Oh my God, I haven't had one
of those since I got back from NAM!

PHILLY JUST MADE FEEDING the HOMELESS IN the PARK A BIG FAT TICKET and FINE. No really! If the pigs spot one of those new Craigs List or Twitter ad hoc charitable groups called 'MONDAY NIGHT MISSON'   you and all the other kind, sharing yuppies who are giving away hamburgers to homeless -- can go to jail!

Liberty Bell Ain't Ringing Anymore

At very least A FINE but maybe AN ARREST. SO NOW when THE GOOD HEARTS FACEBOOK/ TWITTER THE HAMBURGER HANDOUT event, remember to carry a big load, dump them fast, say 'happy meal' and get the Hell out of there.

I sent that news out to my list titled "SCHEDULE A MEET-NICE W. THE HOMELESS IN THEIR SKID ROW AREA, HAND OUT FOOD N' STUFF Go to Jail." And a pal answered. "You can't help the homeless really, they don't want or appreciate help. They have problems which require CASH, not hamburgers or "early morning kickout" type shelter. Giving clothing and Junk to the poor is utter non-sense. Those things are worthless. They need cash money.

They need the same type cash given to the banks for bailout money and GM so they can pay rich AFL-CIO workers way too much money. They need bailouts also, but the government morons feel the rich should be helped  first. Hey, when is the last time you saw afro americans helping afro africans over in africa? It's always "whitey" pretending to help the starving black kids who are members of ten kid families. It's Whitey(not their black brothers) who are handing them food. Whitey knows they are just going to use the food and water to breed  with, but he sees the population explosion as profitable, so, for the purposes of gathering donation fraud, he exploits the situation. Fools in America(usually middle age ladies) send "whitey" money.

They don't send the starving kids any money, they send "whitey" money. Whitey claims he is going to use the money to help starving kids, but most of the donation money goes straight into whitey's pockets.

Here's my advice "NEVER GIVE A DIME TO CHARITY>>>ANY CHARITY!" (there's no such thing as sincere honest such thing)

YES, Poverty is a crime in America now, and poor people are criminals! It has been like this, actually, since George Washington crossed the Potomac. Poor people get no respect at all, none. If a poor person on the streets does what is necessary to survive, they are breaking the rich man's sadistic laws. These laws were passed by arrogant rich spoiled brats who know nothing. They are called lawmakers. They are elected by fools who want favors for their class from politicians who claim they are going to help them get money from the government.

These problems are as old as Hammurabi. You heard of Hammurabi? He was the 4th King of Mesopotania. Mesopotania is the fertile valley located between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers in what is today Iraq. He invented all the law this planet ever had.

Hammurabi decreed his "code of Hammurabi" which inspired many of modern societies current laws. His laws protected the possessions of the rich. They protected owners of property especially farming land. They protected the rich man's family life, like his wife and kids. They protected his animals. THEY DID NOTHING TO SUPPORT THE POOR OR THE NEEDY. Only rich men counted to Hammurabi.  So this "favor the rich and the poor be damned" law passing is the same today as 4000 yrs ago. Nothing has changed

Plato said " there is no hope for the human condition" (or somebody said that). He proposed "a benevolent" dictator system. He said that would be moral and just. Plato was smart. Congress and legislatures are all corrupt. Voting is for fools. I'm afraid the homeless and poor are DOOMED.

Maybe some one day the poor will outnumber the rich and at that point riots in the street will force a new form of government. That is the only hope for the poor. You cannot advocate for the poor too much, because eventually the rich will secretly employ assassins to get you. Stick your neck out like MLK did, and whitey the rich man will get you. It happened to Pancho Villa, MLK, and many many lesser known advocates for the poor.

Recently, in the last election primaries, John Edwards claimed he would help the homeless, it was part of his platform for election. As a reward for his humanitarianism, the republican primary voters gave him only 4% of the vote. And his Republican cronies exposed his love life. "Republican" is another name for the greedy, self-centered, power seeking rich arrogant snobs among us. The last thing it is is  a PARTY.