JOIN THE "Fire The Bums in CONGRESS with the  2010 ELECTION" MOVEMENT!
In dealing with the English, the Irish were canny, vicious but with a great sense of humor. They used to turn all the road signs 90 degrees counter clockwise so that the Invading English soldiers galumping up the street to murder the IRA boys would always get good and @($*)(@& LOST! I know that trick is somehow relevant to the American quandry. Something about never letting the enemy know what you're up to especially when you're up to it.  What are we up to? Hey, that's easy! Getting rid of all members of Congress who voted themselves plush raises while they pulled down COST OF LIVING increases to seniors, to the disabled, the indigent, the uneducated or the ill. In California Ahnold took eye glasses and dental away from the poor.

So we need ALL GRINCHES GONE! That's what we want. VOTE THE BUMS OUT! And election day we show up with pickets and placards explaining why we're doing it so the next generation of POLY-TICKS get it.

This movement has to be a shhhhhhh ---super hush, secret underground American MOVEMENT to switch the power structure  at the next election, quiet up until the day of the vote, then all placards out, 40 feet from the poll, saying "YOU SHITS who got raises ARE HISTORY!" And do this gambit at every single election, henceforward, clocking the jerks in Congress who sell out to the Transnational lobbyists, or sell out to the 'let them eat cake.' ditzoids. You think there are none? I remember when Newt Gingrich told the world it would be a good idea to take all children away from poor people and put them in orphanages. See, your memory isn't long enough! And I recall when Bill Clinton told us that all AFDC MOMS should clean freeways or get no AFDC and cities/ states could save on costly city workers that way. Slavery!

No, we gotta draw a line. Our very next chance is the election coming November, 2010. You can personally DUMP the idiot who took away Social Security raises, and in fact CUT dole to seniors, their pensions, that they paid into... dump em and elect some new Senator and / Congressman. You will see red and want to when you  digest this single fact: The U.S. House & Senate have voted themselves $4,700 and $5,300 raises.

1. BUT they  voted to NOT give YOU a Social Security Cost of living raise in 2010 and 2011 !!

2. Your Medicaid premiums will go up $285.60 for the 2-years and You will not get the 3% Cost of living Automatic of: $660/yr. Your total 2-yr loss and cost is -$1,600 or -$3,200 for husband and wife.

3. Over 2-yrs they each get $10,000  You ended up in zilch-U-Topia or negative sum land. They retire with FAT PENSIONS FOR LIFE Click and read just HOW FAT! And all of it out of your pocket.AND 44% of them are millionaires, one has 250 Million, Read list and amts, and they all pass RICH MAN'S LAWS.

4. Do you feel SCREWED?  Your kids cannot afford college. The average couple works 1 1/2 jobs each, still can't afford a house. Your 1950's father earned 170$ an hour if buying power directly compared to what you earn  today.  There are no jobs waiting for your children even if you COULD afford college. All industry has moved to Guatamala to enslave workers there, done by GATT, NAFTA which they voted in as the Big CORPS told them to! Helping corps kill costs fine, even if it meant killing american workers!

5. Will these bums experience a SIMILARLY HIGHER cost of drugs - doctor fees - local taxes - food, HEATING COSTS? etc., increase? NO WAY . They have a raise and better benefits. Why care about you? You never did anything about it in the past. You obviously are too stupid or don't care.  So as Charles Darwin sez, you probably deserve to become extinct as will your heirs having no help from you ever.

6. Do you really think that Nancy, Harry, Chris, Charlie, Barnie, et al, care about you? SEND THE MESSAGE-- "You're FIRED. IN 2010! " Remember, YOU WILL HAVE A CHANCE TO GET RID OF THE SITTING CONGRESS: Up to 1/3 OF THE SENATE, AND 100% OF THE HOUSE.

So WHAT TO DO now to make sure this happens everywhere at once, next November? FIRST SEND THIS TO EVERY CHUM on your EMAIL LIST. Second KEEP A COPY cuz you'll have to send it around next October, every day of the week. Maybe add a new complaint or two. The important thing is to MAKE SURE YOU'RE STILL MAD about this and the other infractions in NOVEMBER 2010.

THIRD, soon as a new team is in, REMIND THEIR REPLACEMENTS NOT TO SCREW UP. Say "I was part of the secret movement to remove them by voting them out." Send this missive to local "LETTERS TO THE EDITORS" let your city know that you are finally tired of the abuse. Maybe it's time to mention Amendment 28

"Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the
United States ."

Let's get this passed around, folks - these people in Washington have
brought this upon themselves!!! It's time for retribution. Let's take
back America .

If you don't forward this to your list and friends you're just part of
the problem of national apathy. And Charles Darwin........but then I
don't need to repeat myself, do I? You don't look extinct to ME!