( And oh yes by eating NO SUGAR or CARBY FOOD!
)  by Anita Sands Hernandez

When at age 68, I'd awaken in morning with numb hands and feet, I thought it was the heart slowing down. As I knew I had a heart murmur. I'm entitled to make such a mistake --but one night I was watching Kenneth Branaugh on Masterpiece Theater Mysteries as Curt Wallender, Swedish mystico cop and the guy suddenly faints into a diabetic high sugar coma. He wakes up in hospital & find out that he has Hyperglycemic Ketosis which comes upon SERIOUS DIABETICS ONLY. Ketosis is that FASTING/ DIET taste in the mouth. Aluminum mouth?And I had that occasionally. SO I COMPUTED "GAD I HAVE THE SICK PANCREAS SYNDROME!" Diabetes and that is what numb feet are. DUHHH!

Then I remembered that my webmaster Srimad the Hare Krsna was a serious diabetic and one day he ate some ice cream, ok a whole pint, went to sleep and never woke up. His galpal found him curled up with an empty Ben & Jerry's on his chest. He was Age 50. I suddenly realized THAT INTOLERANCE to SUGAR was what I HAD. Spell that D.I.A.B.E.T.I.C !

What else was the cause of my feet getting numb every night while I slept and waking with prickles down there?That was HIGH BLOOD SUGAR. Of course, I used a daffy, BEER-to-SLEEP REMEDY. Being insomniac, I had a year or two of drinking a careful ONE OUNCE SNIFTER of beer (sitting next to bed, tepid,) every time I woke up, to put me back to sleep. There's a lotta carb, sugar and alcohol in that stuff and when you're out cold, not burning it off, the sugar really mounts up in your blood.

That had given me WAKING FOOT NUMBNESS. I'd run out of the body's natural Insulin making capability. My pancreas had died.

So now I googled around to see what I could and couldn't eat. BEST FILE was   Told me to use parsley and juniper berries to cure the diabetes. Meanwhile I fished around for what I could and could not eat. I saw Beer was not on the good foods list. Huh! Waddya make of that? WIth raging LOW BLOOD SUGAR for years before I got the numb feet ketosis,I'd used beer at night. I put a 1/4 cup of the stuff by my bed and every time my insomnia kicked in during the night, swigged some down.  To squelch the MUNCHIES. I realized that I would have to switch to cheese morsels at 3 am maybe as my hypoglycemia was still raging and the LOW BLOOD SUGAR HUNGER woke me during the night.  But when DiABETES HIT, the munchies disappeared on their own, replaced by numb feet.

SO while I was wrestling with beer and cheese mini meals at night, meanwhile there was the googled hint that I find some SUPPLEMENTS that heal the pancreas, like seaweed, CEDAR BERRIES and JUNIPER BERRIES. Chromium, cinnamon also the many foods that heal pancreas like parsley, foenegreek.

THEN there was the concept of a list of food restrictions. Sugar and flour and bacon.

Google up the word LOW GLYCEMIC LIST as there are MANY SITES that have suggestions. I knew breakfast was going to be eggs, lunch fish or chicken and beef salad and broccoli was dinner. A sip of my homemade lemonade, honeyed but still tart would cleanse the palate after this savory meal and replace desserts.

My pal the book vendor, said she'd  had some numbness (called diabetic neuropathy.) in hands and feet before she was diagnosed. She told me: " if you do have a big rise in blood glucose -- drink lots of water to thin it! I learned that on a Yahoo diabetes board." She confides that getting her carbs under control helped tremendously! 

Rule of thumb, eat one serving of carbohydrates (15 grams of carbs) per 10 pounds of body weight, up to a max of 15 carb servings a day. Well, that sounded like a FREE PASS to mashed potatoes! Some Hotcakes. Some waffles, Maybe some beer. She tried to explain to me  how to tell the carbs in a food: And I listened:

Total the whole carbs.
Minus all the fiber grams.
Minus HALF the sugar alcohol.
Equals the amount of carbs in the food.
Corn chips-- 1 serving (10 chips)
Carbs--        18 grams
Fiber--         1 gram
Sugar Alcohol-- 2 grams

18 grams total,
-1 (fiber)
-1 (half of sugar alcohol)
equals 16 grams of carbohydrates, or 1 carb serving

WHAT??? I CAN'T CALCULATE THAT! Not being any good at math, nor an energetic Google researcher on abstruse subjects like fiber counts in food or grams of carb, I felt I needed an EASY SIMPLE PATH TO HEALTH. A diabetic  should just ixnay the carb thing and chow down on proteins, salad and broccoli in huge amts, using sauces to make those foods more fun. And I'd take one sip of my low sugar, home made tart lemonade to clear the palate after a meal . I couldn't aim at anything as complex as getting 15 mini-carb servings a day.  AS IF!

I did my tabulation this way: the second your feet get numb, back off to broiled fish, chicken and big green salads, remembering that  l0 chips is a binge, 11 would be a cold, hard coma.  Throw a cupcake on top for dessert, you're asking to go blind have your kidneys dry up and get a foot or two shorter with gangrene.

