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SYMPTOMS- Fatigue, cold hands and feet, and sometimes enlarged thyroid as it 'tries' harder, insomnia, need for more sleep than most people, difficulty awakening, narcolepsy, impaired memory, possibly candida, psychiatric problems.

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HERBS TO STIMULATE THYROID: Make a mixture of the following (or, whatever you can obtain thru herb sources): Bladderwrack, eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng) Penny royal leaves and flowers, Ginger root, bugleweed, wild Mexican yam, Poke Root, use green root when possible, sea vegetables, (weeds) bayberry bark, white oak bark, skullcap, black cohosh blended into a tea mixture, simmered very very low l5 minutes. Make 4 cups, drink 4 x a day. Use Dulse sea weed, Kelp, Irish moss in soups, curries, stews AND dry in capsules. To heal body, eat a high oxygen (fruits, vegies, greens in salads) diet, golden seal, echinecea, Vitamin C beta carotene, pantothenic acid, tyrosine, manganese, zinc lozenge under tongue. 8 parts zinc, 1 copper but in separate meals. FISH, oats, bananas, Mushrooms, cucumber, coconut & its oil, carrots, beans, asparagus, watercress, (high in iodine) and ALL EDIBLE Seaweeds in all forms. Wrap around your fish in SUSHI, seaweed majorly delicious in fish/vegie soups. Get ginger, chile sesame oil to make it very Asian. Slash of lemon. WOW!

Alternate hot and cold compresses on the thyroid, 6 times morn, eve for 7 days. MAGICAL HEALING JUICE IS RADISH JUICE!! Black/white or red. Buy a 30$ juicer. 1 cup a day. GET MORE REST w. skullcap, valerian, hops, black cohosh BREWED INTO TEA, simmered low 10 minutes, taken 1 hr before desired bedtime. Find a homeopathic doctor in your town to get remedies.


KAPTHAS see blue when pressing on closed eyes. They are frequently heavy. A heavy depression is Katpha. PERSONALITY: Sweet. Steady, self contained. Body processes stable. Soft, soft flesh, hair, soft eyes, undemanding approach to situations, slow, fluid movements. TO BALANCE: Stimulate. Weight control, Reduce sweetness. Avoid dampness. Dry massage. Herbal tea. Exercise regularly. AVOID: sweet potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, wheat, hot cereals, red meat, seafood, salt. EAT: sunflower, pumpkin seeds. Your type is also called "ENDORMORPHIC." ---happy with things as they are, sleep long, respects others' feelings, more empathy than others. Graceful, gliding walk, Wakes slowly with coffee. Needs warm aromas, spicy overtones, juniper. Under stress they get diabetes, they may have food allergies, they do overeating. Give these people ALL the spices. Pungent, bitter food decreases kapha. Sour and sweet food increases Kapha. These people are oversolicitous in relationships. Forgiving, affectionate, tolerant, possessive, complacent. Winter depression. Dullness, laziness, depression, overattachment. Procrastination, greedy, sleep too much. Sinus congestion, runny nose, bloating, skin pale, aching joints, high cholesterol, heavy limbs, asthma, cysts.

KAPHA SOOTHING DIET- Favor warm, light food, dry food, cooked without much water, minimum of butter, oil, sugar. Use PUNGENT, bitter and astringent tastes, and stimulating food. AVOID : sweet potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes.

FAVOR: apples, apricots, cranberries, dried fruits, pears, pomegranates, barley, buckwheat, corn, millet, rye, skim milk, eggs, chicken, shrimp, turkey, legumes, but not kidney beans or tofu, chiles, radishes, ginger. Bitter greens, tumeric, tonic water. Astringent: cabbage, broccoli, beans, lentils, cabbage, cauiflower. OILS; almond safflower corn, coconut and sunflower. Use raw, unheated honey. Favor sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds. Use all spices/herbs plus Ginger grated into all foods you eat, for digestion. SUNBATHING is good for the thyroid. ABSTAIN FROM: caffeine, sugar, birth control pills, drugs. Take small frequent meals, 6 times a day, higher in protein, lower in carbs. Take short cold baths. CAUSE OF LOW THYROID: STRESS, candida, birth control pills, low progesterone, high estrogen or prolactin, constipation. Low pituitary TSH. VIRUSES frequently attack the thyroid. (Use goldenseal, echinecea and colloidal silver to kill them.) Forget blood tests, They can't distinguish between impaired thyroid receptor function and low thryoid output. Blood tests are required however, to distinguish hypothyroidism from Hashimoto's thyroiditis a condition with similar low-thy symptoms. Ask your doctor about the tests. BEST TEST OF ALL is taking your temperature daily, an oral thermometer in mouth for l0 min. each AM before eating. More you're below 98 ---sicker your thyroid is.
For more INFO, check sites like http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-3139/13-Ways-to-Treat-Hypothyroidism-Naturally.html

OVER ACTIVE THYROID: eat broccoli, cabbage. Check sites like:

AGAIN: FOR YOUR THYROID- GET: Black cohosh root, kelp, licorice, false unicorn, siberian ginseng, sarsaparilla, squaw vine, blessed thistle. Chromium, niacin, magnesium, B complex.