RV is super costly to drive. ARE WE SURE WE WANT
Man this sucker is a gas waster. We coulda gotten a nice
teardrop to haul in back of the Toyota for a tenth of the money!
STILL it gives us neat vacations. We get 365 a year, make our $ online.

Imagine that one day you and your family could NEED TO GET OUT OF THE CITY FAST. The urgent, fast scramola could actually happen, what with the Great Depression lasting and another trough coming, Riots would be the result. Either from a military draft to fight Arabs, Koreans Chinese..Or what about our weather ruined by C02 producing  fuels burned, China sitting on and burning endless coal. Korea lobbing nuclear missiles into American cities. All we can hit is Kim's house, not his many bases! Then think of US.AJoblessness endemic. Dams bursting, RAINSTORMS, Resulting floods, tsunamis, quakes.Imagine these impossible scenarios: a sudden earth quake? Terrorists bombed the Liquid Gas facility, or nuclear one. Entire city is flattened, flammable gas escaping from a million vents? No food coming into the city, crowds rioting and busting up supermarkets. . . . 

Hey, if I had an acre of food producing land one gas tank from the city, I'd sure beat a fast retreat! A tsunami covers half the city? Greenland has melted and water rises in all the oceans covering all coastal cities? Nothing wrong with a house at 2,000 feet, even though it's built of wood as long as it's on a food producing acre, has a generator and a root cellar. And you have a teardrop trailer behind your car to get you and your stuff to the country.  Then no matter what happens, a typhoon, a hurricane? A rain storm so severe that the river floods its banks?  Streets impassable? Need to row to dry land only no boat? Criminals coming over the fence to eat your pets? You'll see this coming and can beat a hasty retreat to your mountain cottage, which is in a valley so you have fertile land, orchards and a charming farm to wait out the troubles in.

See, when you talk about the GREAT DEPRESSION,  I have no problem imagining it. Both grandparents went thru the biggie, my gramps in the 20's in Germany, then 7 yrs later Hitler enters Paris, they run on roads strafed by Nazi planes. That's my Dad's parents. My Mom's San Luis Obispo California had 06 Friscoquake, then the DEPRESSION. They opened a boarding house in their home.  Then we didn't have Race RIOTS but things are different. Nowadays, stores are pillaged and burned. I, myself, lived through that one, in the multiple Los Angeles Rodney King RIOTS. all stores closed at sunset. HUGE 6 PM CURFEW. Lines 100 people long in any supermarket. My pal's store was burned down. (Luckily, he was insured, and had coincidentally already moved all his merchandise to the new store which rioters missed.....so his old store was virtually empty!) HE MADE BANK from insurance company! Then rebuilt and sold it at a profit! But then he prayed an hour a day as he was a Sikh. Harkirit Singh is his name. Natural fabrics/ cool cotton duds his game.

But you and I probably wouldn't be so lucky. Think in terms of Comets, Wars, Civil insurrection as gov pulls all entitlements, Fire, water, endemic job losses, eviction, Depression, all jobs gone, race riots, starving proletariat riots with young males leaping your garden fence to eat your fruit trees or your POODLE.  IT could happen!

My point is that it might one day pay off to have a home in the country or an RV fully gassed and a suitcase in the front closet or garage with a complete medical kit, change of clothing for everyone in the household and a rowboat and oars on top of the RV. To procure food. Failing that, AN SUV with a medical kit and a big bag of silver coins. Or a TEARDROP you built yourself

MY POINT is,  It would be a good thing now to bone up on being mobile and having a portable home. Also now til then, 'til take off day, making a living with your own, moonlighting profession, in case it's worldwide recession, or also, LIVING PORTABLY This old-fashioned zine DWELLING PORTABLY or hard copy mailed to your door a buck an issue, crams tons of tips onto a few sheets of paper printed in minuscule 6-point type. Holly and Bert Davis have been publishing this resource for several decades (formerly called Message Post) so they have a no-nonsense perspective. It's for modern nomads in the US choosing alternative lifestyles to working 9-5 in the same place. You get hard-won need-to-know wisdom like: How to live in cars. How to buy staples for 25 cents per pound. Can you camp in U-Hauls? Where can you find a cheap dentist? The dangers of social services taking kids without a house. Fixing a free bike for long-haul travel. etc. Just to ignite a few ideas in your brain, seed your unconscious with a few free issues, then regardez vous some new 'pictures.' http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/

This will be a cheery bit of research, really! Cuz there's so much AVAILABLE NOW to study. (URL ABOVE TO RIGHT) ^ Look at what I just found online, DESIGNS for moveable houses. A total model of what you want to build and put on a trailer hitch. There are so many tiny portable house sites. DWELLING PORTABLY is a NEWSLETTER for your family to read. It has neat, Practical advice about being homeless or low-budget in-motion by choice -- camping on the city's edges, living simply, getting by on the road and loving it.

