SNOOKERED & BAMBOOZLED by a so called Friendship page! Tekkie Pals tell me maybe it's not really HI-5. I do DNS SEARCH on email invitation & find out that it WAS HI-5.

LEGIT seeming BUSINESSES (it turns out) can have a little toasty wafer of fun SERVICES yielding a better seeming reality, offering fun things, and still beneath those toasty appearances have a thick creamy center of outright fraud, where they try to reach through your mouse and grab your wallet.

Or maybe one employee uses the system or... maybe the whole thing from ground up is a scam. Now, HI-5 is a real dot com friendship org like Facebook but a new guy on the block. ok? well I got an email saying 'your friend Margarita Lacharra wants to invite you to her page at HI-5.

So I think, is she a gal on one of my astro lists? Maybe my how to marry a billionaire list? maybe the HOLISTIC LIVE FOREVER PREVENTION OF DISEASE LIST? Hey, I gotta lotta lists, rite? Go see

And ANYBODY can be on one of my many instructional webinar lists, get articles weekly; it's free. just REALITY-101 SEMINARS about money, health, frugal living, gardening, foodscaping, guerilla capitalism, conspiracy theory, seminars up the wazoo which I'm thinking of getting a website for. NAME IT ANITA's REALITY -101.ORG.  So I fill out the blanks at HIGH FIVE or HI-5 as they call themselves... and in so doing at one point their MENU ROBOT' asks me for my server and my password at my server. Very clearly! No ambiguity. USING THOSE WORDS! Which of course means that they can nail every email I have ever written to every USED BOOK SHOP (I keep copies), every bank and paypal password, everything! Download my checkbook, my PAYPAL accounts you name it.

So I write them and tell them "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER" and thunder angrily, omenously, "I'm reporting you" But i haven't a clue how to report! TO WHOM? FRAUD-UNIT ONE in DC? HACKERVILLE? those'd be some neat websites eh? I give great name.

ANYWAY. What do I DO TO HARM HI-5's rep with the whole of CYBERVILLE, (another great name.)


Anita, You were probably taken to a bogus site that looked looked/sounded similar ... You know the drill: copy email headers & forward along with offending email to whoever hosts their site...  - or complain to or ICANN ... or ...
Well, no. I did a search at a WHOIS/ site to find the DNS owner, it was HI-5. They wanted server and password, entree into my whole financial picture. I swear on a bible. So that means it wasn't a HI-5 lookalike!