The very latest Neuro-biological research is SO GOOD that it has given New age practitioners, Yoga students, meditators, Nirvana fans, Seekers and readers and thinkers -- a proven way to release the fears that hold you back.

Scientology charges hundreds of thousands of dollars to run their mind-cleansing processes on celebs like Tom Cruise, Travolta. Yoga classes charge 14$ a class but now, for the first time this valuable information is available to the TRUE SEEKER at no cost. NONE! AND....No registering necessary. VIA THE INTERNET.

The lessons OVER AT THE NEW AGE INDEX were taken from hundreds of New Age seminars, new age gurus, (stuff someone paid thousands for!) and written up by a very wealthy man who paid for the courses, and took them, and his secretary a really fast typist, who was also a new age thinker, philosopher  who synthesized them for easy, quick reading & digesting .

The NEW AGE is nothing complicated. It's scientific, not some Republic oF Santa Monica Bubble Gum Metaphysics full of KALE and woo-woo. This is self-actualizing and potent. THE MASTER JULES mapped the path out for you, he "spoke" it at 100 different lectures. His student Anita Sands Hernandez wrote it down for the INTERNET, transcribing the REAL PATH TO POWER from the recordings.

Read a single lesson when you have a moment. Nobody's checking to see if you're online. No appointments. The lessons are easy to understand and the practice is made easy to do. A minute here, there when you have time!

Do you need to grow? Hey, your best friend won't tell you but here's how to tell if you need it. Do you suffer from any of the following: SELF-LIMITING, self-disparaging, self-medicating, self-sabotage, repeated patterns of screwing up? Have you manifested some mysterious inability to get moving on your studies/ work/ creativity?  Do you make plans but follow them up with  real doing-ness? Have guilt, negative thoughts which you must suppress ten times a day? Or a hundred? Have anxiety, panic attacks, or anger? Have the feeling that something terrible is going to happen soon, and that you have to make the right moves to avoid it, but you don't know what moves they are? Are you nervous in front of people or public speaking? Are you  hypochondriac? Every ache is cancer.  Phobic with a fear of crowds, heights, spiders or snakes? Inability to be near some of your closest relatives without mega negative thoughts? Afraid of flying, driving, or boating? Tremendous, nagging love pain because a romance died? Suffer from depression or anger? Can't get over GRIEF from the Death or loss of a loved one? Scared of heights; or claustrophobic? Can't escape from memories of past trauma and pain? Anxious at work or at school? Any other fear or phobia? Constant mental ruminating with anger at those who seem to be torturing you with their aggressiveness? Burps of this anger all day and nite?

If you answered "YES" to any of these, go see the above UNDERLINED LIVE LINK to an  archive of articles full of what we promised, l00% free seminars like those that TOM CRUISE and Travolta paid hundreds of thousands for. BETTER, because you know what? THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE!