Losing the devils that stick their pitchforksin you is easy. Losing the blues, so that you're in the PINK --is easy. PUSHING AWAY the dark entities on the astral plane who are assaulting you....(once you're shown how), will be a lead pipe cinch. Backing off the devils with pitchforks raised who live in your own family -- who are tormenting and maligning you --while taking a tad more time, will also be pretty easy!

The answer is to know that you are part of a dimension above the physical. Down here in life, entropy happens but you can get your hands on the dials and levers and make bad blood good blood. You can reverse motion. The trick is the ability to get INTO THE ATTIC above this plane, into the astral plane, and then fine tune the strength of your prayers once you get there.

Prayers are nothing more than songs and lyrics that you sing to God only you do it when you get your head slightly loose of the earthly parade of pitchforks. Get in a meditative state. If you don't have any lyrics to sing at prayer time, try winging it along the lines of the PSALMS which were written down centuries ago cuz oldtimers felt they were real effective!

These prayers are sung. "PSALM" means SONG. You can make up your own lyrics, but the ancient lyrics are time tested and,  in them are distinct, coded instructions for how to ditch devils permanently.

Sounds like magic but scientists more and more describe an energy that is not of matter that is proven to exist. Humans are proof of Divine non-particulate guiding energy or divine design. Humans have evolved to the point that we are ALL modern magicians if we surf the divine wavelengths. If we want to wave a magic wand and really call upon our magic and dare to do this prayer thing with penache, we can fix all these auric disturbances, those family disharmony problems ourselves like using the fine-tuning buttons hidden under the lid of the TV

And face it, we have to become self reliant as the Guru people I know in the NEW AGE are so crass and money grubbing that no matter whom you go to, for what problem, these streetwise gurus turn into greedy, penny hustlers and want to clip you for a dime every time. They will put you off if you ask a direct question. They will hem and haw and promise alluring answers while they try to suck you into a full cost Seminar or at very least,  private sessions at 50$ a clip. They will not just answer the question, "How do I ditch these pesky devils?" No. They want the money in front to tell you, so they become another devil to ditch!

Ditching devils all by yourself is going to be so easy it's like falling off a log. The 90th psalm for its first half tells us how cruel God and life are to us. I hear it, I immediately think of the genocide, torture, war, all of which have been going on for centuries without relief. MURDER hasn't slowed down. If anything it's grown incrementally, the sorrow, pain, death. That's a big devil to ditch. But then midway thru, the psalm tells us what to do about this quandry  in the form of what you want to ask God in your prayer: "Teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Satisfy us with thy mercy that we may be glad all our days. Make us glad  according to the days where you afflict us and the years wherein."

That's the remedy right there. Mom and Dad should teach every kid in diapers the remedy for boredom and fitfulness is to number your days, and use those days. USE TIME.  Emerson said 'the greatest lord of all is use." He meant to use time, use your strength, your wits, your art and elbow grease and apply it to goals. The problems you think you have in your lap, in your heart and brain are the result of no work. No Work is the result of no spark of love for work. That can be fixed. What fires up a spark? Bliss. Happy people find work, they love.  If somebody's not working ten hours a day you can be sure they are unhappy. They have a negative mind mantra going. They think they have a quandry of some kind. They feel they'd be better off elsewhere. That where they are is a prison.

You don't need to fly to EGYPT to get rid of the blues. Use the three dimensions that you exist in and sort of are trapped in, first only use them to get rid of the problem. Our world has up, down, back forth and time, four dimensions. THAT SPACE is  where the problem is.

The problem is in these three dimensions, --or four (if you count time). Your problems live in reality, updown, sideways and next week. Four dimensions which you've created to contain:  a weak, sick body, horrible relatives, no money, rent deadlines, utility bill deadlines, car payments, car insurance,  sour affinities; betraying lovers and fitful friends who were once fond of you but now they've grown cold. They all exist in the real, four dimensions a space where you created them....you probably forget why, but you did.

So now you're stuck with all your creations in full entropy. First, pretty up the four dimension by utterly ceasing to lip off to these people, and finding your own inner sweetness,mercy and compassion. That's done by lighting your incense, putting on some holy tape music, light a fragrant candle and set it on your altar where there are pictures of saints, relatives, kids, kittens maybe a bouquet of flowers. Sit there and the FIRST thing to do is to totally disavow that you are just those four dimensions. Vow aloud that you do not  believe that you are living in a prison that constrictive. Disavow that you are that problem. Get off of affirming that this prison exists. And create what you are. Create that immenseness. Balloon yourself out to the edges of the universe, infinite, edgeless. And then ask God to make you merciful and nice like him so you won't continue to spoil your own 4 dimensional creation!

Next, STAY away from all thought. Usually, the mind is a busy loom shuttle eternally going back and forth on the horizon of uncertainty, weighing the ends of spectrum of what cannot be known and what is irrelevant and why did it occur and how will it get worse? It's either those uncertainties or unmeasureables or it's memories of past pleasures where you fear you won't have that goodie again. Get off it. Throw your mind to the futhest end of the Universe where your home is. Feel your home, and how mom and dad are always in with their arms around you there. Relax into the vision.

