THE 2010 QUAKE was an 8.8. Happened IN CHILE  -- 500 dead.

CAPRICORN was RISING at 3:30 am in Santiago.  SATURN lord of the chart was AFFLICTED, SEE IT AT OP RIGHT ON THE MIDHEAVEN POINT?

FOR ANY HOROSCOPE we determine the RULER OF THE CHART. SATURN was in LIBRA in  A TSQUARE, (catastrophe indicated) and was RULING THE HOUR, and is at the APEX of chart or MC (Latin for middle of sky) And was SQUARE URANUS in the 3rd house (ROADS, communications destroyed) And was square to PLUTO in the 12th house of death. 

THAT T SQUARE is what caused immense bad luck on the entire planet. Saturn moves relatively fast compared to the SQUARE of  Pluto Uranus which has been in place for 6 years as of 2016. It has RUN THROUGH CARDINAL SIGNS from ZERO to now MIDDLE CARDINAL. As Uran/Plut rules rebellion, It has has caused MUSLIMS in revolt, ARAB SPRING, SUICIDE BOMBERS. ENDLESS REBELLION. And for the USA with its sun in middle cardinal, and PUTIN with his Libra stellium in middle cardinal... threatens ongoing tensions of a 25 year war started by Bush Rumsfeld and Cheney. One we have discovered with motivated by WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION LIES, totally untrue allegations and blamed on bad intelligence. And what starts in falsity ends that way. Rumsfeld and Cheney are still trying to shift blame; the war has brought a tidal wave of joblessness and White House debt, 25 trillion dollars, a market crash, genocidal policies, torture, and Muslim hatred as blowback.

ONE LITTLE T-square but 500 died, 150 from the Tsunami:

Moon opposed MERCURY & NEPTUNE in Aquarius. Neptune being WATER, a cause of a lot of home destruction as well as life. As well as confusion. Everyone was asleep when it happened.

Moon in the house of death, the 8th house.  NOT A GOOD FEATURE of any chart. The 8th house has a PLUTO SCORPIO TONE to it, the lord of the underworld. As in TECTONIC PLATES?