My pal also instructed: "Carbohydrates, of which sugar is just one, booze another, are the real culprits in diabetes. Cavemen had none or few carbs, especially refined carbs, (cake flour, bread, baked goods, candy), so they rarely had diabetes. (Seeing Amazonian natives on National Geographic Channel eating tubers full time, I wonder why those Amazonian tubers didn't create diabetes in them. Knowing how scarce steaks are in the ancient world, I can't believe that cavemen weren't familiar with some form of carb binging and diabetes).

Europeans probably created and developed our OWN insulin resistance to handlnig carbs as they ate bread and water and not much else. They had learned to sow grain (the grain was always whole grain when eaten). Mills were rare so the husks were in the bread. Fiber helps us avoid diabetes.

When milled wheat was first introduced to the non-diabetes resistant Native Americans, diabetes took right over! Latinos didn't get diabetes in the old days with their corn masa diet. Although corn is a carb, it was ground and used as a whole grain usually. It was the arrival of milled flour and cokes that gave Latinos the disease.

There were no honeybees in America before the Europeans came, so only fruit syrups, or syrups made from tree saps were available, usually not year-round. Thus, people had beautiful teeth, and very little diabetes. Today, our American Indians are a mess, they eat that fried Navaho bread, drink booze like fishes and are all chubby & diabetic.

So first thing you do finding out or even suspecting you're a diabetic type II posterchild is to keep track of your carbs, and see if the numbness doesn't improve.
fat indian woman navajo, diabetic probably
Me Heap Love My Carbs. Just hate the
Insulin shots I have to dress them with.


Well, I read further online, found that there are even pancreas HEALING FOODS. One that is magic to heal diabetes is a green leaf sold in ARAB MARKETS called Fenugreek or HULBA.  I love meat combined with greens so this recipe sounded terrific!

Hulba (Meat in fenugreek paste) 6 servings

cup Ground hulba (fenugreek) Cold water
2 Hot chilis (more if desired)
1 Tomato; peeled and chopped
cup Chopped onion OR- spring onion
2 Garlic cloves; crushed
teaspoon Hawayij spice (ask the middle eastern grocer!)
1 cup Finely chopped boiled lamb OR- chicken
1 cup Boiled lentils
1 tablespoon Chopped coriander leaves
2 tablespoons Clarified butter or oil
Baked beef bones for stock (or chicken stock)

Place fenugreek in a bowl and add cold water. Leave to soak for 5 hours.
Pour off water and beat until frothy with a fork. Remove stalks and seeds
from chilis and chop finely (take care in handling them, don't touch eyes). Blend into
fenugreek paste with salt to taste and place in a pot. This is the actual
Hulba. Add remaining ingredients except the stock or substitute some of the
ingredients with whatever is on hand, e.g. diced boiled potatoes for rice,
cooked dried beans for lentils. (For 1 cup cooked lentils, simmer 1/2 cup
red lentils in 1-1/2 cups water for 15-20 minutes until thick.) Blend
ingredients in pot and add enough stock to moisten. Place over medium heat
and cook, stirring occasionally, until bubbling and thick. Add a little
more stock during heating if necessary. Adjust seasoning with salt and
serve in a deep bowl with khobz, malvj, or the readily available Lebanese
flat bread (no more than 15 grams of carb,) for scooping up the mixture.
Serve in individual bowls if  preferred.  And hey, PITA wrappers tell you
what you get for your 15 grams.


HERBS for Diabetes

HerbsPlusBeadWorks Visit then go to the recipe for the youtube link
click on it and there you will see the formulas so you can download

200 mg of L-Carnetine, 400 gm of Alpha Lipoic acid, daily

 ***Pancreatic Enzymes*** For the tea: peppermint For salads, Jerusalem artichoke/ also called sun choke, bitter melons,  (Neem)?, bay leaf, juniper berry, mint, clove. ginseng, clove  .... equal portions cook in slow cooker lowest setting for two or three days. Take 1 oz 4-5 times a day.

 For people like me, it sounds it's going to be a long time before I start seeing change (make sure you wait at least two (2) hours after or before taking your insulin or pharmaceutical medications... store is in glass containers, No Plastic. NO sugar or GRAINS . NO SOY, no high glycemic fruits, molasses, agave, syrups, honey.No Pork, cereals.   I don't think you mention starchy foods like rice, potatoes, but it makes sense not to.

400 mgs of l carnintine or acetyl la carnitine 200 mgs of ALA ( 3 times a day)
Juniper Berry
Bitter Melon
Clove  or ALLSPICE Tsp
Bay Leaf
 You can add as  well
Fenugreek and thyme
and Jerusalem artichoke  if you wish and
Elderberry Flowers

the other 3 are optional and can be substituted if you cannot find some of the other herbs
all in equal portions with the  exceptions of clove and the supplements ~ to be taken as suggested

LAST, WORK OUT DAILY, JOG, WALK or GARDEN -- Limber knees enable other forms of Exercise.
work out, exercise to cure diabetes, grow
                      healing foods working out in garden.
Plus green vegies are the cure for diabetes. Here they are FREE, FRESH, ORGANIC!

P.S. THERE ARE NO DIABETICS in AFGHANISTAN, LEBANON where they eat fenugreek. 

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