The second you stop thinking, go after the HIGHER bliss LEVEL, the God level, you immediately break away from the problem, the pain. Ecstasy is not pain. the first four dimensions even as you Use them to climb to the fifth dimension.

SO CLIMB into the space over your head, slow your breath, merge with the higher you. Be it, become it. thoughts are less frantic, you're slowing down into a bliss state. Many religions suggest little things to get you there quicker. A mantra, a rosary or mala with repeated gentle words,  like Blessed are you Mary mother of Jesus, anything that touches your heart. Pray. Ask God, 'Please God, make me a vessel of your understanding, your compassion, your vision. USE the basic TOOLS like a rosary, incense or  perfumed candles, special props like photos of gandhi and mother Teresa family pictures, an altar, rosary.

The devils within and without can't get past the spiritual mind. If you ask the spirit within you and your guides to be on guard. Do it with words. Talking is the fourth dimensional activity that we humans have done for the last fifty thousand years and we're good at it so we can use this tool. VISIONING also works. That's an older gift, pre-verbal from caveman times. Image and feeling together is supposed to be a lucky gear for meditators. See the solution. You and the family, happy at a Thanksgiving feast, loving. No more fighting. The fight will be forgotten as you suddenly know, in your omniscient way that you are going to enter into a long period of peace, non litigation with them. MENTION verbally to yourself the time that it will fix. Make appointments in time. Those are called VOWS. Say "I won't complain for a year. I won't criticize for a year. And I won't even have the feeling of not-enoughness for a year. I won't eat sugar for a year. I won't ......etc etc etc. Sayonara Bad habits.

Conversely Pray or sing for talents, the love of work, the ability to go right to work now. Pray or sing for the spark to find work you love. To try some of your little talents and see if they don't catch fire in your hands and become a passion. ALWAYS pursue your passions. They are safe stepping stones.

Then when you've corrected habits, thinking patterns and your own laziness and lack of intent, switching it into SUPREME intent... when you've corrected the sour feelings and relationships, know that the fifth dimension will open up to you its lofty, cloud strewn avenues with blossoming fields of exotic flowers. This  is an airy, spaced out spiritual, always sunny zone.  The bliss you'll get there has nothing to do with worldly success, but being able to enter that bliss will fuel you for the battle to attain worldly success.

Thank God for the worldly fray you've had til now. That messy content of mind, images, internal talk, the entire prison of the first four dimension is a blessing. It's because of all that that you were moved to DISCARD four dimensionality. Like bad neighbors, if it hadn't been for the ruckus, you wouldn't have moved out of the building.

The fifth dimension is the proper home for you. There, you're freed from illusion of limited identity, -- you experience direct contact with spiritual source. In Bliss, there's no physical sensations, feelings, thoughts. JUST a vision of what you'd like to create. The spark ignites the urge to WORK.  If you aren't working then you are sparkless, a total phony. A lazy turd with pretensions of greatness.

"Let Your work appear to US. Establish for us the work of our hands." Say the psalms. So say that to GOD.
The shift occurs, for short periods, to unbecome the earthly you and re identify directly with the Creator who created you, who created all this. In his spirit, you are like him. You get busy creating! A day without creating is a useless day! You seek better artforms for creation. Garden, food, healing, teaching, writing, singing.

Once you get to the fifth dimension, all the four basic, ruder dimensions are spiritualized. You don't need church, life becomes church. Your evil mother, mate, pal or kid becomes church. His snarls are your most cherished hymns.

So do what the Psalms say. SMILE IN THE MORNING. BLESS what is. Bless those around you, verbally. SING DAILY, sing the praises of what is. "MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE" the psalms say (101st Psalm sez that.)

FEEL THE GRATITUDE. Maybe you don't WAKE WITH A SMILE but you will soon turn morning stupor into champagne bubbles. PRAISE HIS NAME in song, make that song up and it'll amuse you. And it may amuse GOD. Next, do things differently each day. Break your bad habits.  Don't complain, don't lip off, and Don't lie. Correct the register immediately, if you do.

And, then, the Psalms go on to say, "put no wicked thing before your eyes (Whoops, prime time crime has to go I guess.) The l08th psalm says "no man will help you", only you going directly to God and then you can fight the good fight. Seek God's aid in battle and you will be loaded for bear. "VAIN IS THE HELP OF MAN. Thru God we shall do valiently for He is the one that shall tread down our enemies."

Well our enemies are our bad health, our relatives, our lack of being fired up about doing the work, our sense that we can get to that work related chore tomorrow though we didn't do ten hours of work today, and our pouting that we aren't rich and happy without being fired up about work. (The enemy is our infantilism, which is lodged in the child's memory of being served all on a tray, our longing for that to return. Fourth dimensional thinking which has no hold on you if you can get into the 5th dimension regularly.)

So read the Psalms, the whole 150* of them, and use them as song lyrics that you will sing to the blissful infinite father who created all this vale of troubles so you'd wake up and get the God gig like him.

*    *     *       *       *      *        *       *       *        *        *       *
Shakespeare only wrote 149 sonnets in deference to the 150 psalms. SO smart people think highly of PSALMS I guess, so give it a try and ditch the devils that kept you habitually BLUE.