I am pure honey; there is POLLEN in me. That proves I am real. The FDA tests
to see which brands DO NOT HAVE POLLEN indicating they have been 'cut.' We
real honeys are very costly. But there are ways to get FREE HONEY. Read on.

I always watch for honey sales. Got into this habit when Recession started, 2008, I'd see five lbs of honey for sale for 10$, I'd pounce. Little l0 oz. jars were going for 8$ at my big chain supermarket so I watched for sales at the NON CHAIN markets. Today, 2014, I just bought 5 lbs of Bulgarian ZERGUT brand honey for 11$. I googled around  and found out it is a trustworthy brand, not cut with any phony syrups. With pollen in it. TODAY there are many honeys with NO POLLEN IN THEM, unnatural, strained, even CUT with totally weird 'sugars.'

The TESTING BOARD I found online had TRIED a few artisinal American honeys ---single-varietal honeys to
find the best of these six common varieties. honey They sound delish but you gotta sell a kid to buy one.

Bee Raw Honey, $12 for 11 oz; Clover = A mild, light-amber honey with delicate fruit flavors and a pleasantly spicy finish.

Taste-Test Winner: Moon Shine Trading Co., $9.50 for 16 oz; Sourwood
Can range from pale to dark amber; incredibly aromatic with unmistakable anise notes.

Taste-Test Winner: Mountain Honey, $7 for 16 oz; Eucalyptus
Amber-colored and mildly sweet with mint and toffee notes.

Taste-Test Winner: Marshall’s Farm, $10 for 8 oz;
Tupelo A bright yellow, sweet honey, with complex herbal and floral flavors and a greenish tinge.

Taste-Test Winner:
Smiley Apiaries, $8 for 16 oz;
Buckwheat flavor Robust and deeply complex; looks and tastes like molasses, with malty, earthy flavors.

Taste-Test Winner:
Ames Farm, $13 for 18 oz;

Again, JONS market with under a dozen stores in L.A. Calif area had sale ZERGUT HONEY which was a little over 2$ for 16 oz. And it's a five lb container, comes in a Big, Fat, round stylish glass jar useful for making pickles later. A jar you'd kill for, without the honey! The only better honey is the free stuff you find in your area when you track wild hives.

HOW TO TRACK YOUR local, WILD BEES. First, open your eyes, they're out there if you have bee friendly plants. They are in your garden. Make a bee-line (that's what old timers call it,) to their hive. HOW: