The Sheridan Douglas Tarot

The Sheridan Douglas Tarot was first published by Alfred Douglas and his wife, Jo Sheridan in 1972 I have six decks and six books to sell from my home in L.A. Let Alfred tell you about it. "The deck was based on 78 illustrations of the Tarot images, designed by David Sheridan to illustrate the book by Alfred Douglas, The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards. The Sheridan Douglas cards quickly became sought-after and sold well for a decade before finally going out of print. Since the early '80s the deck has been unavailable, and its reputation as a "legendary pack" (to quote the words of the proprietor of a celebrated occult bookshop in central London) has grown steadily. Today, demand from collectors is such that samples of the original 1970s deck have changed hands for as much as $450. In 2005 it became clear that the time was ripe to republish our deck, taking advantage of the latest technology to revitalise the original artwork and restore its glowing colours.

We have now republished The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards by Alfred Douglas, illustrated by David Sheridan. This classic book can now be yours after being unavailable for more than a decade. "It is the most objective, direct and clearly written book to date on the complex subject of the Tarot." says  the authoritative Library Journal. And that sums up the continuing appeal of The Tarot: the origins, meaning and uses of the cards by Alfred Douglas. This classic study of the Tarot examines all aspects of the subject - origins, history, symbolism, meanings of all 78 cards, techniques of divination - including details of how to play the ancient game of Tarocco.

The mystery behind the original meaning and purpose of these cards is even now not fully understood, and the puzzle offered to us by their elaborate and beautiful images never completely resolved.

The Tarot, the author tells us, is more than a fortune-telling device or a card game. It is a profound guide to the journey of life, with parallels found in the ancient Mysteries, Gnostic religions, and the writings of C.G. Jung. This book was probably the first (1972) to discuss the parallels between the imagery of the tarot major arcana and Jung's 'process of individuation' - the process of psychic development leading to increasing wholeness over the course of a human life.

Alfred Douglas explains how each card can be interpreted at several levels and reveals how, as the mind explores the Tarot images, it can uncover meanings and significance. The Tarot speaks in the language of symbols, the language of the unconscious, and it can open doors into the hidden reaches of the soul, linking the world of humankind with the world of the spirit.

Alfred Douglas's illuminating text is superbly illustrated by David Sheridan's original drawings, plus photographs of rare and historic tarot cards from the British Museum. 256 pages

      Contents include:
   1. The origin of Tarot cards
   2. The symbolism of the tarot
   3. The meaning of the major trumps
   4. The major arcana
   5. The esoteric tarot
   6. The esoteric tarot: the minor arcana
   7. Divinatory meanings of the minor arcana
   8. How to consult the tarot
   9. Meditation and the tarot
  10. The game of Tarocco

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