Everyone should live in near-poverty at least once in their life, and this humble newsletter provides guidance and inspiration of how to learn the max from it. Dwelling Portably $1 per issue Back issues available (no website) POB 190, Philomath, OR 97370 http://www.microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/zines/95/ sells back copies.

Sample excerpts/themes:

Legality of salvaging from dumpsters. Amy Dacyzyn, who phoned several  police officials, said (in The Tightwad Gazettte, July 1993), "Dumpster  diving is generally considered to be legal with the following
exceptions: -- If the container is on CLEARLY MARKED private land,
behind a fence or locked up. However, most dumpsters in 'semi-public'
areas such as parking lots are fair game. -- If the discarded items are
outside the dumpster they should not be taken." A deputy district
attorney in Santa Clara, CA, where many people rummage for high-tech
discards, told Amy: "By putting items in a dumpster, the companies have
abandoned ownership.... The idea that people are stealing is not a
prosecutable case.


*MONEY! "For quick earning with little expense, consider cab driving. I can  almost always get a job immediately, anywhere in the country. Drivers  often quit, and cab owners are anxious to keep their equipment rolling. After 6 months, a driver will usually start to 'burn out' and not put in as many hours. That's okay: if you've worked hard and not spent much, you'll have enough money to move on. I just quit the best deal I ever  had: 38% of meter plus owner paid gas. I did so much business I couldn't
handle the stress. But I now have enough to live modestly for two years.
(Note a pal who drives UBER said he can make $400 a day.)

I usually lease a 24-hour (single shift) cab and sleep in it, bathing at
public facilities. Generally, if one is working hard, the owner gives
you a lot of leeway. You will need a valid drivers license with good
record, and a sense of direction and ability to rapidly learn your way
around. Cab driving is a good way to scout a new area, and gain
information and fascinating experiences.

Alas, driving is becoming increasingly competitive and, in big cities, regulated. Also, some cities are dangerous, even if one knows the streets well. I advise: small towns, or working-class suburbs adjacent to big cities. Depressed areas are actually good places to make money as many people there can't afford cars. You'd be surprised how many people I take to welfare offices. Waitresses and bartenders often tip well, because THEY depend on tips. Las Vegas is, by universal acclaim, the best place to earn big bucks. As with anything, ask the old timers -- which will be easier after one has 'hacked' the cab a few times.

Dropping out is like falling off a bldg. you don't need instructions. You land is all! -- only to land without bruises, study now how to FALL. That entails
a.) Saving cash by everybody in the family moonlighting for cash right now, laundering that cash and ceasing & desisting from/ stopping all foolish spending right now.

b.) Start up a small moonlighting biz,
d.) Start planting food bearing gardens. Read the GARDEN INDEX

NEXT, begin to ponder what would be some good TRAILER or country living CAREERS. WHILE you are on the lam, you can still make bucks! PRINT SHOP! No, I don't mean print your own. I mean folks need letters typed and printed. They dictate to you and you print out their letter, that's worth a dollar! You have a laptop, you can be a useful teacher or secretary to many. You can do their advertising campaigns. Run a web design business  or do IMPORT/ EXPORT with Mexico if you live near the border.

MANY a time I have done "custom business cards" for pals. (also do friends' Craigs list Ads,) on my PC. Before you leave time, get some card stock or just the stiffest typing paper you can find. I've done biz cards up for my gardener and my massage guy who lives with four dogs in an RV full time. Especially the homeless are potentially landscapers, gardeners, dog walkers, house cleaners, yard clean up doers. They don't have trucks, but they bag up the trash for the ritzy folks, line it up by the curb in neat bags and the city picks it up. I swear to God I know a guy who lives with four dogs on four leashes and gives the best fifty dollar massages in town. Now, if he could just get the smell of marijuana off his hands I could introduce him to my client the rock star (who's been thru rehab) and now is healthier than thou.

Those kinds of workers need flyers, newspaper ads and brochures on occasion ... with all the templates available now with MS Office and WordPerfect it's really easy to do this ... all you need is one of those programs (which usually comes with your computer) and a good printer. Need decent knowledge of measurements and layout - doesn't take a genius to know what looks crisp, clean and businesslike. Toy with the idea of personalized calendars if you have a scanner. But in a planetary meltdown, NOBODY is going to need a calendar! Make a list of what they might need, brainstorming, and supply it!(Local map of Gas stations with SPECIAL NEED GAS TYPE)...

signed ANITA SANDS HERNANDEZ  EMAIL: astrology @ earthlink.net Anita Sands Hernandez, Sharp Millenium FRUGAL
                      LIFE STYLE DESIGNER. LESS IS MORE