his short stories. if you feel you'd do it as first person

"It was the fifties, Eisenhower was president, skirts
were below the knee. Gregory Peck was America's biggest star.
A fine man. Nothing smarmy about him. Men were men back then
They craved clean american nookie. NOT boy and girlbabies.
America didn't know about pedophilia or incest. PEDOPHILIC INCEST was
the theme perhaps of snide asides about Mormons and hillbillies, and
even that was rare ... because most people felt it wasn't true.
Too scurrilous to even make a good rumor. Freud said we must
laugh at what we fear in ourselves, well nobody feared THAT.
So nobody made jokes about it either.

#7 GANGSTALKING, the MOVIE. Do it for NYC or LA
How Intel, Police Do Gang
Stalking And Surveillance
        What is happening in my life is not your standard case of gang
stalking. The general picture one gets is it is usually community done, but
in my case, it seems to be something more sinister.
        The people that have done this are a team-up of both cops and feds.
See "Colors" by dennis hopper, know any
other good gang titles? as these are smarmy little beatles, they have to
be the enemy can't be any heroes in a gang. ANY GANG movie that purports
to have even ONE heroic character in the gang can't be made. YOU CAN
SHOW BLATANT POLICE brutality cuz these cops are goin' nuts the mex
outmacho cops.

FOUND ONLINE: "The illegal growing of marijuana is
 destroying our environment and we need to step in.
 Primarily run by Mexican drug cartels in the fields of California --
marijuana is the state's  largest cash crop generating nearly $14 billion a year -- the marijuana
growers aren't your  typical peace-loving hippies of the 70s. Hundred KW generators, diesel
storage tanks,  ATV vehicles and large quantities of animal poison are just some of the
things involved  here.  These men live illegally on farms all summer, putting tons of waste into
the soil and water.       Irrigation tubes that snake for a mile or more over forested ridges.
Pesticides  that have drained into creeks and entered the food chain, sickening
wildlife.    Piles of trash and human waste in the most rugged and bucolic
drainages. Dead rats from pesticide, dead animals.

IMAGINE this as a teen flick. Gang of boys stumbles on potfarm, Mex kidnap
them. can't ransom them, have to kill them. kids figure that out. Have to get
away. Doing a McGyver, using what's available there. IRRIGATION PIPE. POT.
Hmmmmm. What would McGyver do with THAT? Help me out here. How do kids with their
hands tied get free? Break a bong? Cut themselves out of ropes?


josef and maria hide from the Nazis who are taking all the German children away from their parents to dig potatoes. I happen to know THEDA, they did this to her. Eight yrs old, living i barracks far from home, picking potatoes. so You know any two german names.or polish names, what do i know about poland? Theda was German but hey, they prob did it to Polish kids too. So this is a novel. For teens. there's no such book, it would be a sensation for the  teen set, 12 to 18 like rowling
a real rip roaring suspense thriller
with two kids. younger or older
similar to Louis'Lamour's DOWN THE LONG HILLS
they get hidden in barns .. truck loads of kids taken from their village pass.
dogs bark at them, they have to run at midnight
they drink milk from udders
they freeze, steal blankets. sleep in haystacks. sleep next to bakery oven.
they dig caves. light fires they sleep with livestock!
they go past a concentration camp
filled with starving jews.
they start making food delivery routes
to the fence daily. to feed the skeletal
people within the fence. they get shot at
she takes a bullet out of his side.
he heals it's a gdamn holywood film!
you know who did this,
jerzy kozinsky in the painted bird
promise me you go to a library and get it, huh?
cmon where's your jewish blood?

#9 HOMELESS LOVE  Ive always felt that homeless man attracts yuppie girl is
an interesting novel. espec. the way it happ to you, friendship for so
long. so only a novel could do that justice as huge spans of time
for things developing are harder to do in film, they can be done with the
montage. otherwise they eat up time

first thoughts readers might have:
what about the fact she outclasses him.
THE USUAL WAY is a silver gal marries a platinum man
or a gold girl marries plat.
a gold girl doesn't marry down, doesn't marry silver
or bronze

thru out history the woman marries up.
it's ODD that the man who needs macho, self pride,
self image would take as a life partner someone who
noticeably outclasses him.  who is more educated
more feet on the ground, as you have apartment, car he
does not.

so ..  i know you will tell me he has class.
and HE CHOOSES not to have house/car
STILL, how does he as a self respecting man
escape some quotient of shame?

you can give him the rousseauesque philosophy
of the natural man, buddhist, hippie, stuff
him full of noble philos you still have a
commited saddhu stopping to boff an earth femme.
In which case, he's the one marrying down.

#10 "Mini Ice Age"  some interesting food for thought. That
would make an interesting flick. Say history repeats itself, well this
is the second coming of the humans on earth after the last ice age.
Before the last ice age the humans of the earth made large monuments to
themselves to let everyone know that there was a past and what to get
ready for, another massive ice age that destroys the earth except for a
small area near the middle east. Someone finds this long hidden message
from the past showing how all the people lived up to the last ice age. :

I can see our TEXACO oil drillers over in IRAN, (once it's ours again,)
and they find this antideluvian DIG.
PRESERVED PERFECTLY by dry desert heat. They call in INDIANA JONES type
guy. Find the Secrets of immortality, or something valuable.

PAUL NEWMAN did ALTMAN flick in 72 or so on this very theme,
world is an icebox