Poor Walter Burien! Like Christ, he is dying for the IRS' sins. He was arrested! Poor saint's a virulent informed ANTI-TAXES  NAIL THE IRS REFORMER FROM Nobody has more truth or conspiracy information to reveal than he ---but his writing is stiff, unreadable, tedious, his way of surmising, of synthesizing of downsizing, of capcizing, of what is the word I seek? ---his ability to just give his reader the INFO is just horrific. HIS BOIL DOWN is nonexistent! No wonder they arrested him! Poor Walter gives us a mountain of coal and says ok guys, I read all this -- now YOU go look for the diamond. WHO HAS TIME?

AFTER Two SOLID hours of trying to break his code, in his INFO MINE, I still haven't found a synthesis of what is there. Not a glimmer of what that EMAIL ALERT was about. Maybe I shoulda spent THREE hours digging but I AM THE USUAL American cottage industry SLAVE, I gotta work ten hrs a day here to make a living. Who has time to do BURIEN's damn synthesizing for him? IF HE WANTS TO FORWARD THE ACTION, down here, the guy has it all the info in his skull, why doesn't he just SUMMARIZE ---that is the word I was looking for, and say in a witty dry, readable way: "CALIF has 10 trillion socked away and claims indebtedness! WHAT A RUSE!"

See, folks will read if there's brevity & wit. We get pleasure from Cal Trillin, Mark Twain, David Sedaris,  Bill Bryson and will read what's so not only be brief, be dry, use the language sumptuously .. otherwise it's like trying to eat cornflakes without MILK! I want my Wise men HILARIOUS like MOLLY IVINS.  JIM HIGHWATER. Short, sweet. Folksy. Not pedantic, No ten dollar words. NICKLE WORDS!

Walter BURIEN goes on and on, and cites URLS that are all PDF files. I'm not gonna even go near a PDF FILE! Ya can't copy one!. How can you grab part of it send the info on?  You can't if it's PDF. NETWORD for TEFLON. WHY USE the stuff? EVER? I do not see a reason for its existence. I'm an activist, dissenter, rebel --- ready to picket, so just  gimme the beef! Something that will fit on a picket. "AHNOLD LIES; CALIF has BILLIONS STASHED." That works for me!

Now, I do not MIND if after an incisive email telling me that EVERY city in the USA has hiden billions if he  adds ten keystrokes & gives me the URL --that's fine. I could go check and see if it's real, --IF I HAD TIME which I don't. I admire any dissenter who footnotes so I can trust him and if WALTER sez they have this much and only owe that much & Ahnold is a liar, here is the url I BELIEVE HIM! As long as I can read the sentence in under thirty seconds, we WILL then READ his email. But I didn't. I deduced from his words what he was trying to say, saw PDF URLS and I just tossed Burien's letter with all the urls and all the countries, and all the pdf file URLS and all  that there sweaty work he was asking me to do cuz again, I am the average wage slave even on Saturdays!

Not to say he isn't the brainoid of the planet, him and Richard K Moore but both spray a gadzillion dry pellets at you and expect you to have time to go round them up. I like a steak, on the plate, gimme a fork I wolf it down and I'm outta here. What did the wiseman say? People hear a hundred times faster than you can talk! RESPECT THAT LAW OF PHYSICS! Gimme In and Out-burger. The entire internet has to become brief, "in and out burger" not endless scrolling thru windy blogs and PDF URLS and pedantic PHD Prof gobblegook.

Please, writers;  send me an email alert, gimme your POINT. your headline, your banner, I want bullets at the front of every paragraph so I see what kind of sharky water I'm wading into there. I'd like THESIS. Evidence, PROOF ---in and out. Cuz hey, world's in a bad place, it needs work, we are an army of readers who have pickets at the ready, give us the insight but if it's a brazillian cyberbytes of clutter which THE INTERNET IS... as things stand today. WHO HAS TIME?

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